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40 Checkered Flag Tattoo Ideas For Men – Racing Designs

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In life there’s a beginning and a finish line, and in between the journey we make around the track.

The world of race car driving is one apart from our own, but that doesn’t mean certain symbols don’t carry over in relevance.

The checkered racing flag is more than just a “GO!” message, but the mark of the man who moves at a dizzying speed, and doesn’t slow down for anyone.

These checkered racing flag tattoo ideas strike an iconic chord, but are worn by men who are very much of the future. Speed, precision, and the drive to succeed are the not-so-hidden symbols of the grand marshal’s flag. Life is anything but slow for the man in charge of his destiny, and the man behind the wheel of the racing car is both a hero and role model.

NASCAR fan or one who lives his own life in the fast lane, the racing flag tattoo is your own signal to go–and never look back.

As much as people like to say we live in fast-paced times, the truth is we may not be moving fast enough in all things progressive and triumphant. In order to move forward one must put his foot the pedal and press down without hesitation. The racing flag tattoo wearer instinctively knows this.

The question remains, are you ready to let go and live at the speed of a lifetime in one single instant?