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Christmas Garland for Magical Archways

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This year I wanted to decorate the archways in our house. I envisioned it draping with real Christmas garland of every different variation of pine… but back down to reality to find something affordable, ha. After combing the internet for all the different pine garlands I used 9′ Rochester Garland from Walmart and embellished it with Soft Garland & Sylvania PURE WHITE (not warm white) mini lights.

For the look I have- I wrapped the Rochester Pine with soft garland and then white lights. I used a whole strand of lights per 9′ garland and it is actually pretty bright! For a more serene feel at night, you could totally use half as many lights!

Tips to Hang The Christmas Garland

After fumbling, with so many Command hooks and other nails that didn’t work (and introducing my kids to a new swear word…ooops!) I threw in the towel with the Command hooks and got 1 1/4″ cup hooks. I figured the tiny paint touch-up would be worth the ease of it, plus I already would have paint touch-ups from another staple type nail I tried that didn’t work! The cup hooks were SO much easier and more sturdy! I no longer felt like I had to hold my breath when I was attaching the garland to the hooks, applause to that!

I put 5 hooks on the top of the first arch I did, but for the other arches I only used 3 cup hooks for the top of the arch and it was totally sufficient.

For Each Archway the Materials I used was:

  • 2 9′ garlands for the small arches and 3 (with some cut off with wire cutters) for the large arch.
  • 2 strings of lights for the small arches and 3 for the big one (but could have used half as many).
  • 2 of the 50′ soft garland to wrap around all the Rochester garland.

The Total Cost for All 3 Archways:

  • 7 of the 9′ Rochester garland at $6.88ea = $48.16
  • 7 strands of the Pure white lights at $7.99ea = $55.93
  • 2 spindles of the 50′ soft garland at $7.88ea = $15.76
  • Total $119.85 and since its faux we will be able to pull it all out again next year to use again!

And if you just have 1 archway it will be 1/3 the cost of that!

If I have extra time I will get some various real pine clippings and attach those throughout to embellish a bit more, but even if not seeing these arches always when I walk in always makes my day!

2020 Update: Year 2 and they were up in a flash!! Check out the whole process from start to finish in 3 minutes here:

Check out all the magic in these pics:

“Does it bring you joy?” -Marie Kondo

Twinkle twinkle little garland

I love them in the night and in the day…

I love them from the living room, kitchen & entryway…

It gives me warm fuzzies every day!

Dream a sweet Christmas dream tonight..

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