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140 Medium Length Hairstyles: New Trends For 2021 & All-Time Favorites

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Medium length haircuts have made it easier for women to choose hairstyles that are neither long nor short. Short and long hairstyles used to be the two main options available, but now, women can comfortably choose to be in between the two. If you’ve been observant, you’d notice that medium hairstyles have taken over and are currently the commonest hair length among women.

Are you looking for medium length hairstyles that flatter your type of hair? One of the best ways to flaunt your gorgeous locks lies in one of the many trendy shoulder-length hairstyles that are popular today. With some long layers or soft angled edges around your face, you can have added volume, texture, and movement at the same time.

Medium Length Haircuts for 2021

Before you choose a new styling approach for your hair, you should ask yourself if the haircut will really fit your hair type. Whatever your choice is, it should also be the perfect match for your face shape in order for it to fit you like a glove. Below, you’ll see the best shoulder-length haircuts you can choose from, as well as styling tips.

Frisky Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_byjoseph

Frisky fringe is one of the medium length hairstyles with bangs you’d look on no matter your complexion. With the haircut just below the chin, the thick fringe and face-framing layers give you a jaw-dropping dramatic look. This style works great with bold and colorful streaks such as a combination of reds and oranges for a fiery, flirty look.

Styling Tips: To style, add a texturizing product to your hair and blow-dry straight, brushing your bangs forward until it’s smooth and flat. Next, flat iron your hair in small sections and add a shining serum for a sleek finish. You can also use a curling iron to curl your hair, switching up your look.

Fancy Flipped Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/moskvichkabbb

Fancy flipped layers are among the medium length hairstyles for thick hair. With feathers starting from the shortest layers just above the cheekbones and a sexy side part, this asymmetrical hair style is gorgeous, fun, and trendy at the same time. This look is best if you have an oval-shaped face and thicker straight hair.

Styling Tips: To style, blow-dry your hair smooth and then curl section by section with a medium-sized curling iron, but flip the ends straight out. If you like, you can also tease the crown to add more height. This style looks great with a deep two-toned balayage effect, so you can go for it in addition to your modern look.

Delicate Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/moskvichkabbb

These loose delicate curls are very feminine for a soft, playful look. The curls make you look younger and vibrant.

Styling Tips: First, apply a high-quality styling product to slightly damp hair and blow dry using a round brush. Next, add a thermal protectant and make big, bouncy, loose curls using a medium-barreled curling iron. Lastly, run your fingers gently through your hair to loosen the curls, and then spray with a flexible hold hair spray.

Boho Chic Chick

Credit photo: instagram.com/riawnacapri

These funky waves are bold, daring, and the thick, multi-level bangs rock this retro-chic look with a fun Bohemian flair. This style is very popular among female celebrities that have chosen shoulder-length hairstyle. It gives you a touch of unique and sassy look.

Styling Tips: Pull your hair from the far back and add a deep side part to create full, sexy bangs. Then, make large, loose, bouncy, and defined curls. Add a trippy hairband or another funky hair accessory to play up this carefree style.

Textured Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

You don’t need to have thick hair to achieve this. It’s one of the medium length hairstyles for thin hair. These disconnected layers add a great deal of texture to your medium-length hair.

With shorter layers and the crown, plus fun and funky flips, you will look years younger with this stunning style. This style is best if your blonde or light brown.

Styling Tips: Blow-dry your hair until totally dry using your fingers to comb through it. Next, use a flat iron to flip out the ends. Then take random sections and cut out the edges quickly.
Gently run your fingers through to break up the flips as you add a texturizing product. This is another look that works great with multi-faceted balayage or funky streaks throughout.

Carefree Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/Cnyfacecandy

This light and airy look is fun and whimsical and works best on those with naturally curly or wavy hair types. Wash and condition with products designed for your natural curls and then towel dry to remove moisture. Add your favorite curling mousse, gel, or other curling product and use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles.

Next, scrunch your hair starting at the ends and working your way up for maximum curls. Using a diffuser, cradle your curls using low to medium heat while upside down for added volume. When dry, shake it loose and add a light holding spray.

Sexy And Shaggy

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

This cut is great for those who love the ever-trendy “rocker-chick” look. Full thick bangs and point-cut ends give it a jagged edge. This style is best for brown shadow roots with blonde tips. Another beautiful this about it is that you can transition from short to mid-length hairstyles like this one.

Styling Tips: Apply a light styling foam or mousse before drying to give it texture. Blow-dry using a paddle brush or your fingers till your hair is completely dry and smooth. Additionally, apply a texturizing product for more volume from time to time. Do not flat iron your hair because you want this look to appear edgy and gritty as opposed to sleek, after all.

Simply Sophisticated

Credit photo: instagram.com/hilisaa

Subtle layers can help accentuate the shape of your head as well as your features. These slight layers give a sleek, tapered look that works best for square-shaped faces. Add a straightening product and blow dry your hair smooth. Next, add a thermal protectant and flat iron your hair in thin sections starting at the nape of your neck. Highlights or lowlights give this stunning look added depth and dimension.

Haircut With Medium Length Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

This hairstyle allows for a fuller top section because of its medium-length layers that surround the crown. Usually, women spend much time teasing in order to achieve this look. And you will have it naturally due to your hair thickness and this cut. Subtle partial highlights will accentuate those layers and make them appear more texturized.

Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/anhcotran

Style the ends of those layered locks so that they could stick to various directions, and the thick tresses will seem lighter. That will make you feel as if your hair is so airy. Ladies who have thicker hair have sported shaggy hair cuts for several years already and gladly keep doing so. Such hair cuts are associated with casualness.

Medium Haircut With A Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

This haircut might seem to be too simple the first time you see it. However, it has one essential hidden quality – your hairstylist can tailor it for you. The moment you realize it, believe us, you will never give it up for the trendiest haircut. By the way, this haircut often comes with a fringe. In case you’d like to give it a shot, look for the one that blends seamlessly into those loose layers.

A-Line Bob Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Brunettes indeed can have more fun! This hairstyle with matching, effortless black shades will tell everyone that you know how to take your haircut to a brand new level! With an A-line blunt bob, there is nothing that can go wrong! What is more, none of your photos will go unnoticed as you will look amazing on each and every one of them! Go creative!

