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Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast: 20+ Lazy Ways

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This free gift card guide will let you in on the easiest ways to rack up free amazon gift cards fast.

>> Happy Birthday! Here’s $100 cash!

What are you gonna do next? Do you splurge it on shiny things? Or do you deposit the money into your savings account to build your emergency fund? With cash, there’s too much pressure to be responsible!

Let’s fix that (rewind):

>> Happy Birthday! Here’s a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

*Relaxing sigh* Since you can’t put a free gift card in the bank, I guess that means you have no choice but to spend it to your fancy… Oh well.

Except there’s only one problem…  It’s not your birthday! How do you get free Amazon gift cards when it’s not your birthday?

Don’t fret, my friend. 20+ solutions are awaiting you below, ready to fill your Amazon account with $100s worth of free gift cards and free money now. (Many won’t require you to even get up from the couch)


How to Easily Get A Free Amazon Gift Card (or cards) Fast

We’ve ordered this “How to Get Gift Cards” guide into 5 “Lists” categorized by activities you may like (or not mind) doing online.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards:

LIST #1 Thanks For Signing Up! Here’s Your Free Amazon Gift Card

The fastest way to redeem a free Amazon gift cards is to exploit welcome bonuses. Sign up for a free app, and they’ll pay $10 for using their service only one time. These tips will get you a $20+ Amazon gift card, today!

(IMPORTANT: These “free amazon gift card for signing up” Welcome Bonuses are only available via the links listed below. Use them so you don’t miss out on your free money now.)

1. Save On Groceries with Ibotta ($20 Gift Card Welcome Bonus)

Are you earning Cash Back every time you visit the grocery store? If not, then you’re missing out on a steady stream of free Amazon gift cards.

The Ibotta app makes earning free money fast and simple.

How does it work? After you arrive home from the grocery store, open the Ibotta app, snap a picture of your receipt and less than 5 seconds later you will have cash sitting in your Ibotta wallet, ready to be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards.

We have over $100 in our Ibotta wallet right now (and that’s not including the money we’ve already redeemed for free Starbucks and Amazon Gift Cards). *See Above*^^

Download your free Ibotta app here. Ibotta will pay you a bonus $20 gift card when you earn cash back on your first grocery-store item [see app for details].

Ibotta is full of money-saving opportunities. Check out our Ibotta explainer video for every way to earn easy money with Ibotta. 

2. Get Automatic Cash Back with Drop ($5 gift card welcome bonus)

Drop turns your debit and credit cards into free-Amazon-gift-card-earning machines.

Link your debit card or your best rewards credit card (or both) to the app, activate a Dosh offer (1.5% cash back at Walmart?), and you’re done: the app is set and ready to begin working automatically. Just swipe your card at the activated store, and you’re earning free Amazon gift cards.

Current Drop offers (06/05/20)

  • 1% Cash Back at Safeway
  • 1.5% Cash Back at Walmart
  • 1.5% Cash Back at Sam’s Club

Download Drop here, and get $5 after you link your card. ($5 welcome bonus is not always available)

Update 06/05/20: Drop is giving Budgeting Couple readers a FREE $5 gift card a soon as you link your first credit or debit card!  Just enter in the promo code ‘BudgetingCouple’ when signing up for the app with the button below!

3. Your Opinion in Exchange For Cash ($5 gift card welcome bonus)

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the coach only half interested in what’s on the TV? Instead of browsing Instagram, make some easy money taking paid online surveys.

PointClub turns your opinions into free Amazon gift cards. Every survey you complete earns you points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards.

Create your free PointClub account here—you’ll get $5 immediately, just for signing up.

Other survey sites with welcome bonuses: 

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4. Ebates: Automatic Money to Your Mailbox ($10 Gift Card Welcome Bonus)

Full disclosure: Ebates pays you in cash, not free Amazon gift cards. But since the free $10 welcome bonus *can* be redeemed for a free $10 Amazon gift card—and the fact that Ebates is probably the most lucrative cash-back service available—we couldn’t not put it on our list.

Ebates gives you cash back for shopping online. When you click ‘check out’ at an online retailer (like Amazon), free cash will be deposited into your Ebates wallet. Then, every 3 months, your money will be mailed to your door.

What’s more, Ebates works automatically—but only when you have the Ebates button!  Instead of having to go to Ebates.com to find cash-back deals, this free browser extension searches for cash back deals *while* you shop. Essentially, this button guarantees that you will never miss a cash-back opportunity. With this button, you have no choice but to earn free money when you shop online.

> Get your free $10 gift card when you sign up for Ebates here and start making easy money!

Other ways to earn free gift cards shopping online

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LIST #2 Take A Survey, Grab a Free Amazon Gift Card

Ever find yourself  lounging on the couch, re-watching the 3rd season of The Office  with pint of Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream…

Why not make you up to $500+/week in free amazon gift cards or PayPal deposits!  With online survey sites, you can spend as little as 5 minutes a day taking surveys then start collecting endless free Amazon gift cards!

01/2020 update: These survey sites were changed to reflect our top recommendations for 2020.

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1. Point Club – Surveys About Your Interests and Past Experiences

PointClub carefully selects surveys that fit your interest, demographics, and experiences. That means you’ll spend less time getting screened out of surveys and more time earning free Amazon gift cards! Oh yeah, and you’ll get $5 when you sign up.

> Sign up for PointClub (and snag your free $5 welcome bonus)!

2. SurveyClub – Research Panels in Your Area

Survey Club isn’t just a source of surveys that pay you free gift cards. They are also a hub to find local private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, in-home product usage tests, taste tests, and mystery shopping studies. Get your account, and see how to earn money in your area!  

