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Join in the celebration of #PokemonGraduation!

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It’s that time of year again!

With the end of May comes a slew of new high school and college graduates ready to toss their caps and move on to the next stages of their lives. As per tradition, graduates are able to decorate their caps, and the Pokémon themed caps have abound this year. In honor of these graduates and to celebrate their achievements, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite graduation caps that we’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram!

Check out this one, hand painted on fabric! A call back to Kanto with caps that match the starters’ colors as well. Truly, a beautifully done graduation cap.

The Kanto pride doesn’t stop there! This Venusaur fan showed his spirit by converting his cap into Venusaur’s flower. It must’ve taken a lot of work and turned out great!

The nursing students aren’t to be left out either. This nursing student decided to show their Pokémon spirit to the best nurses anyone could ask for, Chansey! Whether its tending to Pokémon or taking care of humans, we wish this nursing the best in their future successes!

What better way to celebrate getting a Master’s degree than by wearing the mantle of a Pokémon Master? The bead art is especially unique and the Master Balls really tie together the master theme quite nicely. Great work, trainer! You’ve earned that title.

Getting through exams can be just as tough as getting through Victory Road, but you’ve made it, trainer! Now you’re the champion with a blossoming future ahead of you!


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Just realized I forgot to post my entire college graduation cap. #pokemongraduation

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Over on Instagram, we have this lovely piece of pink power! This cap sparkles and shines like every Pokémon at the end of their evolution. Great work, trainer! You’ve successfully evolved and are ready to take on any opponent.


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I graduate tomorrow from University of Massachusetts Boston!!! #PokemonGraduation

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Catching a degree is no easy feat, trainer! Congratulations on your success! With the degree added to your team, we know you’ll be able to tackle the world by storm!

Speaking of which, another wild degree appeared! It looks like this trainer managed to successfully catch this one as well! With that kind of power on their team there’s no way they could lose!


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Graduation!!! #musicspeaks #pokemongraduation

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An adorable design to remind us all that every Magikarp has the power of a Gyarados waiting to be unlocked within them. Let that evolution music play and tap into your true power. Then there’s no way you can’t be the best there ever was!

And a final shout out to the current and future teachers of the world. These students couldn’t have made it here without you, so be sure to continue giving it your all to educate and help all the new trainers and leaders of the future.

If you want to see more caps like these, be sure to check out #pokemongraduation on either Instagram or Twitter! It was so hard to choose just a few for this article because they’re all so good!

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