Long Bob With Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

A bob is a classic cut, especially for medium hair. Color your look with your favorite shades to put your signature to it. Decide on which color technique will intensify the beauty of the chosen hues and finish the all-flattering long bob with a perfectly matching color play. And don’t ever stay away from highlights! They’re not only beautiful but also practical, as they have nothing to do with damage and brassiness.

Straight Thick Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

Thick hair will look awesome if you smooth out your hair. To do so, you can’t do without a cutting technique that will make your hair more manageable and flexible for styling. Ask your stylist to sharpen the edges of your hair by taking off the extra weight from them. Once your precise haircut is done, let your blowdryer and round brush come in. To make the hair super sleek, lock the style with a cool shot button.

Angled Layers For Medium Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/texasbalayage

Layers are a playful embellishment for every stylish girl that can fit in any image and work for every hair type. There are two common ways to get the most of your thick hair with the help of layers. The first way focuses on the fullness of your hair, slightly lightening some strands to whip them into a decent shape. And the second is meant to make the texture appear softer, making every single lock airy. This idea is a perfect implementation of the first idea: it creates an angled shape that emphasizes the richness of the thick texture.

Layers Adding Shape

Credit photo: instagram.com/beckym_hair

Shape your hair and look eye-catching all day long. The truth is, all hairstylists love thick hair for they are the perfect base for styling experiments. You can get rid of some weight from your locks, turning them absolutely soft and gentle without fear of the thin hair look. Your hair type looks amazing with any type of layers, always preserving its natural fullness. Here, lightweight texturizing amps up the body, giving it a more alive look.

Wavy Medium Hairstyle With Middle Part

Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

Waves and highlights form the beautiful duo we won’t ever be able to resist. It doesn’t matter what your natural hair color is, emphasizing its charm by highlighting some of the strands with contrastive colors will always be a good idea to get a fresh take on your hair. And waves are probably the best way to show off the dimension of colors: they enhance everything around them, especially when they’re styled with a center part.

A-Line Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

The enviable silhouette of A-line cuts is the reason to be proud of your hair. No wonder that so many girls cut their hair medium: such cuts look ravishing on this length. One of the best things is that it’s so easy to style, as the length is pretty manageable. So getting voluminous and textured waves won’t be a problem! Just look what a full silhouette the asymmetric A-shape haircut gets when it’s waved. Just try it out.

Messy Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbykaitlynbrown

Though messy looks work awesome for thin hair, giving them a lot of body, fullness, and movement, there’s a messy approach for thick hair too. The point is to wave your medium length hair as messily and randomly as possible so that each lock is styled in a different direction. In this way, you will calm down your thick locks, creating a stylish silhouette to them.

Middle Part Straight Haircut


Credit photo: instagram.com/moskvichkabbb

Sporting straight hair can be a disaster sometimes: we all know that it looks very sexy and attractive, but once it encounters a wind blowing, everything goes so wrong. Here’s a little tip to make your straight hair stay beautiful in any weather: style your hair with a deep middle part and secure it with some coats of hairspray.

Asymmetrical Medium Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/ro.hsiqueira

A touch of asymmetry in your style can give a brand new silhouette to your look. Every girl gets tired of looking ordinary from time to time, so asymmetrical haircuts are here to freshen up your style. Such cuts usually involve ends texturizing, so the texture of your thick hair will be more airy, which will make it more comfortable to style it.

Medium Hairstyle With Side Part

Credit photo: instagram.com/birdiemoscow

Sometimes when thick hair is styled evenly with a center part, the look gets flat and straight. If this occurs to you, don’t worry: once you change the parting, you will create a spectacular lift on the top. This pic is living proof! Your thick hair will look different if you go for a side-parted silhouette, that’s for sure.

Straight Lob With Feathered Ends

Credit photo: instagram.com/ro.hsiqueira

Feathered ends are the salvation that turns thick unruly locks into well-groomed and manageable masterpieces. This cutting technique is designed to take off some weight from heavy tresses and make them lighter. In this way, you can achieve a chic and pointed lob that will be stealing the show 24/7.

Shoulder Length Lob With Layered Front

Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

The layered front is a modern idea designed for ladies who want to rock dimensional looks. Such haircuts work awesomely for ombre or balayage hair as they can enhance the play of colors, accentuating the movement of each one. Plus, they’re unbelievably easy to style, which is a win-win for busy girls.

Lob With Swoopy Face Framing Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir

Layers have many faces and advantages. And their face-framing power is probably the most desirable one! Women who want so soften up their prominent angles can get their hair fully layered: the smaller pieces of hair will fall on your face, working on the balance. As for ladies who want to add some edge, choppy layers will give the sense of sharpness to their appearance.

Elongated Layered Cut With Volume

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

It’s no secret that when our hair starts to grow out, it loses the volume. But, actually, it’s not going to happen to you if you know how to ask for layers. Here you can see an elongated cut that strikes with tons of volume. How? Just go for layers that move from the back of the head to the crown.

Straight Lob With Feathered Ends

Credit photo: instagram.com/jackmartincolorist

Does your hair trend to lose its natural bounce and fall flat because of the weight of your hair? If so, that’s a problem. Unless you know about feathers! And if you don’t trust us, try not to believe in the magic of this pic: lightweight texture at the ends changes the whole look to better. Do you have grey roots? That’s a problem, too. Unless you don’t let them take over your look and switch to a total grey one! The amazing gray hue on this lob is just the icing on the cake.

Big Voluminous Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

One of the greatest things about curly medium length hairstyles is that they work equally well for ladies with thin and thick hair. Except thin hair requires more styling products than ticker manes, but that’s not a big deal. Such defined curls can become a striking finishing touch to your formal look, complementing your silhouette and framing your face with its full and voluminous twists.

Rounded Medium Length Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir

When styled right, straight hair texture adds a sophisticated, smart, and a bit sexy finish to a woman’s look, be it her casual, night-out, or a business look. What can compare to flawless sleekness that reflects light so intensively that it seems to make people blind? A rounded lob with cascading layers, regular conditioning, and oil-based styling sprays are all you need to wear a masterpiece on your head.

Blunt Lob With Straight Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir

More and more fashion models are appearing with a blunt bob with straight bangs on runway shows and commercial shootings. Well, no wonder: some combinations are too perfect to ever fade away. The good news is, the look is absolutely low-maintenance and easy to style for women with all hair types. Just style your damp hair with a round brush in one hand and a dryer in the other, and the agelessly trendy style will be with you all day long.

