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MSNBC panelists destroys Trump spokesman defending Trump lies (VIDEO)

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Is the mainstream media continuing its path to redemption for their dereliction of duty during the 2016 election? So far they have been improving. Watch how Trump’s spokesman is held to account for defending his boss’ lies.

Trump spokesman slammed as he defends boss’ lies

The Trump spokesman, Anthony Scaramucci, was summarily checked as he attempted to spin Donald Trump as more than a purveyor of lies. Some were attempting to give a positive spin on Trump’s statement where he gave himself a C/C+ for messaging. Slate’s Mike Pesca was not buying it.

“Can I just say, I don’t think someone who set the record for lying can be called a good communicator,” Mike Pesca said. “I think he is great to his base. But when you are as dishonest as he is, that is by definition not being a good communicator. He is good to the people who want to hear his message. He’s done nothing to ever convince somebody who is on the fence.”

“Michael,” Scaramucci replied. “I know you guys are upset about it. He won.”

“Please stop saying, you guys,” MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhl said. “Two days ago the president took credit for the debt going down the first month of his administration. He wasn’t responsible for that. President Obama was.”

Scaramucci then went for the bait and switch. The discussion was about the president’s lies. Scaramucci attempted to make it an economic policy discussion. Neither the host nor the panelist fell for it.

“We are going to disagree a little bit about that,” Scaramucci replied. “He’s taken measurable steps over the last forty days to improve the economic environment for American companies like Ford to stay in America. He’s taken steps over the last forty days to look at the programs and the budget…”

“Then why not leave well enough alone,” Ruhl interjected. “Michael’s point about lying, why say my first month I did this versus Obama; taking credit for things he shouldn’t.”

“How is that lying,” Scaramucci asked.

Really? Does he not know the definition of a lie?

“I don’t call lying because of who I am or a fifth peak,” Mike Pesca said. “I only call it that because of the empirical evidence. It’s been fact checked so much.”

Scaramucci then played the role of the willfully ignorant to the fact checking everyone has seen.

“What empirical evidence Michael?” Scaramucci dishonestly asked.

“There are so many instances,” Pesca responded. “It is such a morass of instances; it is hard to pick out one. Do you want to go through the nine hundred or so that Politifact has put together, the record-setting hundreds of instances?”

“We can obviously litigate that if you want,” Scaramucci disingenuously responded as he did the bait and switch again. “But here are some of the facts that I see. .. The stock market is up tenish percent. American businesses, corporations large and small …”

Stephanie Ruhl then interjected to get back on point.

“Michael is talking about President Trump telling lies,” Ruhl interjected.

“Okay, hold on a second,” Scaramucci said. We disagree about that. I don’t think he is telling lies. If you want to sit here and litigate that during this segment we can do that.”

An exasperated Mike Pesca exploded.

“It is not, disagree,” Michael said. “Disagree is a matter of opinion. Maybe the lies have an effect of causing the stock market to rise. Maybe it’s because Wall Street thinks it’s getting this great tax handout. But he either says things that are true or aren’t.”

“Michael, you can disagree with the President’s policies,” Scaramucci replied continuing the bait and switch. “And that’s okay.”

Pesca did not allow it to go unnoticed.

“You changed the issue,” Pesca pointed out. “He either says things that are factual or that aren’t. He is more often than any politician we have ever seen, not factual.”

Thank you guys for a job well done.

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