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Fall hair Color 20 Ideas To Copy

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If you are already thinking about trends for 2020 here are a a few that will carry well past 2019. I have put together some of the most unique hair colors of 2019 that will live on in 2020. These colors are great for all season but winter is around the corner making this a perfect time to try something new.


Keeping the roots dark , giving your hair that blonde highlights. When you add blonde color dark hair it creates a gorgeous look. This look is perfect for summer , falls/winter.


The Caramel is warm and really adds vibrancy to dull hair.

Source Image 1 and 2 @marilzakubotastudiowcampinas


This is color is perfect for woman with naturally red hair . For this hairstyle the hair starts off as a dark red and then gradually goes into a light coppery color. This is a fun color to add to red because its more vibrant and trend worthy.

4. Blonde Balayage

This soft look is perfect if you dont want to go platinum blonde. The Soft blonde Balayage ads dimension to the hair making it stand out and can also let it look thicker.

Image source 3 & 4 @aaashleee

5 . Burgundy Ombre hair trend

Thart dark at the root and and then blend into burgundy color.Love this color and its great for all length hair.

Image source @sylviahair


6. Pastel Purple Fall Hair Color

Pastel colors are really trendy this year and they should continue to do so well into 2019.

7. Rose Blonde Hair Color

This color is like the perfect dream and it looks great on all length hair.

Image source 5 & 6 @tina_doeshair

8. Icey Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is always a bold look, you will surely make a statement with this trendy hair color. Ice blonde has been around for a long time and it may take some small breaks but it always keep coming back.

Image source 

9. Dark Roots platinum blonde ends

Dark roots and icy end platinum blonde hair .This is a clever way to grow out your roots too.
Image source @behindthechair_com


This hair trend is pretty hot right now. Also the color is great for woman of all age so if those grays are coming in no worry we got you cover. This color is worth trying this falls/winter.
Image source @hairbymegaria

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