Asymmetrical Lob With Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairby.ashleypac

A subtle touch of imbalance is another way to freshen up your look, adding more individuality to it. On lob haircuts, the asymmetrical structure appears less drastic and dramatic than on shorter cuts, while still giving a nice fresh take at the hair. There’s a straightforward and stylish idea to style such a haircut. Prep your hair with a heat protectant and set your curling wand into motion. For a relaxed look, work with thick, long strands, wrapping them loosely.

Blunt Wavy Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairby.ashleypac

Once you get tired of your one-length cut, don’t rush to call your hairstylist right away. Maybe the time for new styling ideas has finally come! A wavy hairdo, where thin and subtle layers blend with thick, bigger ones is a stunning way to give a fresh take at your blunt cut. By the way, such medium length hairstyles are not only easy to achieve; they will also spice up your mane with a ton of fullness.

Middle-Parted Messy Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Middle parted lob hairstyles are not as simple as they seem to be! In fact, there’s nothing complicated in parting hair to the middle and finishing it with a soft hint of messiness. But, let’s not forget that perfection lies in simplicity. Also, the center part helps your hair to fall evenly, creating a sophisticated, super balanced look.

Layered Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/iamtiffmartin

Not quite waves and not quite curls: the golden mean has been found, finally! This hairstyle is designed for big occasions when you want to be in the spotlight without going too much. For defined and lustrous curls like these, condition your hair and prepare it with curl defining gel before styling.

Middle Parted Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

The long bob haircut or lob that ends just above the collarbone looks fantastic, no matter if the hair is naturally straight, wavy, or curly. Styling products and tools easily create different textures for this shoulder length hair style. The long bob can be styled neatly, and there are times life requires poise, but long bobs love the wild freedom of a messy hairstyle. This model shows you why. Her long bob with soft waves gracefully frames her cute face. The balayage hairstyle, in which the hairstylist adds varying tones to make it appear as though the sun added highlights to the waves, grants another level of depth and splendor.

Shoulder Length Haircut For Thick Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/timm.morrison

Those with thick hair might fear that they have few hairstyle choices. Mid-length tapered and layered haircuts are much more vibrant than one-length hairstyles. Plus, they’ll add movement to heavy hair. Choppy layers on this model’s thick hair give her a stunning messy hairstyle that’s also chic and definitely feminine. The layers and waves spontaneously give her brown hair dimension and light that illuminates her pretty face. Thick hair also works well for a bang haircut as long as it blends into the layers. She can do whatever she wants with those feathery bangs – let them drape down or brush them off to the side. Whatever she decides, they simply add more splendor to her shoulder length hair style.

Medium Haircut Idea For Thin Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/vlasova_elena_guru

Most people think they have thin hair when they really have fine hair. Thin hair refers to the amount of hair, whereas fine refers to the thickness. Whatever you or anyone else calls it, if you also have straight hair, instead of simply wishing your hair, think about all the things you can do! You can distract attention, enhance the texture, and add volume by changing the part, color, as well as tousling, teasing the roots, or create waves. This model used a few such tricks with her long bob haircut. The flicks and curls jazz up her ends and those oh so subtle highlights she put in the front of her dark blonde color frame her charming face. Fine hair? Thin hair? Where? Not here.

Shoulder Length Straight Haircut

For inspiration, check out these straight bob hairstyle pictures. As you can see, a simple side part can add some sensuality to a mid length bob. Whatever style you choose, this type of cut will make you feel more alive and confident!

Credit photo: instagram.com/moskvichkabbb

Let’s talk about some of the pros of mid length hair to help convince you to trim those tresses!

  1. A mid length cut can help emphasize your facial features, thus turning imperfections into a harmony.
  2. There are countless styles for shoulder-length haircuts.
  3. Shoulder length hair is great for the summer because it is much cooler and more lightweight.
  4. Mid length cuts add can remove dull weight from long, thick hair, making them more manageable as a result.
  5. Shoulder length hairstyles can add volume and bounce to thinner tresses as well.
  6. Also, shoulder length hair is a great compromise for those who want to get rid of some length without going too short.
  7. You can still wear your hair in a cute updo or half updo.
  8. Shoulder length hair is perfect for playing around with fun color options such as ombre or balayage tones.
  9. Medium length hairstyles are less prone to knots and tangles than really long hair.
  10. A cute mid length cut can really boost your self-esteem and make you feel years younger.

If you are looking for medium straight hairstyles to help remove some of the weight from your hair, you might want to consider one of these straight shoulder-length hairstyles. For those with naturally straight hair, it will be a breeze to style.

Straight medium length bob hairstyles are great as you are still able to pull your hair back if you wish. As well, they are comfortable for hot summer days and are very sleek and professional looking. However, if you leave them a bit tousled, they can be sexy as well!

Medium Length Curly Hair

Girls with curls can attest to the fact that the longer their hair grows, the more out of control their curls get! Curly hair is a blessing, but sometimes, as your hair grows out, your curls can become rather unruly and almost impossible to style.

Credit photo: instagram.com/nathaliebarros

Curly hair with bangs and layers is a great way to get some of that old bounce back to your curly tresses. Here are some tips to help keep your curls healthy and happy.

  1. Use products that are designed for your type of curls.
  2. Only wash your hair once or twice a week so as not to dry it out. You can use dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner between washes in case the scalp gets oily too soon.
  3. Do not use a cotton towel to dry your hair because it causes friction. Instead, use a t-shirt or microfiber towel.
  4. Air dry your hair. When you must blow-dry your hair, use a diffuser on the cool setting.
  5. Don’t brush or comb your hair. Use your fingers instead of brushes as much as possible to style.

As you can see, mid-length cuts add a ton of fullness to any type of curl. As well, some pretty highlights or lowlights can add some depth to your curly locks.

Medium Haircuts With Starring Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/erikadawnshear

We love this gorgeous shade of emerald green. The bouncy waves are glamorous and sexy as they cascade just below the shoulders. The darker roots give it a bit more depth as they fade to a stunning shade of green that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Pretty Look With Accessories For Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/bleachedandblown

This shade of blue is so pretty, and a bit uneven layers give this look a messy and casual vibe. The slight waves add movement to this playful style. Adorn your hair with a pretty floral headband like the one pictured here for a sensual look and feel that will make any man stop.

