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50 Simple Tree Tattoo Designs For Men – Forest Ink Ideas

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For unique representations that reach new heights, simple tree tattoos are definitely worth considering. They are a popular first choice for advocates of nature and environment preservation, and they’re certainly an important element to have on Earth due to their ability to provide oxygen for all living creatures.

Tree tattoos can symbolize new life, growth, beauty, and strength which is why people often associate themselves with trees.

Because they’ve been a highly used symbol of life and healing in historic texts, folklore, and fictions, trees give us an affinity for nature. There are also many cultures around the world who link trees with spirituality and mental strength. Trees live and pass as we do, which is why they’re a favored symbol for those more in tune with the outdoors. The leaves and branches of a tree also represent connection and continuity, like a family tree.

Wearers of simple tree tattoos commonly get black silhouettes of a type of tree or minimalistic versions with nothing but straight lines to visualize the trunk and branches. The botanist within would truly appreciate a simple tree tattoo, and because trees are vertical, the most common places to put them would be the arms, thighs, mid-back, or the rib cage.

More delicate and smaller tree tattoos can be seen on one’s wrist or ankle.

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