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Motivational Monday–10k plan

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Since I lost my running mojo I have been trying to motivate myself to get it together. The ad above is my favorite Nike ad of all time and I had it up in my bedroom for years I thought I’d repost it because I need to reread it this week.

I tweaked my training plan and have decided to follow a 10k training plan for a few weeks. I haven’t truly followed a training plan for years so we’ll see how long it sticks, but I really needed something to help get me going again! At least I’m excited about this and am looking for a 10k to run in a month or two! (My first race was a 10k, but I switched to half mary’s and never looked back.)

A few of you mentioned that I might be overtraining and that’s why I’m unmotivated to run. After Long Beach I took about a month off of ‘serious’ running and just got in a few miles here and there. (I also went on 2 vacations over this time and didn’t really work out.) Last week I taught boot camp, since it’s a group thing I am not able to workout while teaching – so it’s not that I’m working out too much. It may be the earlier wake up call though!

I think I just need a new goal to work towards and a more well rounded plan. So, I’m using the 10k plan for now and it’s allowing more room for strength/yoga or classes at the gym.

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Today’s schedule called for a 30 minute tempo run. I cut it short because I had to pee but then I found a restroom near my boot camp! Score. Running post-camp problem solved (it’s ridic how excited I am about this)!

Not sure if this “3” I’m holding up represents the number of miles I ran, pancakes I ate or layers I’m wearing… Actually, it’s all of the above.

Question: Do you plan out your workouts or just do what you feel like?

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