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chickpea couscous salad with mustard-tahini dressing

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I think I jinxed myself in my last post. I was so excited to have a full day off from farming that it has been a rude awaking getting back into the grind. As I write this post I am stripped down to my bra and undies, the keyboard is a gross shade of brown from my dirty hands, my mini fan is blasting in my face, and Taylor has just handed me a pint of our favorite beer (Solera’s IPA). Taylor seems to think that it’s better to never take a day off so that you don’t get used to how nice that feels. I’m beginning to think he is right.

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Henry is having a hard time getting back into the grind as well. He is spending all of his time laying around in the shade. Rough life…..

Anyhow, I feel like the rest of you all might be feeling the same way. Getting back into the grind of school starting and slowly saying goodbye to the long hot days of summer can be tough. I think we can all agree that the best way to deal with getting back into the groove of a routine is to fuel ourselves with healthy and tasty food.

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A glass of wine or a pint of your favorite beer is also a nice way to ease into a new routine.

I hope you all are enjoying the last little bit of summer. Taylor and I are getting pretty excited to harvest some of our fall crops. I have been dreaming up all sorts of awesome recipes and I cannot wait to share them with you all. But in the meantime, I am still dreaming up delicious summertime fare. Grab a fork and dig into this awesome and healthy summer salad. The mustard-tahini dressing is pretty darn delicious. Cheers.

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