Straight Angled Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisweberhair

If you want a look that’s more subtle and sophisticated, this angled bob is just for you. With slightly longer ends in the front, this cut is very chic. To style, just blow-dry straight and then run a flat iron through your hair for a sleek look. Remember to add a shine serum for extra sheen!

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/forgetandforfeit

Medium length hairstyles for thin hair let women with fine hair actually believe they have thick hair. Bob cuts look terrific on naturally fine hair, even more so on a blonde bob, where the illuminating color accentuates layers. The shorter layers around this model’s face add texture and the soft curls keep the style from looking flat. No worries should her hair be naturally straight. A curling iron or hot rollers will easily provide wavy hair. Sides swept styles also make thin hair appear even thicker. She can use a pin to make sure her hair stays tucked behind her ear and/or keep the deep one-sided part. While bobs compliment almost every woman, they look exceptionally great on those in their early twenties and deliver the chic appeal most young people crave.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/riawna

Women with thick hair are lucky. Dry ends are essentially their only problem; most styles and hairdos turn out well, and they can usually rely on all styling tools to work as expected. Their heavy hair, however, tends to lack movement and can look false, particularly if they use strong hold hair products and limit their cuts to one-length styles. Dimension, shape, and color techniques provide motion and medium length hairstyles for thick hair let hair sway. This bob haircut is a fantastic option. The forward angle and the subtle highlights add body and motility. Wavy hair adds even more bounce. If the hair isn’t naturally curly, curling irons, straighteners, and/or sea salt sprays easily attain the spectacular uneven effect.

Medium Length With Arched Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairtalkusa

Medium length hairstyles with bangs let women try out a broad range of styles that are easy to maintain and look marvelous on nearly every hair color and texture and virtually every shape face. This long bob haircut combines long layers, wispy bangs, and relaxed scruffy curls. It’s a winning combination that lets women of all ages enjoy themselves. On top of that, it’s contemporary and classy, yet fun and free. The blonde ombre hair requires minimal touch-ups, so it’s just right for today’s busy women. The thin wisps that drape over this model’s forehead look terrific on her oval face. She can wear almost any style bangs – straight across her forehead or off to the side. Uneven or choppy bangs look good on round and square faces, though women with round faces should stay away from thick, blunt cut bangs. By the way, a round brush and blow dryer will add extra volume to bangs.

Short To Mid Length Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/lisasatornhair

Bob cuts allow hairstylists to give every woman a unique and fabulous cut that’s unmistakably her own. They can easily modify the angles to compliment each and every woman. The cut will preserve its shape for several months. So anyone, from a hard-working student to a busy working mother will appreciate its ease and style. The deep side part and long side bangs on this model give her a cutting-edge elegance that’s all her own. The balayage, which the hairstylist creates by sweeping on some color, adds even more distinction with a stunning sun-kissed highlight. It also requires little maintenance and adds even more depth to this trendsetting style. As you can see, color and texture let short to mid length hairstyles share the modern-day pleasures their longer counterparts enjoy.

Easy Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/riawna

Women with thick curls often grumble that their hair is hard to work with and turn to blow dryers and flat irons to straighten their unruly locks. But why? If they had a proper haircut and used the appropriate products, they would see their natural hair as a gift. Easy medium length hairstyles for thick wavy hair, such as this dazzling bob, lessen bulk without losing bounce. Thick wavy hair can handle practically all of the popular medium hairstyles and color techniques and actually requires less care. Just work in the right product, spray on some sea salt, scrunch, then use a diffuser or air dry. It’s that simple. Once you go for it, you’ll wonder how and why you ever did anything else.

Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/marissa.marino

Shoulder length hair offers endless possibilities, mainly where the bob is concerned. For each choice, there’s an opposite option. A woman could choose a sleek, symmetrical style with a middle part or a tousled, uneven cut, with a side part. She could opt for smooth, straight ends or light bouncy curls. With product and styling tools, she can oftentimes have it all. This shaggy, layered bob looks even younger and fresher in golden blonde. She can let the ends fall straight or loosely curl them with styling tools or sea salt spray into beach waves for extra bounce and body. The side part with a sweeping fringe gracefully frames her face and emphasizes her striking eyes and lips as the tuck behind her ear adds volume.

Purple Wavy Shoulder Length Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/shmeggsandbaconn

Shoulder length hairstyles offer women many choices so that they can go as creative as they want. Fashion designers, celebrities, and every other kind of trendsetter these days are choosing such a length for their own hairstyles for that reason. Bobs and lobs, both of which can essentially reach down to the shoulder, become more popular every day. But versatility, range, simplicity, and the ability to compliment almost anyone haven’t satisfied the “pro” list for these cuts. They fulfill yet another style category. Also, they look utterly amazing in unnatural colors, most notably purple. Check out the purple ombre on this wavy lob. It begins with dark roots, goes full purple, then lightens into lavender and pink at the bottom. In other words, it’s simply stunning. She could add dimension by playing with the part or by adding more curls, but there’s no need. She’s just gorgeous.

Icy Blonde Inverted Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/salondiorllc

Bobs come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. An inverted bob, in its turn, has stacked layers at the back and then curves and tapers towards the front. The model here exemplifies how fabulous the inverted bob medium length hairstyle looks. All of her graduated or tapered layers frame and highlight her face and hence accentuate her best features. The icy blonde color, which is so cool (no pun intended) right now, adds a bit of edge to any cut, but particularly a bob. This shoulder length lob haircut would work especially well for mature women who want younger-looking, yet still age-appropriate styles. Out of all the similar length hairstyles, this is certainly the easiest to keep.

Layered Haircut With Warm Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/johnnyramirez

This is something you do not want to try to achieve at home. Of course, you start to wonder why now. The answer is simple – in order to get this stunning hair, look you have to build the whole strategy on how to combine these shades of blonde with your caramel-brown hair. It may take a while to get there – but the result will leave you speechless!

Classy Medium Blonde Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/thomastimes

There is nothing wrong about staying classy, but you can always add something to make even a classy haircut look all modern and new. This is what you need to do – combine your classy medium bob with platinum blonde and blend in a few slight waves. If you follow these simple instructions, you will get an elegant, feminine, and modern look as a result!

Blonde Waves With Dark Roots

Credit photo: instagram.com/denizprocksch

Remember us telling you that the right color combination can drastically change the look of your hair? Well, we weren’t lying to you. Here, you can see how pleasant transition from ashy roots to summer-kissed blonde build tons of dimension and lightness to the hair. A wavy texture on softly textured thick locks is what makes the lovely flirty look complete.

