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A Daily Reading Review System for Reading Comprehension

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One of the most effective ways to improve reading comprehension for all students is to include a quality daily reading review system into your routine. When you expose students to quality reading passages, accompanied by well-written text-dependent questions, magical things can happen. This is why I have spent the last few years developing this daily spiral review reading program.

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Check out the DIGITAL version of my Reading Spiral Review!

What’s Included?

  • You’ll get 36 weeks of Daily Reading Review Sheets
  • 36 weeks of Weekly Reading Quizzes
  • Plus, 36 weeks of Constructed Response Practice
  • 4 text-dependent questions per day, Monday-Thursday (16 questions per week) (not too overwhelming)
  • All passages were written by a professional author!
  • Each week focuses on one standard while still reviewing other reading standards.
  • Questions are Editable in Microsoft Word & Google Docs (also comes in PDF)
  • ANSWER KEYS included!
  • 2 Formats Available: “Condensed” format to save paper & a “More Space” format to give students more space to show their work.
  • Pacing Guide for the entire year
  • 3 editable graphs for tracking student progress (use with weekly quizzes)

More About this Reading Spiral Review

  • Students focus on one passage per week. This gives students the opportunity to read and reread the passage multiple times, increasing fluency and comprehension.
  • There is one main focus skill per week while still reviewing other critical reading comprehension standards. Teachers can consistently see where students are still struggling.
  • Each day includes a handful of text-dependent questions. This improves a student’s ability to respond to questions and cite evidence from a text, without becoming overwhelming.
  • This resource can easily be used as daily reading homework, daily morning work, or an in-class daily reading review activity.

Check out the DIGITAL version of my Reading Spiral Review!

The Benefits of Daily Spiral Review

  1. Students master and retain grade-level standards in less than 10-15 minutes per day.
  2. More importantly, student confidence in reading increases.
  3. In addition, students don’t forget what they’ve learned.
  4. Finally, teachers can quickly identify and target students who need reteaching on a day to day basis.

Why Teacher Love this Daily Reading Review System…

  • A daily dose of review helps build, strengthen, and review reading comprehension skills all year.
  • Students focus on one passage per week, digging deeper each day! Ideal for Close Reading.
  • All passages are on grade level.
  • Questions are text-dependent and slowly increase in rigor as the week progresses.
  • The daily assignments are meaningful and NOT overwhelming.
  • The progress monitoring section holds students accountable for their own learning.
  • Parents appreciate the consistency of the homework (if using as homework).
  • Teachers can easily see where students are still struggling on a regular basis
  • It’s Editable – change questions or wording to differentiate and fit your students’ needs.
  • Teachers find students need almost NO test-prep before standardized testing when using this resource all year.
  • Homework completion rates increase! (if using as homework)
  • It gets results! Teachers spend less time reteaching standards and preparing for standardized tests.

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What Teachers Are Saying…


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