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Freezer Pop Holders

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It’s getting nice and warm and that means it’s time for Popsicles!  I love Popsicles.  Like, love love them!  I could live off of them.  Since we live so far away from a store, the only ones that we will be able to enjoy is the freezer pops.  My kids always complain about it being cold on their hands, so I made them some holders to help keep their hands warm. 
This is the major reason why I made them, they always ask for a paper towel to wrap around it.  With 4 kids and them having 2 to 3 Popsicles a day, it really starts to add up and costing. 
This is how I made them:
I took some felt and cut a piece 4×6 inches. 
I folded it in half and sewed the three sides.  I didn’t even flip it inside out, I just let the stitch on the outside.  This could easily be done with a glue gun too. 
Insert a Popsicle and that’s it!  Super easy and quick, only took 5 minutes to make these 4. 
I wanted to make some more fun ones, so I made one to look like a sword.  I cut two little strips and then cut a hole in the middle of the 4×6 piece. 
Stuck the small pieces in the side and then sewed it altogether. 
Fun huh?  My boys loved it!
Of course with my Star Wars loving boys, I HAD to make ones that looked like light sabers.  I just made the holder out of black and then glued the other pieces onto it. 
And for my little girl, she needed something a little more girly.  So she got a wand.  I put the ric rac into the felt and sewed it into the holder. 
A fun way to enjoy Popsicles. 
I will be using these too, because I don’t like my hand to freeze either. 
I found some fun patterned felt and made some with it, love how they turned out!

My kids enjoying a yummy treat on a warm (and windy) day.   And you better believe I enjoyed a couple Popsicles while making these!!

These are perfect for frozen Gogurts too!

I would love it if you followed along.

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