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All The Wonderful Christmas Tree Ideas You Need For A Wonderful Holiday

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Christmas is here! Well…almost here…there’s still time to decorate the tree and to find some cool gifts for the loved ones. We’re really excited about all of that but especially about the Christmas tree. It’s not just the ornaments that make the tree a center of attention. In fact, the symbolism is the most important element. The whole act of decorating the Christmas tree is exciting. It’s not just about making the tree look beautiful and arranging the ornaments in a particular manner but also about having fun while doing it. It should be an activity shared with friends and family.

There are tons of great Christmas decorating ideas we’d like to share with you before it’s too late and we’ll start by suggesting an approach that focuses on simple and modest ornaments, like monochromatic decorations and pinecones. Actually, what we love most about this tree featured on lovegrowswild is the large woven basket which holds it.

The Christmas tree featured on inspiredbycharm is quite the opposite. It has ornaments in rainbow colors, arranged in a beautiful gradient starting with gold at the top and finishing with red and pink at the bottom which are also the colors of the circular area rug which frames the tree.

Rustic Christmas trees tend to be the most charming. You can, of course, customize them to suit your own style. You could do that with a chic garland or some awesome decorations like these Marquee light-up monograms that we found on craftaholicsanonymous.

The thing that I find most annoying about the whole Christmas tree decorating event is finding a suitable support so the tree can stand up straight and look good at the same time. We like the idea of putting the tree in a wooden box. Somehow it makes sense, especially if you want to decorate the tree in a more traditional or classical manner. {found on potterybarn}.

It’s often the lights that make a Christmas tree stand out. It’s really fun to turn off the lights at night and to let the Christmas tree be the center of attention. That, however, shouldn’t mean you can ignore all the other decorations. Try to find a balance so the tree can look awesome both during the day and the night. {found on cleanandscentsible}.

Garlands are pretty cool because somehow they make everything come together harmoniously. We like garlands that don’t overwhelm the tree and allow the branches and natural colors to show through, like this one from thetomkatstudio.

Here’s an idea, make the trunk of the Christmas tree look like a stylish pedestal by concealing it under a fabric cover. It can be something custom-made in advance or just something you throw on it without much planning. Check out an application of this idea and many other ones on attagirlsays.

Find a way to integrate burlap in your Christmas tree decorating strategy. It looks wonderful, giving the tree rustic flair with a little bit of Nordic minimalism which can be emphasized in lots of other ways. For instance, maybe you could make some ornaments out of paper or pages from old books. {found on lovegrowswild}.

what’s your opinion on white Christmas trees? They’re pretty unusual and decorating them can be quite tricky. The classical ornaments that usually look good on evergreen trees could stand out a bit too much on a white tree. Check out this stylish tree from ellaclaireinspired if you need some inspiration with this.

If you want to go all out this Christmas, make the tree really stand out, like this one featured on randigarrettdesign. It doesn’t look overdecorated when the lights are off but look at it here…doesn’t it look magical? It’s like thousands of fireflies are gathered on its branches.

Look for inspiration in other features and decorations that you’ve chosen for your home. For instance, a dominantly white interior decor can be a nice venue for a white Christmas tree which you can decorate with golden lights and fresh green accents. We got this idea from kelleynan.

Instead of overwhelming the Christmas tree with a bunch of different colors, you could only pick two or three and stick with them. For example, white can be a cute color which you can use in combination with gold or a bit of blue. {found on justagirlblog}.

On the other hand, you can choose the classic red and green combo to make a Christmas tree look wonderful. You could decorate a natural green tree with red ornaments and garlands and play with different shades of this color to make it look charming and eye-catching. This idea was inspired by thriftydecorchick}.

If you’d rather focus on the lights and make your Christmas tree look magical at night, that should be fairly easy to achieve. You need string lights…enough to go around the whole tree. The star at the top can light up as well. We like the simplicity of the Christmas lights featured on makinglemonadeblog. They’re not multicolored and that increases their elegance.

Let it snow…or actually let the fake snow cover your Christmas tree. It will look lovely, especially if there’s no real snow outside yet. You can spray the leaves and even the ornaments to cover them all in snow. Even more, you could put a fluffy white blanket at the base of the tree and wrap to make it look like it sits on a pile of snow. {found on cherishedbliss}.

