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Ikea Sofas Review

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After having our Ikea sofas for 1.5 and 2.5 years, I thought it was time to do a (very informal) review of them for all who are curious what we think and how well they’ve held up! We chose Ikea sofas due largely in part to all the great reviews I read on other home blogs, so I hope this is helpful if you’re considering an Ikea sofa!

Karlstad Sofa

We have two different sofas (and one arm chair) from Ikea, and that’s because we really love the quality/price ratio they offer, as well as the styles! Our most recent purchase was this Karlstad sofa. At just $400, it’s one of the more affordable options that Ikea offers, while still being a beautiful sofa. You may notice that we switched out the legs… we just picked up an extra set of Stocksund legs and screwed those in rather than the blocky legs that normally come with the Karlstad. I think this really helped elevate the look of the entire sofa.

The fabric on this sofa seems to be super sturdy, and although we haven’t spilled on it yet, it seems like it would clean up really well. It’s pretty tight knit and seems like it repels liquids. Plus, the whole things is slipcovered, so you can remove all of the fabric and throw it in the wash! I’m banking on that for when we have kids. It’s a pretty light gray, which goes perfectly with our decor, and we get compliments on the comfort of it frequently. It’s definitely not a lounging sofa, but it makes for the perfect sitting sofa, if that makes sense.

I love how modern it looks, but also classic with the legs we put on it. And the neutral color works perfectly for switching out the pillows and throw for a different look!

Stocksund Armchair

Although it technically isn’t a sofa, I thought I should mention the Stocksund armchair we have as well. I wanted a deep comfortable chair, and this is it! I love that I can curl up on this chair to read a good book, and it has the same slip-covered nature that will allow us to wash the fabric if need be.

Nockeby Sofa

The second Ikea sofa we have is the Nockeby sofa. We’ve had this one longer—about 2.5 years. It is the perfect lounging sofa! This sofa easily fits four people, and because of it’s larger structure, I think it was around $700 when we purchased it. This was our first real furniture purchase in our marriage, and we’ve never regretted it!

The cushions are all removable, so it’s easy to keep fluffed, the fabric is super indestructible, and it’s so deep that it’s perfect for cuddling or splaying out while you binge Netflix. We find that having a lumbar pillow behind your back creates the optimal TV-viewing comfort with this sofa, and it really is a great piece!

So if you were to ask if I’d recommend Ikea sofas, I would heartily say yes, 5 out of 5 stars! I really don’t think you can beat the price/quality/style ratio of Ikea’s sofas. And with a bit of styling (see below), they can look so much more high-end! So if you’ve been on the fence… do it! Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea?! 😉

Bonus: 3 Tips for Styling Your Sofa

Here’s my recipe for a beautifully styled (and comfortable!) sofa:

1. Variety of Pillows
Having an assortment of throw pillows on your sofa is always a good idea. Not only do they add pattern, color, and texture, they also add coziness and comfort. Depending on your sofa and pillow sizes, as well as how often the sofa is used, one to five pillows should suffice.

2. Cozy Throws
A comfy throw (or three!) is a must for any sofa, especially here in Minnesota! To ensure comfort for guests, have a beautiful and warm throw within reach. Throws are another great way to introduce new colors and patterns to your styling. When you sign up for my newsletter you’ll get my free guide to mixing patterns!

3. Side & Coffee Tables
Consider what’s surrounding your sofa. Providing side tables with adequate lighting and a place to sit a drink will make your space much cozier and functional. Coffee tables should generally be two-thirds the length of your sofa and the same height as the cushions (or 1–2 inches lower).

Remember—these are simply guidelines. Feel free to break the rules here and there, and let your own unique style shine through your sofa!

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