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Learning about the Life Cycle of Butterflies

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My students are loving our Spring units because we get in a bit more science and social studies, so they get to be a bit more active and enjoy the outdoors. We went on a bug hunt during our insect unit and they loved using magnifying glasses to find the bugs. We are working on the life cycle of butterflies now, which means we get to use one of my favorite books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They think it’s so funny to watch him eat all that food and get so fat. This story is a great way to learn about life cycles and work on sequencing. When I made these scrambled sentences this time, I added some sequencing words at the beginning to help them work on this concept.
We use this style of flip book during our Fairy Tale units, so they know how to use them to retell a story. This time we used it for the sequencing of a butterfly life cycle.
Can you tell we ware really working on sequencing with this book? I added these cards to our pocket chart station along with a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Students take turns retelling the story (using the book if needed), and the other kids can build the sentence on the pocket chart.
For more story sequencing practice, my students cut out all of the food that the hungry caterpillar ate and glued in under the correct day. Now they can retell the story and lift the flap to show what food was on that day.
You know my class likes to play “war” so I added these cards to one of their math centers.
You can find all of these games and more in my Butterflies Literacy and Math Unit.
During our unit we make a hungry caterpillar craft and coffee filter butterflies. Since we’ve already had another unit on insects, I kept some of their ladybugs and bees so we could make one big bulletin board titled “Don’t Bus Us, We’re Learning”.
In the past, I have bought the butterfly garden, so we could watch how the life cycle of butterflies. By the time I remembered to buy the kit, I knew it’d be too late to wait for the caterpillars to come in. I need to be more prepared for next year! I did find this kit on Amazon if you’re looking for one. You can also check my TPP Shop.
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