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27 Throw Pillows Under $20

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By now you know that I’m a self-proclaimed pillow hoarder… and if you’re hanging around then chances are you have a few more pillows than the average person! They’re so comfy… and they come in a million adorable prints!

The worst part of pillow shopping is the price… how does one little square of fabric and fluff cost so much? Since I’m not a big fan of expensive pillows here’s a list of a few *cough cough* inexpensive options. So you can change them out whenever the mood strikes! You can never have too many pillows!

27 Throw Pillows Under $20

This one is sooo cute! I love the chalkboard craze that’s happening right now and it’s definitely just as cute on a pillow! Plus I love the phrase… “I love you to the moon and back”. This one would look adorable on my couch!

I love all of the fun blue prints (especially that bird! I thought about using that same exact pattern for my kitchen slipcovers so I’m definitely drawn to it!).

The hubby is fond of the next pillow… Love you more. The End. I win. He sure likes to win… the stinker! I don’t know about this one… but if he likes it we’ll keep it on the list! wink wink.

This one is a big brighter than the rest but I’m loving the fun pops of color! I just had to include it for all of my bright sunny friends… this guy would look cute just about anywhere!

Since we’re using navy as one of the accent colors in our guest room makeover I’ve noticed myself… noticing it… more often! I am definitely loving all the navy! I wonder which one would look best on the guest beds?

I think I have this pillow! Or at least one just like it… we love french script around here so it’s no surprise that this baby made the list!

Well that’s it! 27 different pillow shops… I didn’t count but that’s way more than 27 pillows total! Surely you found something you liked! Which pillow was your favorite?


This little guy might be over the $20 limit but I absolutely love the blueprint concept! Plus it looks just like our little yorkie girl! Bitty isn’t sure about it yet but I think the resemblance is just adorable!



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