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34 Quilt Ideas for Beginners With Free Quilt Patterns

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New to quilting and need some easy sewing project ideas? When you are a beginner at making quilts, easy is definitely the most fun and enjoyable way to go, but there is no need to think basic, much less boring. We found 34 cute and easy quilt ideas for beginners that are perfect for those making their first quilt. With free quilt patterns for all of them, what’s not to love? With some easy quilt ideas for those just starting out with beginner quilting projects and some smaller easy quilted thing to make to practice quilting basics and techniques, these fun projects are totally doable by those in all levels of sewing. Even if you are a pro seamstress, you will love the creativity behind some of these ideas. Personalized photo quilts, cute and colorful baby quilts, a keepsake T-shirt quilt that preserves all those special favorites in comfy blanket form and some tiny little quilted ideas for the home like address signs and of course the more traditional quilted pot holder and table runner. Check out these simple sewing tutorials for quilts and see for yourself.

Easy and Free Quilt Patterns for Beginners

1. Make A Photo Quilt


Looking for new ways to use photos so that they can always be seen? This photo quilt is a great idea to preserve memories and give as a gift for graduation. I love this idea of a memory quilt and would be a perfect project for a first quilt. One of my favorite free quilt patterns for gift giving, this creative use of photos on a personalized handmade quilt makes a wonderful keepsake for baby gifts, graduation, anniversary and so many more occasions.

2. Chevron Quilt For Beginners


So, this chevron pattern might look really intimidating but trust me, it really isn’t. This cute beginner baby quilt looks super cute and would definitely be perfect as a baby shower gift. Let Making Things Is Awesome walk you through on the easy step-by-step instructions to get you started.

3. One Hour Triangle Quilt


I cannot believe that this quilt only took 1 hour to make. But, yes, indeed there’s a magic secret to it. Head on over to See Kate Sew to learn the full details and be the envy of every quilter in town! I am obsessed about how cute it looks and the wonderful colors on the fabric.

4. Strip and Flip Baby Quilt


What makes this Strip and Quilt tutorial perfect for beginners is the fact that its a strappy quilt. How easy can it get? You can quickly put this together just by using bright and colorful fabric scraps. The instructions are thorough and easy to understand, I might just start on it right away. If you need a DIY idea for a baby gift, this free quilt pattern will show you how easy it is to make a quilt for that special bundle of joy. Cute and colorful, this quilt will look great with almost all nursery decor and honestly, I think it does not have to be reserved only for babies. Some of us in the adult world might love to add this touch of color to our beds, too.

5. Make A T-Shirt Quilt

Learning how to make a T-shirt quilt should be on the “must make next” list of easy quilt ideas for beginners. Rewarding and a great way to upcycle and repurpose those favorite T-shirts, we love how soft this quilt is, while it also reminds us of many experiences we don’t want to forget. A friend of mine made one of these for her son when he graduated from high school and it makes for cool dorm room decor that assures he knows Mom is always thinking of him. With an easy to follow step by step tutorial, you can learn exactly how to make this free quilt pattern.

6. Stylish Quilted Tote Bag


This stylish quilted item is actually a quilted tote bag that you can easily make. You can use it as a purse or a grocery bag. I promise you’ll never run out of ideas to use them. I just thought of one, it can also be a great gift idea or much better, something you can sell off of Etsy. Sounds like a plan? Well, go ahead and get started!

7. Quilted Table Runner Tutorial


Wow, the quilted table runner is too adorable! It’s quite brilliant to use floral fabrics for this quilt. Look at how perfect it turned out. These are happy and springy fabric designs and I can’t wait to start on this project most especially because I am in a desperate need of a table runner.

8. Make Your Own Super Versatile Bandana Quilt


Bandanas have unlimited possibilities. You can practically turn them into anything. Whether a dress, table cloth, table runner or a picnic blanket, whatever you like. And this tutorial from One Good Thing By Jillee lets your imagination run wild with this quilt. I think this is super fun to make!

9. Make A Rag Quilt


Learn how to make a rag quilt with this free quilt pattern tutorial that shows you how to repurpose that old fabric into an amazingly easy decor idea.

10. New Address Mini Quilt


After reading the post, my immediate thought was, what a wonderful inspiration! This is really a great idea when you are just moving to a new home. Such a clever and well-executed quilt. Commemorate your home by making this amazing and beautiful new address mini quilt.

11. Seaside Squares Lap Quilt


These blocks on the lap quilt are so beautiful and they are my favorite colors. The pattern was a great choice to allow the colors to shine. Another great project for a beginner since it uses a jellyroll. You won’t have a hard time following the tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

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