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EASY 2-ingredient Creamy Keto Tomato Soup (with a kick!)

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This is simultaneously the easiest recipe we’ve ever done, but also hands-down one of the tastiest. It’s the ultimate confluence of convenience, taste and low carb, keto goodness. This is our super easy, 2-ingredient creamy keto tomato soup recipe!

Hail Heavy Cream

Since we use a generous portion of heavy cream in this recipe, it is vitally important to choose the lowest carb-heavy whipping cream you can find.

We’ve found nothing lower than Kalona Supernatural’s Heavy Whipping Cream. It’s the only widely-available heavy cream we have come across that uses absolutely zero fillers.

Seriously. No gellan gum or carrageenan in sight– just plain old cream. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s organic and small farm pasture-raised to boot.

Another brand of heavy cream we like to use is Organic Valley, since the cream is from organic, pasture-raised, small farms. That means there’s a lower percentage of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid content, lowering risk of inflammation in the body.

Arrabiatta Pasta Sauce

But, why arrabiatta? For one, we love the spice. It adds a nice kick to an otherwise very cream-heavy taste. More importantly? It’s generally the lowest carb variety of pasta sauce you can find. Next time you’re at the grocery store, look at the normal pasta sauces and find the arrabiatta version of the same brand. You’ll usually find that the arrabiatta version has fewer carbs.

And why is that? Generally, the arrabiatta version forgoes onions and carrots and also contains a little bit more olive oil. That means less of the tomato and less of the sugar released from cooking down the onions and carrots.

Our favorite is Due Cellucci Arrabiatta (Spicy) Sauce. It’s only 1g net carb per serving or 6g net carb per jar! It tastes amazing. And, if you’re highly spice-averse, remember that we are adding a boatload of heavy cream, so the spice is drastically tempered. In fact, we sometimes like to add red pepper flakes to our finished keto tomato soup.

Easy Peasy Recipe

If we are using the whole jar of sauce we add in 1 cup of heavy cream but it’s super easy to do this recipe to taste. If you like yours less tomatoey more creamy add more cream same goes for it you’d like it less spicy. To make one serving I usually go 1 cup of the sauce + 1/4 cup of heavy cream. 

Simply combine two ingredients over low to medium heat until hot, stirring and serve. You can also microwave it for 1-2 minutes (or to your hotness preference).

Done. It’s seriously that easy. The hardest part of this recipe may be twisting the lid off the can of sauce. 

All the spices and flavor are already in the sauce (which are the same spices you use when trying to make a homemade version) so why not just make it easier on yourself 😀

So, in the interest of making things slightly more interesting, below are a few power-ups you can do to mix things up.

  • I like to add a slice of sharp cheddar to give it a little extra (melt it in when your warming the soup up)
  • And some meatballs. We like the Coleman Organic Chicken meatballs from Costco. Choose low carb meatballs and those without fillers, if possible.
  • For some added aroma, throw in some fresh basil if you have any. You can also toss in a couple dashes of Italian Seasoning if you have that as well. Simply Organic sells a great one on Amazon that’s only a few bucks and makes a great order add-on.
  • Looking for a little bit of tang? You can stir in some low carb sour cream.
    • Hint: That usually means it’s the full-fat variety.
  • Craving more spice? We like to sprinkle in some red pepper flakes during the cooking process to infuse some serious heat.
  • Top with your favorite cheddar crips for a perfect grilled cheese kinda feel 😉
  • Or make your favorite keto grilled cheese using low carb bread.

We hope you like our creamy keto tomato soup recipe! We like to think of this as the low carb tomato soup that your non-keto friends will absolutely appreciate and love.

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