As I’m writing this, SurveyClub has a “food study” opportunity that pays $115! To simply test food!! (yes please!)

> Create your free account (and start making money) with SurveyClub here!

3. Pinecone Research –Earn $3/Survey *Every Time*

With Pinecone research, you’ll evaluate products before they hit the shelf. That means you’ll get to test products before they hit the market! And earn a flat $3/survey Guaranteed!

> Make $3/survey with Pinecone research here!

4. Inbox Dollars –Surveys and More

This online rewards club has been featured on Good Morning America, U.S. News, and Yahoo Finance!

Take surveys, play online games, redeem coupons, shop online, and even searching the web… Your Inbox Dollar Account will be loaded up with cash, ready for you to redeem it in the form of a free Amazon gift card! What’s more, you’ll get a $5 gift card just for signing up!

> Grab $5 when you sign up for InboxDollars here!

5. MyPoints –Get $5 for Signing Up  

Of course you’ll get paid to take surveys. But since you’re already shopping, watching videos, and playing games online, why not get paid to do these things with MyPoints. Sign up, take 5 surveys grab your $5 sign up bonus, and start earning free Amazon gift cards.

> Sign up for MyPoints and here get a $5 free Amazon gift card!

6. iSay –Earn Cash and Win Prizes

Of course, as you take iSay surveys, you’ll earn free gift cards. But you also have the opportunity to enter into mega-sweepstakes. Right now, you can enter in to win a $5,000 dream vacation, and they’ll pick 3 winners! Create a free iSay account, and check out their sweet Rewards Center.

> Sign up for the iSay here!

7. Survey Junkie –Influence future products

Become an “influencer”! Shape products and services with surveys picked out just for you by Survey Junkie. Stockpile points, and redeem them for free Amazon gift cards or PayPal Cash!

Join Survey Junkie here and start making a difference as a consumer! (and get free gift cards!)

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LIST #3 Shop And Get Paid Big (In Free Gift Cards!)

You should be earning free gift cards every time you shop (online and in-store). Every. Single. Time. How? Make a free account with any (or all) of the sites/apps below! Just shop like normal and start racking up as many free Amazon gift cards as you can (they’re just sitting there waiting to be yours, anyways…)

1. Ibotta –The Easiest Way to Save at the Grocery Store

You must go grocery shopping. Why miss out on easy cash-back and subsequently a steady stream of free amazon gift cards?

Start getting paid to shop with Ibotta. It takes minimal effort: just snap a pic of your receipt, and instantly get paid.

Here’s how to get a free $10 welcome bonus, and earn cash back every time you visit the grocery store:

  1. Download the free Ibotta App (on IOS or Android)
  2. Go grocery shopping and buy your usual food items
  3. Open Ibotta, and snap a picture of your receipt 
  4. You just earned cash back + and additional $20 gift card
  5.  Redeem that money for free gift cards (from Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.) or PayPal Cash!

> Start earning free gift cards for grocery shopping with Ibotta here (and get a $20 welcome bonus because you signed up with our link)

2. Ebates- Get Paid To Shop

Ebates pays you in cash, not in free Amazon gift cards. But since the service offers such high payouts, we had to include it. (Plus, you get a free $10 Amazon gift card when you sign up.)

Ebates gets you 2%-40% cash back automatically at over 2,000 online retailers (Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, Target, Sephora, Macy’s, Best Buy, Finish Line, Ulta, Express, etc.). But again, be sure to install the Ebates button (this allows Ebates to function automatically) so that you have easy money being sent to your mailbox every three months.

What’s more, Ebates generously offer you:

Ebates is automatic cash in your bank account. If you shop online even a little bit, you need to create a free Ebates account.

  1. Create your free Ebates account (You’ll get a bonus $10 Amazon Gift Card)
  2. *Download the Ebates button!*
  3. The next time you shop online, you’ll more than likely get some cash back
  4. Money will be delivered to your door every 3 months!

>> Make free money every time you shop online with Ebates here and get a free $10 gift card

3. CoinOut –Snap a Picture of ANY receipt, and Get a Free Gift Card

CoinOut was first seen on Shark Tank back in Feb. 2018. Since then it has become one of the top 100 iOS apps on the market.

Why? Because you can take a picture of *any* receipt, from *any* retailer, and earn cash back. It’s unbelievable the reach this app has.

Download Coinout, and start getting cash back everywhere. Then redeem your Coinout money for free Amazon Gift Cards.


LIST #4 Get Free Gift Cards For Searching The Web

Why not put those “What the heck is this thing on my knee?” searches to good use! These 2 sites give you free money just for searching the web! Just make their search engine your default, search, and earn those free gift cards.

1. Swagbucks Search Engine

Let the Swagbucks Search Engine be your Google, and make money! Before you know it, you’ll have money in your Swag account, ready to be redeemed for free Amazon gift card, and you didn’t lift a finger to earn it.

Not to mention, you can also take surveys, play online games, shop, and watch videos to put a little extra moola towards your next free gift card.

> Sign up for Swagbucks here and get a $2.50 welcome bonus

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2. Inbox Dollar Search

Use Inbox Dollar’s Search Engine to rack up money towards your next Amazon Gift card.

> Sign up for InboxDollars here and grab your $5 welcome bonus!

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LIST #5 Get Free Amazon Gift Cards From Amazon!

Alright, you’re loaded with free Amazon gift cards. Don’t miss your chance to steal some extra cash from Amazon, themselves. Get 2% of your reload amount added to your gift card balance for free!

As long as you’re an Amazon Prime member (you can sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial with our link) when you visit this page you’ll get a 2% bonus every time you reload your gift cards! 

So take that money and run!

Alright, those are the absolute best (and easiest) ways to get a free amazon gift card in 2020! Which ones are you going to try?

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