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82 Goddess Braids Hairstyles to become a true Style Goddess

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Most hairstyles can come and go but goddess braids are always here to stay.  Braids are definitely taking over the fashion world.  It can be seen everywhere – from fashion shows to celebrities! With so many styles and sizes, you can never get bored with this trend. Additionally, millions have noticed it!

Braids actually started way back 30,000 years ago. This cool hairstyle has a low maintenance. It is simple yet sometimes it is also complicated. This styling technique has been used by several cultures for centuries.

Beautiful Goddess Braids Hairstyles Pictures

1. Zoe Saldana’s Goddess Braids

Originally posted by loxabeauty

Zoe Saldana’s goddess braids is a winner with a few wisps on the front.  This flirty braid style is completed with a sexy lip.  It’s a simple pretty look that can work all season long.

2. Greek Goddess

Originally posted by earlyivy

The stylist did a fantastic job on this.  We also love its creative masterpiece!

3. Jessica Alba Braided Hairstyle

Goddess hairstyles are best suited for casual or formal events, prom or weddings.

4. Bella Thorne Braids

These hairstyles come in different varieties.

5. Beautiful Goddess Braids Hairstyles

If you have short hair, you can still create updos using hair extensions.

6. Cute Goddess Braids

For women who have short hair, you can wave or curl it and pin it towards the back so as to make a bundle in the middle.

7. African American Goddess Braids

Margot Robbie turned her French braids into a wonderful updo with the use of hairpins.

8. Five Goddess Braids

Originally posted by stayglam

Sometimes it is also known as the halo crown.

9. Ripple Wave With Goddess Braids

Originally posted by designtrends

You can use your natural hair in braiding or you can also use extensions.

10. Corn Row Style

If you want to rock this hairstyle then go to your local salon now!

11. Beautiful Goddess Braids

A beautiful Greek Goddess hairstyle with a few loose strands.  This is perfect for women with medium length hair.

12. Greek Goddess Hairstyle

Originally posted by one1lady

This Greek Goddess hairstyle is similar to a “wreath.”

13. Heart Shaped Braid

Is one hair braid enough?  Why not make it two and form it into a heart?

14. Blake Lively Braids

Blake Lively always enjoys rocking her braids. Perhaps her hairstylist is already having finger cramps.

15. Creative Braids

Goddess braids look like the super enlarged version of twisted cornrows.

16. Criss Cross Braid Hair

In this hairstyle, you can choose whether to use your natural hair or you can also use hair extensions to braid it closer to your scalp.

17. Goddess Braids Chignon Style

What makes it distinct from cornrows? Goddess braids have larger hair braids, which makes it more noticeable.

18. Crown Braid

Of course, there are a lot of varieties when it comes to goddess braids.

19. Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Considered to be one of the go-to styles when you’re trying to give you over-treated hair a break for a while.

20. Three Braids Design

The most effective way of achieving a perfect line is to use a comb with a long handle.

21. Fishtail Crown

Rather than using the classic braid, you can try using a fishtail braid.

22. Chunky Braid Hairstyle

Want to have a classic look? Why not try this chunky braid hairstyle?

23. Red Braids

After falling in love with the dirty blonde braids, you’ll surely get stunned by these lovely and sexy red braids.

24. Glitter Goddess Hairstyle

Wearing a crown braid can give you a feminine look.

25. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are also known as halo braids or crown braids.

26. African Goddess Braids

In this hairstyle, you will create braids and turned them into a crown.

27. Jada Pinkett Smith’s Goddess Braids

This is what you call a perfectly imperfect goddess braid bun.

28. Goddess Braids Designs

Goddess braid hairstyle is a symbol of royalty.  It can give the wearer a very distinguished look.

29. Goddess Braids On Natural Hair

Actually, you don’t need extensions if you are blessed with enough gorgeous long hair.

30. Natural Goddess Braid Hairstyle

Goddess braids are the best protective styling. When done properly, it can give you great and well-conditioned hair.