Silver Loose Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/mandaharsche

There’s a huge benefit of having thick hair: it never lacks dimension, whatever haircut or hairstyle you rock. But, you can always make it better with a textured style and dynamic hair color. Silvery shades, where whitish blonde melts with trendy salt and pepper hues, are an amazing way to embellish your casual wavy hairstyle. To tell you the truth, with such a color, the hairstyle will look rather regal than just casual.

Rose Gold Blunt Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/natashadallura

It is not for nothing that rose gold color has taken over the world: its soft but rich shade can perfectly fit into anything from interior to a woman’s look, after all. And if you have a light complexion, that means you can make this shade a part of your unique hairstyle. Trust us, your blunt lob will be enough to steal the show once you spruce it up with this seductive shade. Of course, don’t forget about soft layers on the edges, as it will keep your haircut well-shaped.

Messy & Wavy Pinky Mid-Length Style

Credit photo: instagram.com/taranicolestylez

There’s one strange paradox about creative girls with rich imagination: they can’t imagine their lives without experiments. Well, we don’t blame them! On the contrary, we’ve prepared a classy way to play around with your look if you’re one of those seeking bright changes. This voluminous, dramatic, and dynamic medium length hairstyle deserves stealing, no doubt! And to recreate it, you simply need to wave your pop strands, making every single lock defined with defining gel or spray.

Beach Waves With Lowlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/texasbalayage

There’s nothing easier and more comfortable than dealing with such medium length hairstyles as lobs, so you have a lot of time for playing around with texture and colors. Unlike highlights, lowlights add more depth to the hair color, making the undertones more intense and thus adding more dimension. Isn’t that an ideal way to enhance the ageless beach waves we’re so crazy about?

Angled Bob With Chocolate Raspberry Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/texasbalayage

If you’d like to step out of your comfort zone but don’t feel like losing much length, an angled bob will be there for you. As a matter of fact, you will literally see your haircut at a new angle: it will become edgier, hence getting more interesting when styling. Just look how charming these angled waves are! It should be noted that a luxurious tint of berry chocolate color covering the dark base makes things even more alive.

Messy Auburn Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

When you want to look natural and eye-catching at the same time, a shade of copper is something you can’t go wrong with. Depending on your complexion, find a brighter or deeper option to make all your medium length hairstyles fiery and enchanting. Even the good old waves will reveal their alluring sides, switching to flirty mood.

A-line Blonde Wavy Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

A-line bob haircuts, where long, face-framing tresses gradually become shorter to the back look their best on wavy textures, especially when you need some volume and movement. Every woman with thin locks should try such a look at least once in her life to finally fall in love with her hair. Want to make it even bigger? A dirty blonde shade with lowlights will do the trick.

Straight Mid-Length Chestnut Style With Long Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir

Straight hair can become even more dynamic and attention-grabbing once you bless it with long bangs. It’s crucial to make them fall seamlessly with the rest of your hair so as not to ruin the fascinating texture of straight locks. Don’t worry; the additional layer of hair won’t turn out to be a burden. On the contrary, it will give you more room for styling experiments. Style your hair as you would style a classic lob, with a round brush and dryer. A tip: a natural shade of brown or blonde will enhance the natural shine in your light-reflecting look.

Icy Blonde Beach Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

This hair look is an epitome of the true women’s nature: they’re always different. Icy blonde hair color is meant to switch a woman’s look to something cooler. Beach waves are associated with hot summer days. And when these two are combined, they form an unexpectedly balanced duo built by the beauty of opposites. If you love to jump from one extreme to another, this look will be your trampoline.

Shaggy Blonde Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

Shaggy medium length hairstyles are something you will want to write a book about once you try it out. They are so lightweight, edgy, flexible, and versatile that there’s no way you won’t find a perfect option for your hair type. When dealing with thin hair, they lift up the silhouette; for thick hair, they work wonders by making the hair more manageable. As for styling options, they know no end. Still, nothing can beat a wavy medium shag with a well-balanced color transition.

Waves With Blonde Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

Wavy hairstyles seem to have been created to satisfy all women’s needs possible. Whether you want to intensify the smooth flow of colors in your balayage or to boost the contrast created by your ombre, waves are the win-win choice anyway. Even though the ombre on this pic is nothing but the common dark-to-light idea, it still looks special. As you might have guessed, it has something to do with the charm of waves.

Raspberry Gold Sombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbykheylitristen

Here’s a little riddle. Medium length hair is the happy medium between short and long lengths. Sombre is a nice option that stands in between a drastic ombre and flawlessly smooth balayage. What do these two have in common? In order to get the answer, you need to mix them together! Two colors that softly blend with one another on a disheveled mid-length cut is the award for good guessers.

Sandy Wavy Side-Parted Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/instagram.com/salsalhair

Side parted medium length hairstyles always look elegant and feminine due to their balanced and simple structure. The heavy portion of such styles adds a whole lotta volume to the look while the other side brings a sense of harmony. Needless to say, effortless hair color and waves can turn this hairstyle into a red-carpet look.

Lob With Ash Blonde Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/andrewlovescolor

When you feel like changing your color, keep in mind that there’s a way to do it without serious damage. It’s no secret that dark hair requires bleaching to achieve a brand new shade, which can consequently lead to dryness and breakage. That’s why you can go for highlights! They will freshen things up without ruining your natural cuticles. And to make the beauty of the color show up at its fullest, wave those locks subtly!

Wavy Lob With Caramel Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/makeupbyfrances

Another successful combination of a wavy lob with highlights! This time, the colors match ideally while still giving a hint of contrast. Such a color job provides the so much needed movement, thus making the waves look more voluminous visually. When you have no idea what your next transformation should be, you can give it a shot with your eyes closed: you won’t be mistaken.

Inverted Magenta Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

Another amazing way to whip your thick tresses into creative shape. Not only does this graduated structure give a lot of dynamics to the hair flow but it also adds more character to the whole look. In addition, an inverted silhouette works wonders, making the heavy texture more lightweight by getting rid of some length on the back and spicing up the cut with soft layers throughout.