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be tall and to reach the ceiling to look beautiful. In fact, the small ones are really cute. Check out this one from lynzyandco. Doesn’t it look adorable in that wooden crate? It’s short and fluffy and it fills the room just right.

The Christmas tree showed on placeofmytaste is really refreshing. We like the combination of colors. The red, white and blue theme suits the tree well and doesn’t overwhelm it. This is such a great fit thanks to the simple and neutral decor that surrounds the tree.

Draw attention to the tree with oversized ornaments. At the same time, you could choose something less traditional, like these large snowflakes showcased on theyellowcapecod. They look really cute and they fill the tree in a very satisfying way.

Themed Christmas trees can be a lot of fun. An idea can be to plan something music-themed. You could put musical lights in the tree and a bunch of ornaments like tiny drums, drum sticks and banners. For more inspiring ideas related to this theme, check out karaspartyideas.

You’d think that decorating a green Christmas tree with green ornaments wouldn’t turn out so great but this awesome one featured on designdazzle tends to disagree. We actually like the idea. Green on green is not so bad after all. In fact, it looks pretty fresh.

Planning a rustic Christmas can be very exciting. As far as the Christmas tree is concerned, you can use things like wood slices, tree branches and burlap banners and ribbon bows as decorations. Such a tree would look wonderful in a mountain cabin. {found on fynesdesigns}.

Decorating a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be messy and chaotic. It’s actually easy and neat if you follow a few simple steps. First, put the lights, then the ribbon, then more ribbon (of a different kind), then the largest ornaments (in this case the snowflakes) and after that the large bulbs followed by the small bulbs. Finally, put the star at the top. Check out remodelaholic for more great tips.

Stars are not great only as Christmas tree toppers but also as regular ornaments and you can make some great-looking ones using online templates. The foldable 3d star ornaments featured on this tree from cuckoo4design seem fairly easily to make and the golden color suits them particularly well.

Those lovely golden star ornaments we just mentioned also look awesome on a white tree. The contrast is very different but the visual effect is similarly elegant and stylish. This tree has a funky-looking topper, sort of like a star on steroids. Maybe you’d like to try a similar approach. {found on cuckoo4design}.

In the mood for something classical this year? Perhaps you’d like to try a black and white combo. In the case of the Christmas tree this could translate into some striped ribbon garlands combined with classical globe ornaments in neutral colors, much like what you see on justdestinymag.

Can’t wait till Christmas Eve to decorate the tree? You might as well make something fun come out of this anxiousness. How about an Advent calendar tree? It can be a pretty cool combination and a perfect opportunity to put up the tree earlier. Prepare suitable ornaments such as foam letters and numbers. Find more inspiration on tatertotsandjello.

Christmas trees with themed decorations are a lot of fun to plan. Coming up with a theme shouldn’t be too difficult. It doesn’t have to be anything too specific. Think of something you love or simply pick a style. For instance, you can find inspiration in nature and decorate the tree with pine cones, branches, leaf garlands and other such things. This tree featured on sugarbeecrafts even has some tiny bird house ornaments on it.

Color itself can be a source of inspiration. We actually mentioned rainbow Christmas trees once before. This is another example showing how Christmas bulbs and ornaments in general can be arranged in a gradient. Start with gold at the top, continue with orange, green and blue and finish with red and pink. {found on inspiredbycharm}.

A coastal-themed Christmas tree could look interesting. You could decorate it with starfish, seashells and other similar things. Maybe you could find some driftwood pieces as well. Keep the colors simple and neutral. You could use white, gold, light tones of blue. {found on sandandsisal}.

Using bold and cheerful colors can be a theme in itself. Check out this funky-looking tree that we found on bowerpowerblog. All its decorations are vibrant and they really pop in contrast with the dark green of the tree itself. We also like those oversized bulbs. They really stand out.

Yellow isn’t usually a very common color when it comes to Christmas trees and ornaments in general. We find it to be a really great option especially if the goal is to give the tree a natural look. A bunch of yellow ornaments on green branches almost look like flowers. {found on countryliving}.

