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Easy Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Kids & Teens | Easy & Simple Homemade Pizza Pinwheels

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What kid wouldn’t want pizza in their lunch? These lunch box pizza pinwheels make the best school lunch for kids and teens. Tasty little homemade pizza pin wheels that are yummy and delicious. A simple step by step recipe or video tutorial so you can make the best handmade pizza pinwheels. Win the parent of the year award when the kids open their bento box and have pizza – all their friends are going to want one! Learn how to make pizza pinwheels for an easy and healthy lunch idea for kids and teens!🍕 Let’s get started and learn how to make pizza rolls from scratch!🍕

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Easy Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Kids & Teens | Easy & Simple Homemade Pizza Pinwheels

Add 1 1/2 Cups of self raising flour to a bowl

To the flour add 30 grams or 1/4 cup of butter

And work in the butter to the flour with your hands

Make a well in center of flour and butter mixture

Pour 1/2 Cup of milk into well

Mix together

Take out and start kneading dough with your hands

Roll out the dough

Cut edges off

Gather your toppings (this is going to be a Hawaiian pizza pinwheel) –
ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce
other options are: pepperoni, vegetarian, sausage, cheese, chicken, spinach

Even spread on pizza sauce

Sprinkle on some ham

Then add pineapple

Top off with mozzarella cheese

Start rolling the pizza up

Cut into pieces

Place on baking sheet with parchment paper – bake in over for 10 to 15 minutes

You can add a little more cheese before baking if you would like

Here they are once they are out of the oven

Place your pizza pin wheels in a bento box

Add as many as you think your child or teenager can eat

Add some fruit (grapes would great)

For a special treat you can place some cookies in the bento box

Top off with a box of milk or juice

Close the box up and you have a healthy, easy and simple pizza wraps
Great Healthy School Lunch Idea For Kids & Teens

Guest Post Gillian Bower

Raise your hand if you are ready to make homemade pizza pinwheels and pack the best school lunch for your kids!🤚 These are great cold or warmed up – I know at school they will be served cold. If you make these for an appetizer for a party you can serve them hot / warm. You can add any toppings to your DIY pizza wraps and the homemade dough is so simple and easy to make. Great recipe for pizza pinwheels to make ahead and you can even freeze and pull out when needed. They also serve as a great grab and go snack or dinner. You and the children are going to love this pizza rolls recipe. You can make them mini pizza rolls too. These truly make for easy school lunches – these homemade baked pizza rolls are loved by even picky eaters. This food recipe video tutorial was made by Gillian Bower on Youtube. Stop by her channel and show her some love. She has a ton of Youtube video tutorials great for kids, teenagers, tweens and family friendly. If you need more homemade DIY healthy school lunch ideas you can check out Pinterest. I hope you enjoyed this step by step instructions / recipe for these easy healthy pizza pinwheels that are great for school lunches. Until next time have a great day!