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IKEA Finnala Sofa (vs Vimle)

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This post was most recently updated on November 11th, 2020

In this article: Are you looking for an IKEA Finnala review? Or, perhaps you’re wondering how the new IKEA Finnala Sofa compares with its predecessor, the IKEA Vimle? Is it simply a replacement for the Vimle in name only? I cover all of this, and more, in this article.

Is the new IKEA Finnala sofa the same as the Vimle? A few months ago, I was shocked to hear that IKEA was discontinuing the IKEA Vimle sofa, and coming out with a replacement under the name Finnala. After all, the Vimle was a fairly recent addition to IKEA’s sofa line up. Plus, it was much more modern-looking than the ever-popular IKEA Ektorp sofa.

And, if you’ve read my IKEA Vimle sofa review, you’ll know that I only just purchased a Vimle sofa, loveseat and storage ottoman a couple of years ago. Ugh. As an IKEA Vimle sofa owner, I was curious whether the new IKEA Finnala sofa is the same because they look practically identical! In this article, I’ll share what’s the same, what’s different, and my thoughts on whether you can use the IKEA Finnala replacement covers on an IKEA Vimle sofa.

The good news is that the IKEA Finnala sofa appears to be just a slightly tweaked version of the Vimle. (Note: As of June 2020, the Vimle is no longer available in Canada, but is listed as available ‘while supplies last’ in the United States. However, the new IKEA Finnala sofa is now available in both countries.)

So, Is the IKEA Finnala the Same as the Vimle?

I haven’t had any luck in tracking down official word from IKEA about the Finnala sofa vs the Vimle. But, from my research, the IKEA Finnala sofa appears to be essentially the same sofa as the Vimle. There are certainly no notable differences at first glance, but, when you look closer at the specs, there are a few tweaks to be aware of.

They Appear Identical at First Glance

First of all, the new IKEA Finnala sofa and the IKEA Vimle sofa look identical! It is impossible to discern any tangible difference at first glance. They both have the exact same modern profile with the same clean lines.

The new IKEA Finnala sofa. Source: IKEA.com
Our IKEA Vimle sofa.

Size is Almost Identical

Further, when comparing the dimensions of the new IKEA Finnala sofa and the older Vimle model, the size is virtually the same – with a couple of exceptions. There is less than an inch increase in the backrest height and the armrest height between the two models. This is probably enough to make the newer Finnala model even more comfortable than the Vimle model that I have. However, it probably means that the Finnala replacement covers won’t fit the Vimle precisely, which is a bummer for those of us with the Vimle model.

IKEA Vimle Dimensions
Source: IKEA.com, June 2020
Source: IKEA.com, June 2020
IKEA Finnala Dimensions
Source: IKEA.ca, June 2020
Source: IKEA.com, June 2020

Similar Construction & Materials

In addition to the similar size, both the Finnala and Vimle sofas appear to be constructed similarly. However, the new Finnala sofa seems to have been upgraded slightly in a few areas.

Luckily, both sofas are still described as using high resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) seat cushions. As discussed in my IKEA Vimle Sofa Review Video, these cushions are one of my favourite features of the Vimle. The high resilience foam prevents sagging and makes it super comfortable. I’m glad to see that IKEA has kept this feature in the Finnala.

One notable difference in the construction of the IKEA Finnala sofa vs. the IKEA Vimle sofa appears to be a new “smolder resistant lining” . This feature is not listed for the older Vimle model.

IKEA Vimle: Materials Description
Source: IKEA.com, June 2020
IKEA Finnala: Materials Description

Fabric Choices are Similar

Finally, both IKEA sofas come with similar fabric options. The option of the navy blue Orrsta black-blue fabric – which is the one on my Vimle sofa – is still available in the Finnala sofa. I was happy to see this as it’s a really gorgeous navy blue, and a great pick for a coastal-inspired space.

Can the IKEA Finnala Covers Be Used on the Vimle?

Can the IKEA Finnala replacement covers be used on the Vimle? This is a question that I was most curious about as an owner of the IKEA Vimle sofa, loveseat and ottoman. After all, a major benefit of buying an IKEA sofa in the first place is the ability to buy replacement covers at a decent price.

However, given the height difference in the backrest on the Finnala sofa back cushions and the armrests, it doesn’t see as if this is going to be possible. Ugh! Even though the size tweaks between the two models are very subtle, the changes are likely enough to wreak havoc. It seems that the Finnala’s covers for the back cushions and armrests would be just slightly too big on the Vimle. That said, in a pinch, you could always look at buying them and having them tailored to fit the Vimle. If anybody has tried the Finnala sofa replacement covers on the Vimle, let us know how it went in the comments!

IKEA Finnala Sofa Review

If you are considering buying the new Finnala, you might be looking for an IKEA Finnala review. However, since it’s only been on the market a short time, there aren’t many reviews of the new model out there yet. But, given how similar the Finnala and the Vimle are, I think you’ll find my review of the IKEA Vimle helpful. This is especially true considering that the only differences between the two models appear to be upgrades. We’ve had our Vimle for over 2 years, and I’ve shared everything you need to know before purchase. To pop over to the review, click below:

I hope this article comparing the new IKEA Finnala sofa with the Vimle has been helpful! P.S., I bet you might also like my IKEA Favlov Chair Review.

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