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FREE Back to School Gift Tag – Relieve the First Day Jitters

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Do you get the first day jitters? No matter how long I teach, they still happen! As my students enter the door of their new classroom each year, I see it on their faces, too. Will I like my teacher? Will she like me? Will I have any friends?

These cheery Goldfish Cracker bags with cute tags are great welcome back student gifts! They are quick, easy, and super cute! Have them ready-to-go on students’ desks as they enter their new classroom. And, they will help relieve those first day jitters.

A free gift tag for a super cute and easy back to school student welcome gift that your kids will love!

Your students will be excited to see that you are ready for them as they o’FISHally start a new school year! And, they will be excited that they have YOU as their teacher! The bright cheery welcome back to school gift will set a fun and organized tone for your first day back. Also perfect for Meet the Teacher Night!

Here’s what you’ll need for your back to school student gifts:

  • Enough bags of Goldfish Crackers for each of your students *
  • Extra Goldfish Crackers for snacking while you work!
  • Ribbon, twine, or other material for tying the tags to the bags*
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch

Quick and Simple Directions:

  1. First, I hole-punched each bag and each of the tags I had printed and cut out.
  2. Then I cut my ribbon into five-inch strips.
  3. After I had my ribbon the right length, I ran the ribbon strips through the bag and the tag.
  4. I tied them very simply in a “one crossover” as I wasn’t worried about them coming undone. I’m placing them on students’ desks right away so handling will be limited.


And they are super cute! I can’t wait for the kids to see their back to school gift as they find their desks and begin their math packet. They’ll be munching as they help relieve their first day jitters.

You can download the free gift tag by heading over to my blog, Sum Math Fun. It can be found in my post, Free and Easy Back-to-School Student Gift. CLICK HERE to get more details, how to’s, and the FREE tag for your quick and easy back to school gift for your students!

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*This article originally appeared on SumMathFun.com.

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