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How to draw flowers and turn these drawings into really cool wall art

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Many of us really want to learn how to draw flowers, especially roses and lilies. Do you have growing piles of drawing paper with flower scribbles? Below we list a few cool flowers drawings with clear explanations or even step-by-step drawing guidelines on how you can improve your drawing skills. Surprisingly,  almost any flower in drawing on paper or even a blackboard can be turned into pretty awesome wall art.

1. Drawing flowers with chalk

How about using chalk and blackboard for practicing and creating not only cool flowers drawings but impressively-looking wall murals at the same time? Here is a good example to follow from Instagram star Casey Ligon. No more wasting paper! Casey shows that flowers are very easy to draw on the blackboard. Drawing flowers will be more fun than ever!

Source: brit.co

Step-by-step drawing of flowers on a chalkboard Instructions:

  • Give a bit of rough texture to your chalkboard by adding a quick and messy background with a layer of chalk – it will create a lively atmospheric effect replacing a cold and sterile surface.
  • Sketch out with thin lines the main flower as an anchor and then continue with doing the same for a smaller flower.
  • Using heavy pressure, trace back over the outlines of the flowers. After that, using the tips of your fingers, pull down the extra chalk residue to create streaks that mimic the organic texture of flower petals.
  • Forcefully stipple the tip of your chalk onto your surface to form the centers. Pull down the chalk residue with your fingers to create tiny lines.
  • Draw branches and leaves around your flowers. Use the pull-down technique to add detail to each leaf.
  • Outline each petal and leaf to pronounce the shape, and clean up edges with a damp cloth as necessary.
  • To make your masterpiece even more lively, add some dots or stars around.

Don’t you agree, that these easy to draw flowers look nice? Now it’s your turn to select other really cool flowers to draw!

2. Drawing a rose flower tutorial for beginners

We recently published our own new tutorial “How to draw a rose” with a printable PDF drawing guide for practicing. Here is a preview. For more detailed instructions and downloadable guide go to the tutorial here.

3. How to draw flower mural with colors

Anna Lagrasta

It took three days for Anna to complete the whole flower mural. She didn’t copy anyone’s artwork creating her own personal wall art.

Drawing flowers on a wall can be a challenge if you don’t practice drawing skills on a smaller size piece of paper. Just select flowers easy to draw without a lot of small petals. Practicing on smaller size pieces of paper will help you with better positioning of all the parts of the flower in your drawing or mural in this case.

4. How to draw a rose step-by-step drawing instructions

Drawing flowers on large boards or walls can be intimidating for beginners.  Although roses are not in the list of the flowers that are very easy to draw there are a few ways to simplify this process. Here is a good way to learn how to draw a rose by starting with a circle. 

How you can turn flowers in your drawings into finished pieces of art? There are many approaches that really depend on your skill levels and style.

5. Drawing flowers tutorials from 1921

“Drawing Made Easy” is an excellent “How-to-draw everything” book and a few pages showing a step-by-step drawing of different types of flowers do not disappoint! Simplification of the complex form is really one of the best methods of learning how to draw anything. These flower-drawing tutorials are also perfect for framing and hanging as wall art.

Don’t you think that these cool flower drawings are perfect not only for learning how to draw flowers step-by-step but also for decorating your walls?

Buttercups and Daisies are pretty easy and cool flowers to draw for beginners since they are less 3 dimensional than roses.

Overall, “Drawing made easy” is a very nice book for learning basic drawing skills.

6. From simple to complex step-by-step drawing demonstration

The following flower drawing tutorial shows the same approach from simple to complex forms. Pay attention to the steady lines on the demo below. Drawing requires the same training as a skill of handwriting.

Many beginners start drawing using short “hay” lines instead of one continuous line. The trick is to practice drawing long lines a few time not touching the paper. Once your hand remembered the motion then you actually can draw the line. Just try it!



7. Learn how to draw a rose in a vase

Marcello Barenghi

Marcello spent 3 hours and 15 minutes on this drawing and the result is simply stunning! A beautiful red rose in a crystal vase looks super realistic. Marcello mentioned that in Italy May is the month of roses and brides, and a rose is the most romantic flower.

Can you become as skillful as Marcello? If you can write beautifully with cursive letters using a fountain pen then your chances are really good! If you can’t make out your own scribbles then, perhaps, acrylic pour painting would be a better and more satisfactory choice for you.

8. How to draw a rose in 5 steps


Roses are not the flowers that are easy to draw for beginners. This guide is not so specific in regards to the initial steps and shows more of the shading stages.

9. How to draw a lily – a very simple step-by-step drawing presentation

Drawing a lily is simpler than drawing a rose. The general concept is the same – simplify the initial shape, find the center, establish the main axes, and then create outlines of petals. Lilies are beautiful and very cool flowers to draw for beginners. 

Source: cool2bkids.com

10. How to Draw a Rose in 5 Steps

Source: howstuffworks.com

Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray. Here, we’ll show you an illustration of each step and then give you a description of how to draw it.

This tutorial is rather basic and doesn’t provide the guidelines for constructing the rose. However, for a lot of beginners, it can be a good practice to start their “drawing” journey.

11. How to Draw a Tulip – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Tulips are beautiful because of their clean and elegant shape. Learning to make long curvy lines is the trick for drawing not only these gorgeous flowers but also for everything else. Pay attention to the line thickness and practice to draw dynamic lines first. The beauty is in starting and finishing all the lines much thinner than they are in the middle. If you want to learn how to draw flowers step by step then this is a very good way to start.

Source: Easy Drawing Guides

12. How to draw a Sunflower

Source: cool2bkids.com


13. How to draw a rose with straight lines

Start with very light major outlines to establish the main silhouette of the rose. Using a harder pencil grade pencil may help but don’t use a led harder than 2H. Look at the pencil grades chart here for an approximate guide to the maximum darkness of the lines that are possible using the standard grades.

The goal of this flower-drawing tutorial to show the beginners that there are more ways to start drawing a rose than using a circle. You actually can use these auxiliary lines as the design element of the final drawing.

Selecting easy-to-draw flowers can help beginners to improve their drawing skills gradually. Taking on extremely complicated projects often leads to frustration. Start practicing your skills drawing simple forms and training your hand to draw nice smooth lines without the common hairy “hay” effect. 

Do these practice exercises often and in no time you will know not only how to draw flowers but everything else around you!

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