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Awesome Back to School Style Ideas: DIY Edition

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One of the best parts of living a do-it-yourself life is the amount of money you can save. That is why I am so passionate about it. The back to school season is no exception but sometimes you need a little inspiration. To help you out, here are some awesome back to school style ideas you can make yourself!


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Easy DIY Pocket Animal Shirts With Adorable Sloths (Hello Creative Family)

How adorable are sloths? Seriously, something with long sharp claws has no business being so cute. If you don’t believe me, just check out these DIY shirts. They are a simple way to add some style to inexpensive t-shirts!


How to Make a Knock-off DIY Wood Backpack With Faux Leather (Thrift Diving)

While this backpack won’t carry books and homework, it is a fantastic option for girls who love carrying a purse around school. You may love it so much you decide to make one for yourself, too!


DIY Faux Druzy Necklace (Inside the Fox Den)

Does your daughter love rocking jewelry as much as mine? Unfortunately, kids can be super rough on their possessions. This DIY lets you create a gorgeous accessory for your kid on a budget (which makes it slightly easier to remain calm when it inevitably gets broken or lost).


Crayon Lip Gloss (Gluesticks Blog)

Don’t forget to keep those lips hydrated! This 2 ingredient crayon lip gloss is the perfect DIY way to do it.


DIY School Shoe Ideas (Jennifer Perkins)

If you are looking for DIY shoe ideas for the whole family, Jennifer has you covered with these super simple projects. My favorite are these glittery pencil ones but she has so many more ideas for you waiting on the post!


SportFlex Iron-on for Shirts that Stretch (Country Chic Cottage)

This idea is perfect for the little man in your life. Let him head back to school in style with this fun design. Even better, the SportFlex stretches so it fits his active lifestyle.


Simple DIY Pom + Tassels Bag Charm (Made in a Day)

Okay, she put this charm on a purse but it would also make an awesome backpack charm! Bonus: it is super easy to make and you can customize the colors to fit your kid’s preference!


DIY 5 Minute Personalized School Backpack Tag (Dazzle While Frazzled)

The pom and tassels might be a bit feminine for your son. Instead, add this super easy backpack tag to his school gear. It adds just the right amount of style and personalization to a plain school bag.


Colorful DIY Stars Shoes with Beaded Laces (DIY Adulation)

Turn a plain white pair of shoes into amazing colorful fun with this super easy tutorial. Customize the colors to fit your kid’s style for a truly unique style accessory.


These DIY ideas are a fantastic way to save money on back to school. These awesome back to school style ideas let your kids express their style while you save money. What other ways do you save money during the back to school chaos? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments.

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