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25 Inspiring Long Bobs via Le Fashion Image

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I recently made the cut from long to long bob (ish) and am just looooving it!

I found this post on Le Fashion Image. Check out these fabulous takes on the long bob.

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2. Anh Co Tran

3. Slufoot

There’s no arguing that a long bob (lob) is the it-hairstyle of the moment!

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Instagram

5. Collage Vintage

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6. Byrdie

7. Anh Co Tran

8. Refinery29

9. Anh Co Tran

10. Vogue Russia

11. Harper & Harley

12. Taylor Tomasi Hill // Byrdie

13. The Beauty Department

14. Alexa Chung // Elle

15. Zara

16. Dans Vogue

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17. Hilary Duff // Harper Smith

18. Kahlana Barfield // The Coveteur

19. Nextdoor Model

20. Chapter Friday

21. Lucy Hale // Refinery29

22. Lovely Pepa

23. Lauren Conrad // E!

24. Kat Collings // Byrdie

25. Nasty Gal

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