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Evening Routine for a Productive Tomorrow

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Hello loves!

I hope you’re all doing well and are enjoying the Spring!

Along with the traditional spring cleaning, I’m also trying to clean up and simplify my life with some new habits.

If you’re a frequent Pinterest-goer, you’ll likely know how popular and useful morning routines can be for implementing new, healthy habits. But what about the evening?

Just like the morning, the evening holds some valuable time that can be used for ensuring that you make the most out of the day, and can be particularly useful to prepare for the next morning.

So today we’re going through an awesome evening routine especially for making sure you have a full and productive day when you wake up!


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Finish off for today

Before you start winding down and letting go of the day, make sure you’ve properly finished everything and set it all down for the evening. The best way to let go of the day is to reset everything back to zero before you go to bed and wake up. That way, tomorrow is a completely fresh start.

Personally, I like to start with my bag if I’ve had a day away from the house, at uni or on a small trip. By emptying your bag, you not only have a chance to reflect on the day and everything you’ve done, but you also have a chance to consider ahead for the future by making sure your bag is all set for when you next need it.

Next is the to-do list. Make sure you take a last look at your day’s to-do list, check off everything you’ve done and move undone tasks to another day (with no shame!). I also like to take a few minutes every evening to check my to-do lists for the rest of the week to re-familiarise myself with the work I’ve planned to complete and make sure I’m never caught off-guard. I also use this time as an opportunity to move things around according to how I’m currently feeling.

The last step to letting go of the day and starting to get out of the working headspace is to do a speed clean of your surroundings. Tidy your bedroom, put on the dishwasher, pop those clothes in the hamper. Whatever you need to do to make sure you wake up in the most clean and neutral environment possible tomorrow, ready to be influenced by the new day.

Prepare for tomorrow

The next part to focus on before starting to get ready for bed is to prepare yourself for tomorrow, making sure you have the potential to be as productive as possible.

I know this sounds like something you were probably taught to do at school, but setting out your clothes for the next day is a real time and energy saver. In the morning, it’s much more difficult to decide what to wear and to get inspired to wear something you feel awesome in. I know I always just default to lazy clothes in the morning. So take a couple of minutes to pick out an awesome outfit to pop on in the morning.

Now that you’ve checked off today’s to-do list, make sure you write out tomorrow’s. Personally, I always have a Google Doc with the next few days (at least) planned out, because I like to know exactly what I’m doing and where I can fit things in.

But whatever your method is, make sure you take some time before bed to think about what needs doing tomorrow, even if you can’t think of everything. And be sure to check your calendar too, to make sure your completely up-to-date on your plans.

Along with emptying your bag, now is also a great time to pack your bag if you’ve got plans to venture outside tomorrow. Whether this means packing your school books, your notebook, or your gym gear, you’re far less likely to forget something if you pack the night before.

YOU time

Yes, now we’ve finished all of the important adulting stuff, we can chill a bit and finally get ready for bed!

Of course, we have to do all the usual stuff like brushing our teeth, but there are some other habits that I know I find myself needing reminders for.

Some healthy habits that can be implemented during this useful time are things like drinking water, taking your medication/vitamins, brushing your hair (I’m not great at this one…). Another habit that can be a bit lengthy is completing a skincare routine. But by committing yourself to implementing this habit in the evening, you’ll find you have enough time that you don’t end up rushing it or skipping altogether.

Right before bed is also a great time for getting into some mindful habits and making sleep a little easier. Taking some time out before sleeping to meditate for 15 minutes, reading a book, and journalling, is a great way to adopt habits to help you relax, reset, and clear your mind before heading to sleep.


And here’s a handy checklist that you can use to get these new habits in check!

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