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6 Budget Friendly Ways To Update Your Dated Laundry Room

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Hey hey sweet friends!! Today, I’m talking laundry rooms, and I’m so excited about this post because it shows you how far my laundry room has come. Just wait until you see what this space looked like when we moved in. It was depressing and dark and for sure didn’t motivate me to do my least favorite chore. I knew the long term goal was to get new cabinets, counters, and a sink, but I wasn’t ready to spend the money on a big renovation yet. The good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to turn your outdated laundry room into a pretty retreat. Today, I’m going to show you 6 budget friendly ways to update your dated laundry room! So, let’s get started!

Laundry Room Before…

1. New Wall Color

My first tip is super obvious, but I can’t stress enough how much paint color changes a space. As you can see in my before pictures, the color was all wrong. I painted this room a lighter and much happier color called Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. This color instantly made this space a much more welcoming and inviting space. Since laundry isn’t really my thing, I need all the help I can get to motivate myself to get in there and do it. This color changed everything! Now, this space feels so much bigger and brighter. A new wall color can for sure be a huge first step with updating your tired laundry room!

2. Painted Cabinets

If you are up for the challenge, then painted cabinets is a great option to go from drab to FAB!! I mean, did you see my cabinets before?? Yikes!! They were dull, dated, and just plain sad. Instead of spending a ton of money to replace cabinets, why not paint them? I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in an antique white and used a dark wax around the edges. The change was AMAZING!!

After they were all painted, I went a step further in this update and replaced the hardware. New hardware is another inexpensive way to update your cabinets!

3. Add A Fun Light Fixture

Did you see the long fluorescent light that was in here before? It was not pretty, and it gave off a neon light that was very unsettling. We decided to take it down and add a cute little chandelier. I think we paid $50 for it and it made a huge difference. Who says you can’t have a chandelier in a laundry room?

4. Organization

Another way that I updated my outdated laundry room was to make DIY shelves. They were super easy to make and if you have space, I highly recommend adding some. Shelves allow for organization and laundry rooms need organization to give it a clean look. By adding jars and baskets, you can organize your laundry room in a really inexpensive way!

5. Ladder Drying Rack

This idea is inexpensive, cute, and super useful! I found this ladder for under $20 while out thrifting and thought it would be a super cute laundry drying rack. I added hooks to the bottom and hung it in the studs. So fun, right?? This is a cute and super inexpensive way to dry your clothes!

6. Repurposed Laundry Basket Holder

This laundry basket holder is one of my most frequent asked questions that I get about my laundry room. This is another super inexpensive way to make your laundry room look cute while being functional. I found an old wood rolling cart while out thrifting one day and decided to paint it and use it as a laundry basket holder. Luckily, the baskets fit like a glove and the rest is history. See how simple that was!!

Overall, I probably spent around $250 updating my dated and UGLY laundry room and turning it into a happy and functional space. Between paint, thrifted items, and a few pieces of decor, this room took on a whole new look. Well friends, I hope these tips helped you see how easy and inexpensive it could be to update your own space. I honestly had so much fun turning this room into a space that kinda makes me want to do laundry. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by!!

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