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Know Who You Are!

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The world can be a cruel mirror to reflect who you are. It is designed to portray what is the good life. It is designed to choose what you wear, what you eat, where you live, what you learn and who you believe! If you are not careful, you will become a statistic of the one who was never given the rights to define you.

It can become a daily struggle to live from day to day comfortably in your own skin if you live the life of comparison. You will seek the latest trends to determine if you are “In”. The in can be in the know, in the crowd, in the top 10, etc. I am never saying that you should never desire to rock the latest trends. What I am saying is, never let society dictate your norm in a way that it frustrates your peace and sense of identity.

We all have opinions and the tendency to be rude or selfish at times when it comes to the value of someone else. This for some reason can be a learned trait or an innate trait. I have seen 3 year olds ridicule other 3 year olds because of what they are wearing or how they choose to wear their hair. If the child is not careful, they will want to change their outer appearance just to fit in. They will begin to think they are not good enough if they do not conform to the status of the person that has just made them feel less than who they are as an individual. You have now became a victim of someone else’s identity to define who you are.

As a parent, it is imperative to teach/train your child to know that they are beautiful, to know that it is ok to be different, and it is ok to have your own style. Inform them that when another person begin to criticize them beneath their level of security in themselves, that they stand up to say I never requested your approval for anything that involves me and I love me just the way I am; end of conversation. If we don’t validate our children, someone else definitely will.

If this is not managed properly, no matter what age the child is could become depressed, suicidal, suffer with low self esteem and even commit the same acts on those that are closest to them. This can grow into a natural adult behavior of constant bullying and negative criticisms on a daily basis without thought to inflict the behavior towards others. Eventually this can be a dangerous personality to inherit.

There is only one entity that can truly define who you are. He is the ultimate giver of life and the master chief of your identity. When you were thought about, it was said that you are created in the image and likeness of us. There is no one else in the world like you. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. He never intended for people to compete and compare each other. It is your individuality that makes you different; not your willingness to fit in based on vain assessments.

When you embrace who you are and learn to love who you are, it is then that you become an individual; none like no other! Never let the world define you. Let them confirm who you are. Validation comes from Yahweh and not man! The moment you realize you have a purpose; you start to live. Don’t expect accolades from others; expect rewards from Yahweh. The moment you turn to people to like you and define you; they then become your God and they will determine your successes and failures in life. This becomes bondage and a strong hold you will have to break willingly and painfully if you want to live the abundant life Yahweh designed you to live. Real success is measure on what only you can do once it is discovered and lived! How do you succeed? Be the best you, you know how to be without competition and comparison! If they pick on you and say hurtful things, remember who made you. In the end, they really want to be you.

You are a pearl distinctively crafted to stand out in the crowd. Queen write your own story, create your own norm, and live life to the fullest! When you find yourself a little down from the discouragement of the world and it’s self identity tactics, look in the mirror and say I am beautiful just the way I am because Yahweh created me this way.

My favorite saying is… when you know who you are, whose you are and your purpose in life, the world can NOT define you!


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