Highlighted Shag Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

Now, let’s talk about the role of colors in your hair. To be more exact, the role of the right color combinations. And yes, we’re still on the topic of medium length hairstyles for thick hair. Most haircuts feature a layered structure, and that’s where you should focus your attention when going for color experiments. Since layers stand out and add a textured finish, you can enhance their effect by highlighting those tresses. Just look at this ravishing highlighted shag! As for waves, they’re just the icing on the cake.

Milk Chocolate Balayage For Long Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/meltedbymish

Apart from accentuating your layers with a contrastive shade that stands out from your basic color, you can also choose a more effortless color path. The best way to achieve a natural but dimensional color is to mix several shades from the same color family. For example, this milk chocolate melt simply takes the biscuit. Being a combination of medium brown, light brown, and dirty blonde hair colors, the mix looks like a harmonic single whole. Cut a long story short, nothing will work better than balayage on layered hair.

Copper Medium Length Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/courtneygraceito

Do you know that without a well-shaped haircut, your color appointment may end up a disaster? In fact, working on a thick texture is important not only for general comfort but also for visual aesthetics. It often happens that the color looks bleak and dull because of the texture of hair, notably when it’s too heavy and thick. We’ve just shown you the importance of color and layering from another perspective. Now, let us find the words to describe this duo. The coppery shade that stretches down the layered lob is an example of an ideal haircut and color.

Side-Parted Angled Chocolate Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/mikaatbhc

Don’t ever underestimate the power of parting! As a matter of fact, parting is a little, yet significant styling detail that can drastically change your appearance, just like bangs. Here, you can see how it works as a finishing touch to layered angled cut. The cut features sharp silhouette by default, and the layers enhance the pointed tresses. What about the parting? It serves as a dramatic framing twist that not only builds perfect balance but also frames up the face. Should we mention how gorgeous the color is?

Pink Balayage For Wavy Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/thathairpair

When you have layers on your hair and curling iron in your styling arsenal, not getting a trendy balayage is a crime! Waves make layered hair even more defined and distinctive, while the properly chosen play of colors can double this beauty. In this pic, you can see how the trendiest shades in the color world take a wavy layered lob to the next level. Remember: you won’t ever go wrong with light brown, whitish, pastel pink, and violet streaks in your hair.

Brightened Brunette Messy Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/douglasgarciaoficial

A messy hairstyle + accentuating highlights = the best version of your medium length hair. There’s no need to tell you how popular the messy styling is because it’s everywhere from girls on Instagram to runway show icons. The good news is, you don’t need to be a celeb to rock the style. Just invest in a good colorist to get well-blended highlights and get yourself some salt spray for the messy finish. With layers, creating a disheveled mane will be just a piece of cake: spritz your locks and tousle them as much as you can.

Autumn Inspired Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_bykasey

When fall is knocking at the door, all we want is to escape the melancholic mood and be ready to meet the cold season with warm clothes and bright looks. Surely, your hair is the best weapon to beat the blues vibe. Get your hair perfectly leveled and well-textured, mix warm colors like red and orange, and be ready to see this fall surrender!

Blunt Beige Blonde Lob

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyninav

If you stick to minimalism and simplicity in your life, your hair should reflect that too. For simple but gorgeous hair, nothing works better than a classic blunt lob colored beige tones of blonde. Beige hair color embraces the most natural and effortless hues, producing a very gentle and authentic color for women with light complexions. Bless your one-length cut with wavy texture from time to time and you will fall in love with your hair.

Layered Wavy Lob With Caramel Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaashleee

We can’t have too much of a good thing, that’s why we always have a will to experiment with our hair. Luckily for us, blonde and brown hair color charts are full of options that can be mixed in various ways. Consequently, you will never find yourself with no ideas to try. This caramel balayage that consists of sweet blonde and medium brown shades is something that will show your layered lob from a whole new angle.

Middle-Parted Highlighted Long Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/maeipaint

A middle-part is a perfect idea for those seeking ideal balance and harmony in their looks. This styling choice goes well with lots of hairstyles like waves and sleek updos while giving a pleasant framing touch to the look. Also, once you style your locks to the center, you will see the even structure of your cut. By the way, it will look like a red-carpet hair if you spice it up with some dimensional highlights.

A-line Lob With Peach Champagne Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/zhairgoddess

Can you imagine a visual impact brought by A-line layered hair with a champagne-inspired peachy blonde hue? Yes, everyone who sees this beauty will simply get drunk because of the endless charm of these locks. If your skin has a peachy undertone, this idea will certainly fit you like a glove! Of course, don’t forget about some lightweight texturizing to reveal the color at its best.

Wavy Chocolate Lob With Caramel Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/thathairmagic

A touch of seductive warmth is all your deep brown hair needs to show its new enchanting side. When paired with light feathers at the ends, this lovely combination will give you the hair look you never dreamed to have. Make sure that the caramel shade is rather brownish than blonde to make highlights seamlessly blend with your naturally dark mane so that it builds a harmonic look.

Brunette To Mauve Ombre For Long Wavy Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/frances_hairartist

When your hair grows out, it tends to lose its natural lift and bounce. Unless you get a cut that shapes your ends and prevents them from falling flat and finishes it with color that turns dull hair into a lively mane! Although it’s hard to imagine a brunette base with mauve color, setting the latter to its pastel mode will change your picture of these two shades once and for all.

Brunette Textured Medium Length Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

Show this pic to everyone who gave up fighting for a well-balanced look because they think nothing can work for their thick hair. To tell you the truth, many women spend ages complaining about their unruly locks when they can get to know layers and find a hairdresser who can nail their structure. Here, you can see how super thick and unmanageable locks have obeyed to the power of awesome layers and textured ends. Why don’t you recreate this amazing hair experience?

Medium Hair Updos Ideas

Medium shoulder length haircuts allow for various hairstyles, including updos. And even though the pool of styling options is not that big, comparing to longer hairstyles, you won’t get bored for sure. And that is great news because sometimes we cannot do without updos. For example, when it’s hot and we wish to move the hair away from our face and neck. Or when there is a formal event ahead that suggests a quite elegant hairstyle that is preferably pulled up.

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/Alexisbutterflyloft

And in case you wonder which updos will be perfect for the mid-length tresses, we can tell you one thing: the occasion and your preferences are things that matter. In the meantime, let’s discuss the most wide-spread updo hairstyles you can pull off.

