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10 Best Men’s Fashion Trends For 2022 (That Makes You Look Attractive)

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The fashion world is changing day by day, Many trends come, go, or even make a comeback such as a mullet.

Trendy pieces are not worth spending a lot of money but getting a few items that help you to look attractive is worth it.

Take a look at the top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2022 that are worth buying.

Note – I have partnered with Amazon to provide some of the items listed below. If you purchase through my link, I will earn a small fee, no extra charges will be applied to you.

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Varsity Jacket


Varsity jackets are a staple piece that standouts, just like last year varsity jackets will be a popular men’s fashion trend for 2022.

Blue, Black, Red, Green are some of the popular color themes in varsity jackets but there is a lot of other options to choose from.

Versatile in style remains the number one reason to pick one this year as it helps you to create many outfits.

New Balance


New Balance sneakers have been coming back to trend, But not in the old daddy sneakers look.

The modern new balance sneakers are stylish, Comfortable, and versatile besides that this will be a huge men’s fashion trend for 2022.

New balances dropped a lot of pieces this year, the popular one, and my personal favorite remains the 550 models.

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Sweater Vest


Eye-catching sweater vests are the perfect layering piece for men when the weather is chill.

Sweater vests come in a lot of different colors, so picking the right one that suits your style won’t be a problem.

When it comes to styling sweater vests with a plain t-shirt underneath or a button-down shirt is popular amongst stylish men, roll up your sleeves to stand out.

90’s Style


Even though the year is 2022, the style industry is moving towards the retro style.

90’s style pieces will be trendy this year.

Curtains hairstyles, Oversized clothes, Trucker hats, Baggy jeans, there is a lot of men’s fashion trends to play in 2022.

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Oversized fashion took its place the last year, this year it’s no different.

Oversized clothing pieces will be one of the huge men’s fashion trends for 2022.

Oversized jeans, Sweaters, Hoodies, Long coats there is a lot of styles to choose from.



Loafers a popular pick in men’s fashion trends for 2022 is easy to style and when done correctly it can boost your appearance.

There are a lot of stylish men who wear loafers with streetwear, I think that is a great way to style them.

This is a perfect time to choose loafers instead of sneakers and boots.

Comfortable Clothes


We are in a stage of fashion where guys want to be comfortable expressing themselves through clothing.

Comfortable clothing will be one of the popular men’s fashion trends for 2022 because many guys are schooling at home and most importantly people want to be comfortable.

I have been seeing a lot of guys just sticking to basic clothing and making it look good.

Fast Fashion Movement

Fast Fashion is popular for affordable and better for the environment, Ecofriendly clothing will be one of the men’s fashion trends for 2022.

Many companies will be focused on fast fashion which helps the consumers to buy better.

Buying second-hand clothing will be also very popular, Companies such as eBay, Depop, and Vinted Make this much easier.

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Maximizing is the exact opposite of minimal fashion, Patterns, Texture, Prints will be huge men’s fashion trends for 2022.

Yes, you can still style your basic clothes but, when it comes to trends most guys are moving out of their comfort zones and expressing themselves.

I’m not a huge fan of this particular style but love it or hate it, Maximum clothing will be popular this year.



Balaclavas are a men’s fashion trend for 2022 that helps you to feel warm during colder days.

Many musicians are wearing this item lately and I think it’s a cool vibe.

Experimenting is the best thing about balaclavas what I mean here is you can add a pop of color to make it stand out.

Let me know what color are you picking?

That completes the list, Let me what’s your favorite piece in this and if you have any comments, Suggestions or an item that you think will be trending, Let me know down in the comment section.

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