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101 DIY Christmas Decorations & Decor Ideas

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Looking for some delightful DIY Christmas Decorations & Decor ideas to spruce up your home this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place!

You’ve got the Christmas tree fully decorated and ready for guests. A Gingerbread house is being baked and ready to be assembled and decorated, and now you’re feeling like you’ve got sooooo much time on your hands that you want to get crafty.

Well, fear not my fellow Christmas enthusiast, we’ve scoured some of the best home decor sites to curate this marvelous collection of festive DIY Christmas decorations & decor projects that can tackle at home.

Pick one, or make 20 of them – whichever you choose!

And please tell us which of these DIY Christmas decorations & decor projects is your favorite in the comments below!

Each of these projects is easy to make, either by yourself or as a fun project for the entire family. And there is something so lovely about knowing that your home is decorated with love and your unique personality.

Full Disclosure: For some of these items where the visual inspiration was available without a tutorial (such as Pinterest finds), I have speculated on how they have created the decoration, but I may not be 100% correct in all cases. Use my how-to notes at your own risk. I doubt any of my instructions, even if they are completely wrong, will cause catastrophic failures or explosions, but you never know…

And most of them can be crafted using found objects, thrift store treasures, or dollar store bargains, so these DIY Christmas decorations won’t end up costing you more than if you’d just bought it yourself.

Of course, if you like the look of DIY, hand-crafted Christmas decor but don’t enjoy all of the time and effort it takes to make it… you can always skip this article and head right on over to Etsy’s Christmas Collection. I won’t judge, I swear.

But for those who are strong of Christmas spirit, I invite you to explore all of these DIY Christmas decorations & decor craft projects housed on the following pages.

And so we begin…

Mason Jar Toy Car Snow Globe

See the How To

These delightful little DIY snow globes feature a toy car or truck (red, of course) a Christmas Village pine tree from the dollar store and some artificial snow. All wrapped up with some ribbon and bells.

So easy and so cute!

Painted Santa Bottles

Found on Pinterest

All you need are some old wine bottles (if you’re anything like me then I’m sure you have one or two of these around), some red paint, twine, black fabric, and some glue-on decorations to create the belt buckle and the buttons.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottles

Found on Pinterest

If you have any more wine bottles left (if you’re anything like me then you definitely will), you can turn a few of them into companion snowmen (and snowladies).

These creations will take a little bit more of a steady hand when it comes to applying the paint, as it’s almost entirely hand-painted (although some peel-and-stick decals could be used in a pinch and likely have the some overall effect).

Holiday Salt Shakers

Found on CountryLiving.com

An intriguing way to shake up your table setting, these delightful little vignettes are created using dollar store toys and trees nestled atop snowdrifts of pure driven table salt.

Of course, these little designs aren’t meant to last so you may need to reset them after use if you’re planning on having more than one Christmas dinner.

And for sanity (I mean sanitary) sake, wash the toys thoroughly before adding them to something edible.

Painted Christmas Spoons

Watch the How To Video

Why settle for ordinary wooden spoons when you can have this festive collection of Santa Claus, Frosty, Rudolph and other Christmas favorites.

DIY Glass Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of Woman’s Day

Create your own DIY Christmas ornaments by filling some clear glass ornaments with the decorative objects of your choice, letting you create the most personalized Christmas ornaments possible.

If you wish to hand-blow the glass, you are welcome to do so. However, I wouldn’t normally recommend it, especially when there is a wide array of clear glass Christmas ornaments available on Amazon.

Framed Christmas Ornaments

Found on Pinterest

A thrift store find can be painted in a wonderful Christmas red (or green, or even blue if you prefer). Then suspend a few decorative Christmas ornaments on ribbon within the frame. Top it all off with a festive bow and you’ve go a fun and easy DIY Christmas decoration that everyone will ask about where you bought it.

DIY Upcycled Sweater Stockings

Found in CountryLiving Magazine

Turn some vintage Christmas sweaters into delightful and unique stockings to hang during the holiday season. All you need is an old sweater, a stocking to use to trace out a template, and then some cutting and sewing skills. You can add a monogram using metal house letters.

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O Holy Night Mason Jar Display

Found on Pinterest

It’s almost impossible to create a list of DIY Christmas craft projects without at least one of them utilizing the good old Mason jar. In this version, some gold-painted mason jars are filled with dollar store poinsettia flowers.

The box is the craftiest part. Built simply but sturdy, the wood box is stained and then hand painted with the O Holy Night wording. As the last step, some holes are strategically drilled through the face of the box to allow the light of some hidden battery-operated lights to shine through.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

There is something quintessentially Christmas about the Christmas wreath, and no self-respecting Christmas decorator would be caught dead without at least one (ok, four… don’t judge!!) well-designed Christmas wreaths in their home.

The trick is to find the inspiration for each of them.

Well, worry not my Santa-loving friend, here is an entire Gallery dedicated to DIY Christmas Wreaths. Surely something from this list will inspire your creative juices!

If you want a closer look at any of these DIY Christmas Wreath ideas, just click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

And this is JUST what we found on Pinterest!

Still need more DIY Christmas wreath ideas? We created an entire post dedicated to DIY Christmas wreaths which you can also check out!

DIY Cork Board Advent Calendar

Found on CountryLiving.com

This easy-to-make Christmas craft uses paper coin envelopes pinned to a lovely framed cork board. Each of the envelopes is decorated with rubber stamps, tags, strings, buttons, and more & then filled with a variety of treats and trinkets to create a unique countdown.

Christmas Present Wrapped Wood

These wood blocks are distressed and then wrapped in festive ribbon. Rustic garland and big metal bells add the final touch. These create a wonderful rustic accent in front of the fireplace, and you can make them in any dimension you desire.

Or, if you don’t feel like making them at all, you can hop on over to Etsy and purchase the complete set already made for you and you can just pretend you made them yourself (don’t worry, we’ll never tell!)

Joy Mason Jar Planter

Found on Pinterest

Yes, another Mason Jar craft. But can you blame me? This version is so festive that it absolutely had to make it onto this list.

A simple wooden box, with the word “Joy” etched into is whitewashed and then filled with three brightly colored mason jars. The finishing touch includes some artificial twigs and berries, creating a very festive display.

DIY Glitter Candles

See the how to for these

Christmas without candles is like summer without a bathing suit… you can get by without them, but why would you want to?

Your basic white pillar candles are quickly transformed into beautiful Christmas glitter candles.

Wood Christmas Ornament Wall Hangings

Found on Pinterest

These lovely little wall hangings are easy to make, with some wood strips and a bit of galvanized metal. Add some twine, greenery and red bows, and you have yourself a delightfully rustic wall treatment that’s perfect for the holidays.

DIY Nordic Sweater Trees

See how it’s made

Hobby Lobby is a fantastic source for unique and wonderful ribbons that can quickly be turned into delightful holiday crafts. This example shows a Nordic sweater ribbon that has been attached to Styrofoam tree forms to crate these wonderful & warm Christmas accents.

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