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Battle Of The Celebrity Skin Care Lines

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The older I get, the more I obsess over my skin and how it is changing.  And by change, it’s not in a good way.  It’s getting duller by the day, pores are getting bigger, fine lines are becoming deep lines, and smoothness has been replaced by rough.  It’s not pretty.  My bathroom counter top is covered in skin creams and treatments, however none seem to truly make a significant difference.  So in my search for the perfect skin care line, I’ve been reading up on three celebrity designed and endorsed lines that have peaked my interest.

{Salma Hayek Pinault, age 45, via}

Salma Hayek’s skin care line, Nuance, which was inspired by her grandmother, is designed to help every woman enhance the nuance’s that define her individual beauty.

*The skincare part of this line has moisturizers, serums and treatments, plus cleansers available.*

In addition to skin care, Nuance also offers cosmetics, body care, and hair care products.  After reading Salma’s article in Lucky Magazine’s May issue, I was very intrigued by some things she brought up about her line and personal skin care experience. No, she’s never done Botox (really?? in Hollywood?!), and she spent her childhood “swimming” in face creams and potions alongside her grandmother who created them for family members.  She apparently was 96 years old with NO wrinkles.  I need to drive to CVS where this line is sold right now and maybe start applying my face creams 4-5 times a day as opposed to twice!!

{Cindy Crawford, age 46, via}

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford is tauted as a complete European anti-aging system.  When I first read about this, I didn’t quite understand what Europeans had to do with anything. But then I read more into her story of creating this line, and her personal secret to defying the aging process has been anti-aging specialist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh.  And he is French- so there you go:)

*This line is purchased as a complete system comprised of 5 products, as opposed to separate products you buy.*

I actually like this idea because I usually get confused as to how many products or what types to use at once.  Cindy has been using his youth enhancing treatments for over 15 years, so she’s the perfect spokesperson, because you don’t get much more radiant than this ultimate supermodel.

{Christie Brinkley, age 58, via}

Christie Brinkley Skincare  is an easy line to remember because it’s just her name + skincare.  Simple brand recognition huh?  Her line of only two products is derived from all natural, vegan, and paraben free ingredients, obviously no animal testing, and all of the packing is environmentally conscious.

*There is a daytime treatment and a night time one, pretty cut and dry. *

She’s using her many years in the beauty industry of working with dermatologists, makeup artists, and nutritionists to help her design the perfect line to deliver skin care products that work.  Another amazing celeb endorsement by a woman who seems to have found the fountain of youth and is using it to her advantage.

Disclaimer!! I have yet to personally use any of these products, so I have no opinions on any of them at the moment.  But I do have a CVS nearby, and I’m really tempted to go buy one of Salma’s products to see for myself.  I will just have to make some room on my bathroom counter for yet another anti-aging product…

How important is a celebrity endorsed skin care product to you and does it sway you one way or the other to try it?  Have you used any of these three ladies products before?  If so, what was your experience like?

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