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Baby Sock Snowman Ornament Tutorial

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Years ago, when my daughter was about four, she and I made baby sock snowman ornaments for fun one Christmas. It’s always a treat to pull them out of the ornament box and reminisce for a bit of younger years and the fun we had together making them. This year, Isaac was fascinated by the snowmen, so I decided to make a few with him and Josh. They’re cute, easy, inexpensive, and each little snowman has it’s own personality ( just like my silly kiddos).

I’ll add a little disclaimer here to say that the kids can help make these, but please, whatever you do, don’t let them help with the glue gun part if they’re little. Okay?

Supplies to create your own snowman ornaments:

Cotton stuffing (Poly-Fil)
White baby socks (12 month is the perfect size, but you can use smaller or larger if you’d like) Sparkly Festive ribbon
Wiggle eyes

Stuff cotton into the socks
Wrap a rubberband around the middle and around the top where the cuff of the sock starts.
Fold down the cuff to make the hat. Add a dot of hot glue where his “ears” would be to hold it down.

Tie a ribbon around his neck, and hot glue a ribbon loop at the top of his hat

Hot glue the google eyes, and a pom-pom on top

You’re finished!

I let the kids help with stuffing the cotton, putting on the rubber band, holding the ribbon while I cut, and picking out their google eyes and pom-poms. If they were older they could’ve done everything except the hot glue.You could add a little variety to these little guys and make them girls with girly ribbon, or find socks with decorated cuffs. For another variation, use buttons for eyes.

Most important, be creative, enjoy, and make memories with your children.

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