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FREE PRINTABLES: Elf on The Shelf Arrival Box & Vintage Christmas Postage Stickers

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A simple, but easy Elf on the Shelf arrival box idea that features a box and vintage Christmas postage stickers.

Elf on The Shelf Arrival Ideas Box

When I saw this cute idea for our Elf on the Shelf arrival in a postage covered box I knew it was how our elf needed to arrive. With just a simple box and stickers, your elf has a new arrival box that can be used year after year.

The stickers can also be used for special deliveries from the North Pole with your Elf. Maybe s/he’s bringing a new book, movie, or a small treat.

Elf Arrival Box & Return Idea

To make your box you’ll need:

The first thing you’ll want to do is print out your stickers. Follow the directions per the sticker paper and your printer. Once your stickers are printed you’ll want to cut them out.

When printing out the page with the label I printed mine at an 8×10 size. The other sheet was printed as a full sheet.

Add your family of child(s) name to the printed label and attach it to the top of the box. You may need to trim the sides down some so they don’t hang over the side of the box.

Cut out the various other Christmas labels, vintage Christmas postage, and Christmas stamps. Apply them to the sides of the box.

You’ll want to carefully take your X-acto knife and cut a circle on the lid of the box. I cut mine just a little bit bigger than the side of my elf’s head.

Place your Elf inside of the box and pull his head and arms through the hole in the box. Tie a ribbon around the box and set him out to arrive in style.

If you’re looking for fun antics for your elf to do or an Elf on the Shelf Calendar check out our 24 Days of Elf on The Shelf Antics!

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