  1. Buns. Buns are among the easiest updos that everyone can pull off by herself. And in case medium length hairstyles for thin hair are what you are currently searching, a bun will require some effort to pull off. The size of the bun will demonstrate that your tresses lack the body. However, you can easily hide it by backcombing. Thus, the size of the bun will be enlarged with the added volume. As simple as that!
  2. Knots. A modern knot tends to be messy and loose. To get a high or low imperfect knot, you just need to lift the hair from the roots by teasing it. Then you can add some loops by pulling at strands here and there.
  3. Braids. These days you can rarely see a casual updo without any braids. That’s because elements are quite welcome in up-to-date updos, whether they are in the spotlight or act as auxiliary elements.
  4. Styles that involve several components. There are times when keeping it plain is not your intention. The fanciest styles consist of multiple components and combine braids and knots, braids and buns, curls and twists, etc.

And as examples, here you can observe some cool and cute styling options.

Easy Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/maggiemh

Most people assume only those with long hair can have fun braiding, twisting, and creating updos. Wrong! Shoulder length hair offers just as many, if not more, options. Consider the high ponytail, for example. First of all, it’s extremely popular. Secondly, it has so many uses. Lastly, it’s a great casual style for the gym or while running errands and it’s a perfect chic style for the office and job interviews. When wavy hair is put into a high ponytail (natural or curled), it can even be appropriate for the red carpet. Playing up the eyes is an absolute must when hair is pulled off the face. This model’s stunning blue eyes practically beg for her to pull back her hair. Her ice blonde color makes her eyes “pop” even more and is an excellent choice for her skin tone.

Bubble Hairstyle Idea For Medium Length

Credit photo: instagram.com/jbraidsandbows

At Valentino’s 2014 fall show, the hairstylist, Guido, secured a runway model’s straight hair into a ponytail (hair must first be smooth and sleek). About two inches down, he secured another ponytail holder and twisted. Thus, he created a pouf underneath the secured section. About two inches farther down, he secured another ponytail holder and twisted, creating another pouf. He repeated the steps until he ran out of hair. Viola, he had created the Valentino Bubble Braid in this way. It’s a fun and playful, yet classy shoulder length hair style that can be created on the entire head of hair or only part of the hair and worn anywhere. A side bubble braid especially spices up this model’s dirty blonde hair and lets you see all the spectacular tones the color has to offer.

Medium Hair Length Hairstyle With Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/jordanlipscombee

Braids were once associated with little girls. Not anymore, though! Current stylish updates on the basic braided hairstyle are a no-sweat addition to shoulder length hair that can simply get your hair up and off your face for a workout, add vintage charm to a dressy outfit, or even add a touch of grunge to your rocker chick look. This model’s side swept fishtail braid delightfully incorporates a side braid and ponytail. While captivating, it takes no attention away from her striking features, which her makeup exquisitely accentuates. You can also notice the balayage in her blonde hair. With balayage, the hairstylist selects where to place the highlights. Some even offer “ponytail lights,” where color is to add dimension when the hair is worn up.

Braided Shoulder Length Hair Styles

Credit photo: instagram.com/Hair_by_pelerossi

Do not listen to those who say that braids aren’t made for medium hair – they know nothing! This single Dutch braid across your forehead not only keeps your hair out of your face but also creates that cute and fabulous look many babes are dreaming about!

Layered Medium Length Hair With Space Buns

Credit photo: instagram.com/Hairbyapes

Space buns are incredibly popular these days. That is why opting for double braided space buns is what you need to look fantastic and even a little otherworldly. For the greater effect, you can also add some sparkles to your part altogether with some curls to your loose mane.

Half-Up Hairstyles With Top Knots

Credit photo: instagram.com/Elizabethrsawatzky

Credit photo: instagram.com/Robindeltoro

Credit photo: instagram.com/K.s.colors

Top knots are perfect for those times when you are running out of time. But in case you have some spare time at your disposal, then we suggest you to upgrade your knot with a nice intricate braiding pattern.

Wavy Updos Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Headrushdesigns

Credit photo: instagram.com/Hairbyelena

Credit photo: instagram.com/Ashpettyhair

You should always keep in mind that hairstyles for medium length hair look their best when you introduce some decorative elements in. Even a simple low bun looks fancy with the unusual metallic hairband, for example.

Updos Hairstyles Low Bun

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Can you style some pretty updos if your hair is shoulder length? Why not. You can go for plenty of wonderful updo hairstyles which won’t ever give out your actual length. Besides, these styles will be perfect for casual looks or formal events!

Medium Length Hairstyles With Top Knot

Credit photo: instagram.com/juliafaria

Credit photo: instagram.com/jessconte

Credit photo: instagram.com/eversonfernandes_

The top knot is one of the go-to hairstyles on a hectic day. Lazy girls rejoice! These hairstyles you can do in one minute and your look will be stylish and chic enough for both a day at the office or a night in the city.

Braided Half-Up Hairstyles For A Cute Look

Credit photo: instagram.com/Serahdoeshairahh

Credit photo: instagram.com/Heidimariegarrett

Credit photo: instagram.com/mojkahair

Has it ever come to your mind to braid your shoulder-length tresses? It’s time to try.

Extremely Feminine Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/Jessannkirby

Medium hair styles done with a curling iron are super easy to do but super hard to take eyes off. They add you a touch of playfulness and tons of volume, not to mention the modern look. Besides that, they look extremely feminine. And last but not least, it is not a secret that men like textured wavy and curly hair.

Hairstyles With Pretty Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/Kayleymelissa

The most popular ways to do these styles are Flexi rods and curlers. Not only do they do their job great but the effect is also amazing. And the best part about them is that they do not damage your hair unless you damage it yourself. Furthermore, they give you additional volume.

Twisted Buns For Your Medium Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Ashpettyhair

Credit photo: Shelbygordon

Credit photo: instagram.com/Tonyastylist

Another set of creative ways of curling is twisted buns, braids, and headband curls. They literally take you five minutes to do and, nevertheless, they look stunning. Basically, all you have to do is to sleep on them. And when you wake up, you already have an amazing ‘do. Isn’t it a miracle?

Braided Half-Up Knot

Credit photo: instagram.com/Kayleymelissa

Credit photo: instagram.com/Hairbydar

There are some more ways worth of our attention. Those are pin waves, hair drier and round brush, and hot curlers. Their effect is stunning on medium hair. It will totally make you look like a Hollywood diva.

