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Make a Giant Glow Jar of Fireflies

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This way-over-sized glow jar filled with fireflies is a spin on the traditional wreaths and garlands. It is fun, easy, festive, and wireless!

Doesn’t it look like a huge firefly jar?

And the best part? No lovely fireflies are harmed in the making of this project!

This giant firefly mason jar idea came to me while I was enjoy the glow from these mason jar oil lamp we made recently.

To make our big glow jar, all you need are-

  • some evergreen clippings, such as boxwood, conifers, etc
  • wood craft sticks
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • battery operated LED fairy lights. You can also use plug-in holiday LED lights and hide the wire behind other objects.

First step, make a frame in the shape of a mason jar. Overlap the ends of the craft sticks, and alternate the sticks to go above / below the adjacent ones, so we get a relatively flat frame.

Next, glue pieces of evergreen branches onto the frame, until all the craft sticks are covered.

Use extra branches on the bottom to hide the battery boxes later. Also glue some vertical supports to tie the battery boxes to.

It’s fun to play with the different textures of the boxwood and pine.

Attach the battery operated LED fairy lights onto the craft sticks using some rubber bands or tape. The switches can be accessed easily from the back.

Wrap the string of lights around the branches and weave it back and forth inside the “jar”.

You can hang this on a door or a wall. Or, prop it next to a wall on a mantel!

I serious think that I caught some fairies on camera! (I DO believe in Santa and fairies!)

Look closely at the “lid” of the jar! Do you think those sparkles are little fairies joining in the fun? =)

Perhaps they found a happy place among these giant blossoms we made last week?

Or in these enchanting mini houses we “built” last year?

The branches will look great for 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, the glow jar frame can be saved for future use. Just tear off the dried twigs.

Or use fake branches which will last year after year!

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