31. Faux Crown

Girls who have shorter hair might be having difficulties in creating a crown braid. However, with the help of a faux crown, you can have your own crown that looks much better.

32. Greek Goddess Crown Braid

There is a wide range of option for long and medium length hair.

33.  Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Aside from braids, you can create swirls, loops, or French twist.

34. Cornrows Hairstyle For Long Hair

To create an updo, you have to bundle all your hair up.

35. Circled Braided Updos

If you want to create a half updo, you can do this by leaving a few strands of hair in front.

36. Greek Goddess Hairstyle And Makeup

Greek goddess hairstyle is the perfect wedding hairstyle. You will look like a goddess who has come down from Olympus.

37. Elegant Braids

To create this look, just divide your hair and braid each into a long braid.

38.  The Art of Braiding

After creating braids, you can wrap them around your head and tuck them as you go.

39. Nice Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair

If you have very short hair, there’s no way that you would be able to pull this off. However, if you have shoulder length hair then you won’t be having any trouble at all.

40. Protective Style

This style is for girls who don’t really feel like styling their hair every day.

41. Goddess Braid Updo

By using hair extensions, you can make a long braid with your own hair.

42. Goddess Braids Image

This hairstyle can give you some fresh inspiration.

43. African Braids Updo Hairstyle

Another way of creating an updo look is to focus on the upper half braid and let the remaining braids hang down straight in the back.

44. Curly Braided Hair

To create a crown, you can wrap two or more braids around each other.

45. Elegant Updo

For those events when you only want the very best, this elegant updo will do.

46. Stylish Hairstyle

If you want to add some bling to your hair then you may consider adding beautiful flowers or gems.

47. Three Goddess Braids

Aside from three braid hairstyles, you can also create four goddess braid hairstyles.

48. Colorful Tree Braids Hairstyle

Adding some colors to your hair can brighten up your face.

49. Braids for Black and Brown Hair

Box braids are perfect for women who have long thick black hair.

50. Braided Crown Updo Hairstyle

In creating an updo look, you can use up all your hair.

51. Goddess Braids Style

If wearing an ancient Greek, goddess inspired dress is not enough then you can have an elegant and feminine look by creating a crown braided hairstyle.

52. Goddess Braids Styles

It may look just like your typical crown braid, however, what makes it extra special is the side swept bangs along with the wisps hanging long and loose. It’s a perfectly imperfect style. Who needs earrings?

53. Goddess Hairstyles For Black Women

You can use all your hair for your braids and wrap them around your head just next to the hairline. Use some pins to keep them in place.

54. Glamorous Hairstyles

An updo gives you a simple look and it won’t take too much time to create.

55. Loose Braided Updo

This braided updo is a perfect crowning accessory for your Greek Goddess look.

56. Simple And Easy Look

You can easily do this style at home.  However, if your skills in braiding are only limited then you can get a friend to lend you a hand.

57. Goddess Braid Styles

The braided crown was sported by Beyoncé and Sienna Miller and they looked stunning in them. Well, if these celebrities can do it, why can’t you! It’s really so simple to do.

58. Braided Hairstyles

With goddess braid hairstyles, you can make a great impression.

59. Goddess Braid Updo Hair

This looks charming and elegant too.

60. Black Braided Hair Bun

You can create many braids on your head and make a bun at the end.

61. Best Goddess Braid Hairstyles

All the braids are tied into a low ponytail.

62. Hairstyles Updos for Women

Want to look stylish? Why not try this versatile hairstyle?

63. Cornrow Styles

Braided hairstyles can transform your look. Yes, transform!

64. Side Chignon

This is another great idea which is best for any formal event such as a prom or wedding.

65. Grecian Goddess Look

This style was inspired by Greek Mythology. During the ancient times, a woman’s hair is considered as her golden crown. So lovely and royal!