Outstanding Knotted Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/Annette_updo_artist

Credit photo: instagram.com/Tonyastylist

A knot is a universal hairstyle for medium length hair that can adapt to any occasion and outfit, as well as hair type and length. Apart from that, you can also improvise with hair color or a number of knots to create a unique style.

Big Braids For Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/bookdivo

Credit photo: instagram.com/mallonyfarias

Credit photo: instagram.com/crisferreira23

If you have shoulder-length hair, you can still pull off pretty braided hairstyles, and here you can observe some cute representatives of this intertwined caste. Try one when you get tired of wearing your hair simply loose. Besides, such hairstyle will work for any holiday!

Wavy Low Updos Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

If you’re searching for chic and easy updo hairstyles for medium length hair, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We have collected the brightest photos of updos for all occasions in your life. So, get inspired by our looks, and don’t be afraid to try it!

High Bun Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/milabeautykim

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

A bun is one of the fashionable hairstyles and we can modify it as we wish to depend on the event, outfit, and makeup. It is a good style that makes you feel not just beautiful but truly feminine. Once you pull it off, let the compliments pour in.

Really Royal Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/erikadawnshear

Braided hairstyles exude a soft and youthful vibe to make you feel years younger and experiment with your look at the same time. This intricate braid with shades of deep purple and electric blue is super cute, and, despite being pretty complex, it’s worth it. You can also add some ribbons or beads to your braid to dress up this playful look for a more formal affair.

Fantastic Side Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/tinkapell

This blonde wavy medium length hair cut is so pretty and alluring, especially with a touch of braided charm. The pale blonde waves are super sexy, but the thin side fishtail braid gives this look a Boho Chic vibe. This style will look pretty with a floral crown in your hair, along with a long flowy skirt and funky sandals to complete this hippie look.

Lovely Crown Braid

Credit photo: instagram.com/samirasjewelry

Crown braids are very elegant and chic because they’re simple but delicate. That’s why they are perfect for a formal event such as wedding or prom. However, you can wear them any time you want as they are so pretty and stylish. End the braid in a messy bun to show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously, as well as add a bit of a carefree vibe to the look.

Double Dutch Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/michaelgrayhair

These double Dutch braids are super cute and playful, which is a win-win option for when you’d like to look flirty. Braids are so young and carefree: just in case you want to recapture your youth with a soft and feminine hairstyle.

Low Pony With Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/riawna

A ponytail with bangs is a classic look, indeed. As a matter of fact, it was a huge thing in the 50s. Since that was more than seventy years ago, wearers need to modernize it and work it into current styles. Right now, there is a wide assortment of fun medium length hairstyles with bangs. Bangs are a great option for any woman, regardless of her age, hair type, or lifestyle. They let her try a new look without having to get a totally new cut, saving her from commitments in this way. These layered bangs look great whether the model here decides she wants to look formal or casual. A pulled back, half up half down look, whether it’s a low knot, low bun, or even a ponytail, looks elegant, and the soft curls around her face add charm. She can go anywhere, seriously.

Messy Medium Half-Up

Credit photo: instagram.com/eversonfernandes_

Credit photo: instagram.com/mateus.veiga

Credit photo: instagram.com/penteadosx

Half up hairstyles are perfect medium length hairstyles for thick hair because they remove that unnecessary bulk from your tresses. And women with other hair types can sport such hairstyles as well. In fact, the length is the only thing that may be problematic here.

Women who rock their tresses shorter notice that half updos are quite difficult to pull off, especially if the hair is tricky to style. However, it’s so boring to wear the hair loose every single day, right? Plus, half-up hairstyles are quite trendy these days. Truly, a half-up hairstyle that includes any elements like buns, braids, or ponytails is totally in.

But now when your tresses are shorter, can you do a half up? Of course, you can! And here you can see how to pull one off successfully on shorter tresses!

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles With Top Knot

Credit photo: instagram.com/Kayleymelissa

Credit photo: instagram.com/sazan

Credit photo: instagram.com/juliafaria

There is a big number of mid-length hairstyles that are flattering, easy-going, timeless, and also appropriate for all possible occasions. Undoubtedly, a top knot is among such hairstyles. And we can tell you that today top knots are extremely popular as well. And no wonder why, as it is quick and simple, but also creative and versatile. On top of that, top knots are immensely cute and can be personalized in many ways in order to show off your unique style.

Messy Pretty Bun Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/milabeautykim

Credit photo: instagram.com/juliafaria

Bun hairstyles are super lovely and not time-consuming at all. And you can sport it anywhere, at parties and at work. These tricks will help you appear flawless wherever you go.

  • Use spin pins rather than bobby clips when creating a bun style for it to stay on longer.
  • Don’t apply anti-frizzing products because they decrease the shine of your hair. Instead, it’s better to use a hairbrush that has boar bristles that will easily fetch out oil and dirt.
  • Make hair more voluminous by using big rollers. It will take you less effort to create waves with big rollers compared to smaller rollers.

Headband Braid Half-Up

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Credit photo: instagram.com/penteadosx

When you have mid-length tresses, braids seem to be something nearly impossible for you. However, we can assure you that everything is possible in this life. Just look at these funky hairstyles with braided elements. Aren’t they the definition of style and fun? Just add some texturizing product to the clean, wet hair and blow-dry before you start braiding. Thus, you will get a carefree and super trendy hairstyle to really rock it.

There are a ton of great medium length hairstyles, including haircuts for oval faces. The wrong haircut can make your thick hair seem lifeless. A fun and funky shoulder-length haircut can include anything from a bob cut to a shag cut or even a bold pixie cut in case you like it short.

Color adds texture to ordinary haircuts for round faces. Adding a burst of color with a balayage look, ombre colors, bold colorful streaks or even a daring new color with highlights can totally spice up medium length hairstyles. And there are plenty of hairstyling options that you can easily achieve with the right tools such as curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, or the right styling products for your haircut.

Medium Length Hairstyles: FAQ

What is the Length for Medium Length Hair?

A medium hair length is any hair length that ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches. The best way to measure medium hair is with your shoulder. This is why is it’s also known as shoulder-length hair.

Why medium length hair is the best?

Unlike short and long hair that may require a lot of attention to either styling or maintenance, medium-length hair offers the best sides of the two worlds. It has the low-maintenance routine of short hair and a great potential for styling experiments of long hair.


  • Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Source
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