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Counting Free Kindergarten Play Dough Preschool/Pre-K Printable Activities spring Under $5

Free Tree Play Dough Number Mats Counting 1 to 10

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You are going to love these adorable Free Tree Play Dough Number Mats Counting 1 to 10! I love using play dough number mats to practice counting skills.  Counting mats for preschoolers are incredibly versatile and are a great way to introduce the skill of counting or to reinforce counting skills with older children.  Your child will love practicing counting and decorating the tree with play dough apples, lemons, flowers, leaves, or whatever else their imagination can dream up!

We have loved using these mats to practice our number skills!

I love that number mats address so many skills, but it still feels like play for the kids. Such a fun learning activity!

What Skills Can I Practice With These Free Printable Number Mats?

 One of my favorite things about counting mats 1 – 10 is that they provide practice for so many skills. Here are just a few of the many skills you can practice with this number playdough mats free printable:

  • One to one correspondence
  • Numeral identification
  • Concept of addition
  • Using ten frames
  • Number recognition
  • Reading number words
  • Writing numbers 1-10 and number words
  • Fine motor skills

By practicing all of these skills in one counting activity, you are also helping build your child’s number sense which will come in handy when they learn more complex math skills like addition and subtraction!

Materials needed for the Free Play Dough Number Mats:

Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors144 Mini Teachers Apple Erasers

 Chica chica uno dos tres (Chicka Chicka 1 2 3) (Chicka Chicka Book, A) (Spanish Edition) Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3


How To Use These Free Printable Number Playdough Mats:

To prepare the number mats simply print and laminate.

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Alternatively, you can slide the play dough number mats into write and wipe page protectors, but they will not be as sturdy to allow multiple uses.

Practice reading the number, tracing the number, and building the number with your child.

Rolling out the play dough to form the numbers helps develop the fine-motor skills required for writing, in addition to teaching little ones number formation.

Have them trace the letters with their finger or a dry erase crayon. Then, have them fill in the ten-frame with play dough balls to represent the same number.

Instead of play dough, you could also use math counters, unpeeled stickers (like the foam stickers we used below), game pieces from Hi-Ho-Cherry O games, mini erasers, or small food toys.

We have also used these buttons!

 HAIOPS Mini Artificial Apple Fake Fruit Simulation Home Kitchen Party Decor 20PCS (Green and Red) Apple Erasers (bulk set of 24) School Supplies


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More Ways To Use These Free Playdough Number Mats:

  • Give your child a dry erase marker to use with the counting mats printable. They can practice tracing the numeral and word on the free printable counting mats.
  • Extend the activity for older learners and have them use two colors of play dough to create addition problems on the tree and in the ten-frame. 1 apple + 3 apples= 4 apples. This is a great example of how you can use the counting mats for kindergarten students.
  • Fill out two number mats and discuss greater than/less than. A visual model is wonderful for kids who don’t yet understand why one number is “greater” than another.
  • Introduce subtraction with these play dough mats. For example, if you are using apples for the manipulative on the math mat, present your child with a problem like “If there are five apples on the tree and two fall off, how many would be left on the tree?”
  • Use these play dough mats year round to talk about trees during different seasons. In the spring, you can put ‘flowers’ on the tree like we did. Or, you could turn them into to apple counting mats or pick another favorite fruit to use on these counting playdough mats.

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