Decorate your Christmas tree according to things like the interior design style, the architecture of the space, the location, views and general surroundings. You could be planning to spend Christmas in a cozy cabin by a lake or in a city apartment. These two are two very different options so, naturally, the decor and implicitly the style in which the Christmas tree is decorated vary accordingly. {found on countryliving}.

The placement of the Christmas tree in a room can impact the overall decor and the ambiance in that space. We like the idea of placing the tree close to a window so it can be flooded with natural light during the day and so its colorful LED lights can be seen from outside at night. This tree featured on countryliving is placed just right.

The classical and traditional Christmas tree ornaments can become quite boring at one point and when that happens you can look for alternatives. An interesting option is to decorate the tree with floral ornaments. It could look like the one we found on classyclutter.

This charming Christmas tree from refreshrestyle is also decorated with colorful flowers, among other things. These aqua-colored flowers brighten up the tree in a really chic way. They look great in combination with all the silver-colored bulbs, the white and turquoise snowflakes and the golden details.

If you’re truly dedicated to this idea, you can decorate the Christmas tree exclusively with flowers. It could look like this gorgeous floral tree from designlovefest. It looks gorgeous, sort of like a topiary ornament or an unusually large and oddly-shaped wreath.

If you have ornaments of several different colors, enough to organize them into evenly-sized piles, you can then create a gradient Christmas tree. The star at the top can be white or bolden and you can then continue with layers of ornaments in different colors. It could be interesting to use different types of ornaments for each color. {found on linesacross}.

Match your Christmas tree to other festive elements featured in the same room. For example, check out this harmonious and cohesive room decor featured on diyshowoff. The tree, the mantel garland and the wall ornaments are all in sync.

It’s important to create some sort of contrast between all the ornaments you put up in the tree but at the same time to make sure there’s cohesion between all these elements. You can mix and match different patterns and colors. A good example is the Christmas tree from craftberrybush.

The perfect Christmas tree differs for every person and you need to find the combination that makes you most happy. Fill the tree with things you love most. It’s ok if you chose to pair flowers with snowflakes, wood slices and fabric garlands. The important thing is the big picture. It should define you an it should suit your style. {found on apumpkinandaprincess}.

If you have the time and the patience for it, fill your Christmas tree with DIY crafts. You could make all of these things yourself but you could also buy some handmade items. When you have a nice collection, display them all in the tree. There’s a pretty cool example on liagriffith which you can use as inspiration.

A Christmas tree inspired by nature can be quite refreshing. To achieve this, you could use things like pine cones, flowers, leaves and even succulents as ornaments for the tree. Mix in some cute bulbs too but make sure they’re painted in natural colors that go well with everything else. {found on diyshowoff}.

If you’d like to keep the decor neat and simple, you can look for inspiration on countryliving. There’s a really elegant Christmas tree here which makes the most of the classical and small ornaments displayed in it. There are no garlands, no string lights and all the ornaments are consistent, featuring pretty much the same dimensions.

Big trees, as beautiful as they may be, usually belong in large and open spaces so if you have a small living room and you’d like to keep cozy but still give it a festive look, perhaps you could display a cute little Christmas tree by the sofa. The inspiration comes from countryliving.

Like we mentioned before, coming up with special themed for the Christmas tree can be a lot of fun. On lilblueboo we found a really cool tree with vintage camping themed ornaments. They’re all really creative and the whole composing comes together wonderfully.

The winter woodland theme feature on gigglesgalore is extremely cute and inspiring as well. We love the own ornaments and the burlap ribbons, the wooden decorations and all the puffy pom-poms. They really give this tree a lot of character.

Most of the time the focus when decorating the Christmas tree is on placing all the ornaments as even as possible and making sure the colors don’t clash. This symmetry is visually comforting. Check out countryliving for some examples in this sense.

It’s pretty easy to get carried away when decorating a Christmas tree, especially with the string lights. As it turns out, you can’t really have too many if what you really want is a tree that stands out, like a star on the night’s sky.

All the ideas we mentioned so far will hopefully inspire you and give you a clear idea of how you’d like your Christmas tree to look like this year. Keep in mind that everything can be personalized so try to find ways to make this project your own.

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