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Meet the Teacher

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It’s settled… I’ve figured out what day is my favorite of the school year. I mean birthdays and holidays are fun, and we can’t discount the last day of school…But, my favorite day of the school year is… Meet the Teacher! So here’s the thing… there is no need to stress about Meet the Teacher. Why? Because today, I’m sharing with you how to set up your event so that it flows perfectly from beginning to end!
My Meet the Teacher was Friday. All my blood, sweat, and tears led to this day. (No, I’m not being dramatic… setting up a new room is hard work!)

First Impressions

Here’s a peek at how I organized this glorious day! (And a FREEBIE for you too!) First, I had to make sure my hair and outfit were *just perfect*…

Check and check! 😉 #meettheteacherselfie

I also made sure my apple door hanger was up! Gotta make sure parents and my future students could find me.
This was a custom order from my fellow Florida girls, Tallahassee Sunday. You can check out their Etsy store here.

Meet the Teacher Forms

As parents came in, I greeted them and my fresh-faced seconds, then sent parents the table to sign in… and the kiddos off to find their desk. (More on that in a minute)
After signing in, parents could sign-up for a few things, like Remind and classroom volunteering
If you’re not familiar with this app, it’s pretty cool. A great way to keep in touch with parents!
Next to the sign-up sheets, I placed my student information sheet (printed on bright green paper) for parents to fill out while they were here.
On the other side of the table, I had a welcome back letter outlining some of my classroom routines (a generic and editable version are available here) and a suggested supply list. My district has it’s own standard supply list that we can use. I created this one to be a little more specific as to what we need in our classroom. I also included a “Wishlist” on there in hopes of inspiring parents to send in a few little extras for us! Fingers and eyes crossed!

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Meet the Teacher Student Desk Set Up

On the student desks, I put out our textbooks for the year. In the past, I would have out the Science and Social Studies books, but our S.S. curriculum has morphed into a newspaper style curriculum and our Science books were nowhere to be found (#BTSproblems)

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Of course, I had to challenge my kids with a little classroom scavenger hunt! (There’s an editable version here!) So, their top of desk stack had the scavenger hunt and a special pencil. I had the kiddos “flutter” around the classroom finding our everyday-use classroom items. Such a great way to acquaint students with your room! It also provides the kiddos something to do while you talk to incoming parents. No awkward standing around saying, “ummm… so…now what?”

Teacher Tip- Always set up at least one extra desk. You never know if a student might be added at the last minute to your roster. Now, instead of scrambling when their sweet faces enter your room, you can direct your surprise newbie to the already set up desk without skipping a beat. Just remember to put the name tag on before the first day of school! 

Meet the Teacher Student Gift

Once students finished their scavenger hunt, they could bring it to me to claim a little prize.
Starburst student gift tags
Last year, I had these out on the desk, but this year, I wanted to make sure students saw me before they left. This allowed me to review their answers on the scavenger hunt and let them pick their bag. (Those pink Starbursts are coveted!) You can grab the tag I used here for free!

Meet the Teacher Forms

All of these forms (and soooo many more!) are from my “School Forms and Checklists” pack.

All of the forms are available in “print and go” and editable versions (And NOW DIGITAL!) . You can grab this pack here in my TPT Store. I’ve added and updated sooo many of the forms in here, so if you already have it, be sure to re-download it! I’m sure you’ll love the updates!

Whew! Now it’s time to get ready for my little seconds’ first day of school tomorrow!

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