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18 Looks With Side Bangs – A Detail That Can Enhance Your Image

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Side bangs can instantly amp up any hairstyle, make it sassier, more flirtatious. When picking a particular type of bangs swept to a side, think about the effect that they will grant.

  • Go for a fringe on the slant if you wish to make your face appear elongated and make the appearance of the cheekbones less edgy.
  • A long fringe swept to a side will add some refinement to your style.
  • Choppy bangs styled to a side will grant volume and texture to your hairstyle.
  • Short bangs swept to a side look incredible on short and asymmetric haircuts.

Now let’s discover trendy and sassy ways of rocking side bangs.

Long Pixie Fringe

Source: thatguyreno via Instagram

If you have a pixie cut, here is a confident and flirty look for you. With this fringe, you can wear your tresses as short as you wish but still appear very feminine. Plus, a fringe like this grants some asymmetric and stylish feel to a pixie haircut.

To style, apply some product for styling on your clean, wet tresses. Use a brush for styling to blow dry your fringe area. Do it flat against your head and opposite to the side where it will lay eventually. Next, brush your fringe to that side where it will lay. Using a brush for styling, finish blow drying the remaining hair. With the help of your flat iron, smooth all longer pieces. Finally, apply the texturizing product and set with hairspray.

Piecey Pixie

Source: susanfordhair via Instagram

Layered hair looks so chic when cut that short. Thanks to the layers, this pixie haircut has it all – the texture, volume, and movement. And these are the components of the most flattering style. Clear barbering near the ears adds some edginess.

Short Crop With Long Bangs

Source: riawna via Instagram

It’s one of the cutest hair ideas with side bangs in our collection. The top strands build gradually from shorter to longer and thus create a layered and thick bang. As for the temples and the nape, they are tapered tightly.

Disconnected Fringe

Source: ryabchik.moscow via Instagram

Disconnected side swept bangs grant a stylish and edgier appearance to the hairstyle. To style, apply your favorite styling product to your wet tresses. Next, with the help of a brush for styling, blow dry your tresses. With a medium-barreled flat iron, define the strands. Finally, apply texturizing spray or gel.

Choppy Pixie

Source: lavieduneblondie via Instagram

This choppy pixie is the perfect hairstyle for those women who wish to show off their beautiful and edgy cheekbones. And straight bangs make this hairstyle appropriate for the office. A flat iron and heat protectant are your keys to success here.

Pixie Cut With A Side Bang

Source: ryabchik.moscow via Instagram

In case you have fine hair and sport a pixie haircut with a bang swept to a side, your task is to create texture. Otherwise, the pixie may lose its cool and defined form. Any texturizing product will help.

Shoulder-Grazing Tousle

Source: riawna via Instagram

Tousled looks work great for those instances when you wish to add some carefree vibes to your appearance. In this pic, you can see how cool tousled shoulder length tresses appear. And long side bangs add on to the sassiness of this style.

Modern Side Swept Fringe

Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram

When styled straight, side bangs medium hair appears so modern. This face framing hairstyle will work great for babes who wish to try something new. When styling, give some lift to the bangs by applying texture tonic.

Edgy Bob With Bangs

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

In this pic, short bangs along with the textured edges give this haircut a very trendy finish. And the bangs swept to the side have the form reminiscent of V. As a result, there is no bulkiness on this model’s forehead.

Tousled Bob With A Long Fringe

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

What can we say, a side fringe in combination with a tousled bob feels just right. And look how interestingly the bangs blend with the layers in the front of this hairstyle. That is true perfection!

Eye-Skimming Side Bang

Source: shear_envytupelo via Instagram

Here you can see a thick bang that hits right on this model’s cheekbones. Such length of the bang is a bit tricky when styling in an updo. But if you plan to wear it loose and wavy, go for it without any doubt.

Tucked And Layered Bob

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Just look at this amazing volume! The dramatic volume boost is what makes this blunt bob truly stand out. And multiple layers are so alluring. To style, create a deep side part, apply volumizing mousse, blow dry with a round brush. Finish with strong hold hairspray.

Voluminous Wispy Fringe

Source: sarahangius via Instagram

This hairstyle looks so sophisticated when done on thick hair. Such refined waves can be created with the help of a large barreled curling wand and curl booster. To grant some volume to the bangs, style them with a round brush.

Thick Side Fringe For Long Hair

Source: ryabchik.moscow via Instagram

Such thick bangs are a nice choice if you have an oblong face shape and wish to make your face appear not that lengthy. In case your tresses are thinner than needed, apply thickening mousse to get a hairstyle like this.

Tucked Bang With Shaggy Layers

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

It’s a great option for those women who would like to rock a haircut that won’t turn their styling routine into torture. This shaggy haircut with bangs looks wow simply as it is – any styling product and blow drying will do.

Flipped Fringe With Soft Layers

Source: luciahustavova via Instagram

This model sports long thick tresses and heavy bangs make her hairstyle elegant. As you can notice, the strands are defined. This effect is achieved with the help of a hair straightener. So simple and pretty!

Feathered Bangs With Long Ripples

Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram

This hairstyle is the definition of chic. Create a deep side part and style your bangs away from your face. Thus, you will remove the extra bulk to the side. Curl the rest of your hair to add some romantic flair to the image.

Now you know how to rock your side bangs to look sexy and pretty. Don’t leave so soon! We have many surprises on our blog.

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