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How to make Homemade Odor Eliminator Spray

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Try making this non-toxic room freshener. You’ll love it! Grab this recipe for homemade odor spray.

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I have 3 kids, a husband , and a dog.  Let’s just say that sometimes I need a room fresher like Febreze that I can spray on the dog bed, clothes, bedding, furniture, and curtains.   This diy odor eliminator is great.  

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Homemade Odor Eliminator

Update: I have 2 teenage boys and I go through this stuff like crazy. How can so much smell come out of their bodies?

I would buy a product from the store and  I would go around spraying the entire house, everything that I could find, that could get wet, I gave it a squirt.  

After I looked at the ingredients I realized that it contained a lot of chemicals and I just about sprayed the entire bottle all over my house.   This recipe is non-toxic and safe for everyone and pets.

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What do I need to make homemade odor eliminator spray

  • 1 1/3 cups Distilled Water
  • 1/2 cup Witch Hazel– I found this at my grocery store for $1.50!
  • 20 drops Purify Essential Oil
  • Spray bottle– Yo ucan also find these at the Dollar Tree for a cheaper price.

This is so easy. You pour the ingredients into your spray bottle and you’re done.  You can go around spraying everything now.  Purify Oil also helps calm and refresh the mind.  I can tell you right now that I need that with my 3 kids!  Maybe it will calm them too!

Purify ingredients include Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Myrtle, and Citronella essential oils.

When you get this bottle, it will look so tiny! Remember when you use essential oils, you don’t use a lot. You will be able to make this odor eliminator recipe fifteen times with this tiny bottle.

If you think you’ll use it pretty quickly you can go ahead and use a plastic bottle, but if you think it will take you longer, then it should be stored in a glass one. When I’m talking about longer, I’m talking about months and months.

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