66. Greek Goddess Hairstyle

Braids can also be used as a hair accessory.

67. Side braid And Curls

Christina Milian gets an instant Grecian goddess look in this fabulous hairstyle.

68. Tika Sumpter’s Braids

Halo goddess braid is suitable for straightened hair.

69. Long Braids Prom Hairstyle

This braided ponytail can make your sophisticated outfits edgy.

70. Magnified Cornrow Hairstyles

If you have thin hair, you can use extensions to make your hair look thicker.

71. Long Three Braid Hair

You can choose how many braids you want for your hairstyle.

72. Classic Hairstyle

This classic crown braid is made of a French braid. You can run it sideways and use a pin to make it look like a chignon.

73. Double Cornrows

By using the best hair products, you can achieve the look that you want!

74.  African Hair Ideas

With hair styling and braiding, you can look and feel like a new person.

75. One Goddess Braid

Feel like a goddess with this amazing hairstyle.

76. Colorful Goddess Braided Designs

Find an expert stylist who can make your goddess braids perfect.

77. Red Colored Hair

No matter what type of braids you want, there’s always a hair stylist out there who can give you that style.

78. Roman Goddess Braided Crown Updo

A breath-taking and gorgeous hairstyle fit for any formal occasion!

79. Smooth And Sexy Goddess Braid

This style works very well with women who have long hair.

80. Stunning Eccentric Braids

Red colored braids look stunning!

81. Twist Faux Braid Greek Goddess

Need a hairstyle that can match to your costume?

82.Wedding Hairs

Goddess braids can also be worn on weddings.

History of Goddess Braids

In North Africa, braids symbolize the person’s status in the community. By looking at their braids, you can easily recognize whether they are single or married, rich or poor, as well as where they live. Braids are a form of social art in African society. While braiding, you can also socialize with other people. There are various styles which have been passed down from generation to generation.

In the Greek culture, braids were first seen on the daughter of Roman Emperor Titus. The styles being used consist of rope braids, curls, and updos. Hairstyles are likewise used in recognizing an individual’s status in society. If a woman wore an intricate hairstyle then it is believed that she came from a higher class. This is because this style takes more time to finish. Some ancient braided styles can still be seen today.

Goddesses are usually associated with power, however, they are also known as the symbols of gentle femininity. You can wear a goddess look by creating braids, curls, and loose waves.  It can be created on long hair or you can twist it to form an updo.

Goddess braids on natural hair can be done in a lot of ways.  There are a variety of styles that you can rock for workouts, formal or casual events.  This protective styling can also be worn daily.  Check out these crowning hairstyles for an amazing goddess look. This style is also suitable for kids.

How to Do Goddess Braids Tutorial

Goddess braids are ideal for any special occasions or events.  This hairstyle typically comprises large cornrows.  It can be twisted up to form a bun.  Sometimes smaller cornrows are created as an adornment.  This is an elegant hairstyle however it may not be appropriate for kids since these cornrows are quite heavy.  If you want to know how to do it then follow these steps:

  1. Step One: Before making the braids, you need to wash your hair thoroughly using a good shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Step Two: You need to condition and detangle your hair. Always use a wide-tooth comb in detangling in order to avoid damaging your hair.
  3. Step Three: If you want to use extensions then you have to prepare them. In order to create goddess braid hairstyles, you must know how to make cornrows as well as how to add extensions.
  4. Step Four: Choose the style that you want and try to visualize it. Divide the hair depending on the number of braids that you desire. Start cornrowing.
Goddess braids can bring you a lot of benefits.  It can retain the moisture of your hair and lets your hair relax.  It can save you a lot of time especially if you are always on the go.  It is also very versatile since you can have a lot of options.  You can turn it into an updo, a Bun or a crown. While your hair is relaxing, why not take some time to relax as well.  You can go to the beach and spend quality time with your family. Or you can enjoy a relaxing day at a nail salon while having pointy nail designs.

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