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How to make your own Ecards in seconds. HILARE.

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Update for 2020 : Darn, it looks like SomeECards is no longer a site that is working. Darn huh? I’ve been searching around trying to find alternative sites to make eCards.  How about you, do you have any faves? 

This one called Open Me, looks like you can make some quick eCards too. 

So far, I’ve been using Canva. It has beautifulllll designs. If you pop over to Canva and search CARDS, there are a ton of templates to chose from. Here is a sample template from Canva….

Ready for a good laugh?

If you love pinterest, you have definitely seen these puppies floating around… they are hilare.  Laugh out loud.  Hilare !


You can make your own!!

It takes about 5 seconds flat.

You can create your own eCards on line, and Bob’s your uncle. You are a creative genius. And a funny one at that.

Note : These samples are from the original SomeECards site. So fun, but now discontinued….

Want to see more? I have been having a hoot finding them and sharing them on pinterest.

Have a laugh!

Are you on pinterest? Come say hello to me, and we can have a whirl on pinterest too….

See you in a few hours.  It’s dangerously fun in there.


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