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40 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Trends in 2019

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Strawberry Blonde is a beautiful hair color. It’s a beautiful mix of blond with red tones. Celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, and many others have shaken that hair color and put it in the spotlight.

We have more than 40 hairstyle ideas to show you, so you can get this A-list look yourself. You will find pastel shades, warm copper tones, and vibrant strawberry hair. There is a way to bring this trend to everyone!

Strawberry blonde should not be very light as one might think. You can have a darker color melt like that. The hair is very dark at the root and blends in with a hint of hot strawberry. Hair like this one will look great on any length of hair and will be suitable for brunettes and women with darker hair.

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