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Circle Tree and Area & Perimeter Robots!

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 We have been working on our geometry unit in math the past couple weeks, which has been a nice change for my kiddos after all the division! 
One of our lessons was on circles, which we used to create this fabulous circle tree for our door!

The kids drew circles with a compass on green construction paper and then cut them out. Then they drew and labeled the center, a radius, a diameter, and a chord. They also measured the radius and figured out how they could find the length of the diameter without measuring.
After the lesson I had them back their circles on lime green construction paper, which I used to make our tree!

Then, later this week, we made the area and perimeter robots from Ashleigh’s (Ashleigh’s Education Journey) Fun with Perimeter and Area Packet! The kids had SO much fun on their mission to make a robot!!
 Still missing a couple in this photo

“Time to dig samples!”
We have our geometry test next week and then we will be moving on to fractions!
And Hershey bars!
I will be posting about that as soon as we do it! 🙂

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