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Emily in Paris is the latest Netflix series that has got everyone talking. It may have mixed reviews, but one thing is for sure – their fashion is off the hook! Here is our ranking of Emily Cooper’s outfits from worse to best:

25. The Quirky Fit– Too many layers with patterns all over the place.

24. Casual Paris Look – It’s a simple outfit but given that she’s in Paris, this is just short of French flair.

23. Asymmetrical Top – What stands out about this outfit is Emily’s asymmetrical top which is something most people don’t think of wearing but it looks great!

22. A Evening Out Look – Usually a shear top would not go with a snake skin patterned skirt but given they are within the same colour palette and Emily is wearing it loosely, the outfit somehow comes together.

21. Fashionista at Work – The fresh faced employee is able to mix subtle and bold colours into her girly look.

20. Edgy Casual Day Fit – Emily ditches her blazers for an edgy leather jacket. Instead of a side bag, she holds an interesting wristlet which makes the outfit still her, but less work and more fun.

19. Classic Emily style – To achieve Emily’s style, just throw jacket over a short dress with a scarf around the neck.

18. Pink Night Out – Again, classic Emily look but more pink!

17. Floral Puff – How often do you see a floral winter puff? Not very often! But this new Parisian makes it look stylish with her bright French hat which really speaks to her bright personality!

16. Cozy Work Look – We like how she is able to wear a grandma sweater over a turtleneck and a scarf over her shoulders but it still looks put-together and appropriate for work.

15. Business Casual – Emily finally ditches skirts for jeans! She pairs these high waisted pants with a dark pink blouse and a plaid blazer, giving us a New York vibe.

14. Checkered White Coat – Instead of going for extremely bold colours, she wears a checkered white oversized jacket but still manages to peep out pink with an oversized collared shirt underneath.

13. Cottage Comfort Look – Emily switches up the girly for comfy on a getaway weekend to Camille’s castle. She is still able to look cute though with yellow rainbows, a toque, and a patterned sweater.

12. Preppy Work Outfit – The Savoir intern dresses in a preppy outfit made up of a buttoned cardigan over a plaid skirt and a choker. One of her more tone downed looks which we can emulate.

11. Floral Coat -It’s fair to to say Emily loves pink and only she can pull off these sets of clashing bold prints.

10. Floral Dress – Emily looks elegant with her off-the-shoulder floral dress and synched in belt at her waistline.

9. Classy Emily – Classic Emily look but elevated by class as she goes for matching black blazer and skirt for a more professional tone.

8. Asymmetrical trench coat – If you want to stand out in a sea full of trench coats in the fall/winter season, try wearing an asymmetrical coat! Maybe it is the French, or maybe it is her, but they really push fashion forward!

7. French Fit – Emily’s outfits have been known to be a bit too touristy – for instance here she is literally wearing red, blue and white – the colours of the French Flag. But we love how chic she looks and can we talk about her double handbags?

6. Black Tutu Dress – We were surprised when Emily showed up in a black gown which is a lot more subtle than her usual bright and preppy wear. But we must say, she looks, the more toned down version makes her look more mature and elegant.

Si Carrie Bradshaw y 'Gossip Girl' tuviesen una hija sería 'Emily in Paris'  | Mujerhoy.com

5. Checkered blazer – Perhaps she goes for the touristy looks because it is what she looks best in because she absolutely rocks this plaid on plaid business wear with that signature red beret.

4. All Green – Green is often a hard colour to pull off but if you need an inspiration, look no further than Emily’s all iconic green trench coat look! She pulls it off because she is wearing 3 different shades of green, with her bucket hat in a more muted tone so the rest of her outfit stands out.

4. White Art Piece – When Emily first came out in Pierre Cadeau’s gown, their gala attendees and viewers alike gasped at how she looked like a stunning work of art! It really is a beautiful piece.

3. Yellow dress – Emily again embraces monochrome but in yellow. In the earlier part of the season when it is still summer, she chooses to hang out in the park with a yellow maxi dress, synched in at the waist, paired with a big yellow bag.

2. Pink Trench Coat – when we say pink is her colour, we really mean HOT pink. Just check out how great this trench coat compliments Emily and her aura.

1. Black Swan – Even though it may be cringey that Emily dressed exactly like a black swan to see The Swan, you can’t deny she looks stunning in this off shoulder black dress, bejewelled head piece, and bold red lip. It is the perfect outfit to tell a snob to go F themselves.

Which Emily outfit is YOUR favourite?

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