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My Fall Fix – November Stitch Fix Review + Try Stitch Fix FREE!

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This post contains affiliate links, including my Stitch Fix referral link. We earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or arranges for their first fix through one of our links, which helps to support the blog and our little family. Thank you for stopping by – I hope you enjoy this month’s fix!

Cool temperatures have arrived in Michigan and I now find myself reaching for warm and cozy layers when I get dressed each morning. My Stitch Fix stylist, Kate, is perfectly in tune with my personal style and need for warm and cozy clothes. She hit the nail on the head with my November Stitch Fix shipment. This was such a gorgeous fix and it was extra difficult to decide what to keep! I had my selections all picked out and ready to add to my closet, but my sweet little Dessa had other plans and made one of the decisions for me. You’ll see what I mean in just a minute 🙂

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I thought I’d do something a little different this month and I shared an unboxing video of my fix on Facebook Live. (If you’re not following Crazy Together on Facebook, you’re missing out on something fun!) It may surprise you that I actually received my box a few weeks ago. It always takes more than a week for me to write and share any post on the blog, but I find that having an infant in the house makes it especially difficult to find time to blog. To remedy this, I arrange my to arrive fixes extra early, which gives me plenty of time to post about my fix on the first of the month. Don’t be fooled by the cover image for the video… I promise it’s more than just a video of me with a goofy look on my face – next time I do a Facebook live video, I’ll see what I can do about formatting it with a more interesting image!

Now that you’ve had a little peek at what arrived in my Fall Stitch Fix shipment, let’s start the review. This was another amazing fix and I have so much to show you and to share!


Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover

First up was a gray Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover from Laila Jayde ($58). I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Laila Jayde brand, but I have kept many tops and sweaters from this label over the past few years. The clothes fit me well and just my style. The Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover was no exception. I loved this sweater from the moment I tried it on.

There were so many great things to love about this sweater. To begin, the knit fabric was super-soft and oh-so-comfortable. It also had an interesting multi-layer hem along the bottom of the sweater. But my very, very favorite feature were the thumbholes. My hands are always cold this time of year and having a little extra coverage from my sleeves is always a bonus.

This sweater was so easy to style, which I greatly appreciated as a busy mom who always seems to be short on time. At first I kept things super-simple and wore the sweater with my Level 99 jeans (similar here) – they’re not distressed and a perfect fit. I also wore a pair of black Converse shoes.

The sweater was easy to dress up a bit for school or other semi-casual occasions. I just slipped on a pair of heavy legging-style pants (like these Liverpool pants from my 50th fix) or a pair of J Crew Any day pants with black riding boots.

Whether you choose to dress the sweater up or down, it is a great fit and I had every intention of adding the Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover to my closet but my sweet Dessa had other plans. More on that detail in a minute. For now. I’ll just say that I reluctantly decided to return this sweater, even though it was fantastic.



Nio Pullover Sweater

I fell in love with the Nio Pullover Sweater from 41 Hawthorn ($58) the instant that I saw it in my Stitch Fix app. There were so many great features to love: the neutral colors, the navy colorblock sleeves, and the pop of playfulness in the light tan collar. Seriously, this sweater was just so great.

For the past few months, I’ve had fun receiving capsule fixes that allow me to mix and match with just a few basic items from my closet. In many ways, this fix lent itself to the same spirit of simplified fashion. I put the Level 99 jeans (similar) and Converse shoes back on that I had just been wearing with the Laila Jayde sweater. I also added a crystal statement necklace and voila! – I was ready to run some very stylish weekend errands.

Now, truth me told, my budget only had room to keep two items from this fix. I had my heart set on keeping the gray Laila Jayde sweater and one other item. As much as I loved this Nio Pullover Sweater I reluctantly prepared to send it back. My sweet little, Dessa, however had other plans. Right when I was in the middle of trying this sweater on, I went to help Rob during a particularly fussy moment with Dessa. It was right at the moment that I went to lend a hand that Dessa had a huge spit up, part of which landed on the sleeve of my sweater. I’m pretty sure my very stylish baby wanted me to keep the sweater and this was just her way of ensuring that it landed in my closet.

She’s so sweet and cute, I think I have to forgive her for the incident. And now that I’m looking at photos of the two sweaters, I think the Nio Pullover Sweater is offers a little more of a refined preppy style, even though it’s not quite as soft as the Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover. I wore the sweater for a little family outing to our neighboring town of Ferndale this weekend and I am confident that keeping the Nio Pullover Sweater was the right choice. Thank you Dessa! It’s probably the only time I will be thankful for her spit up.



Omeo Trench Jacket

I am such a sucker for unique, high quality outerwear pieces and some of my favorite outerwear items in my closet have come from Stitch Fix over the years. Which is why I was so excited to try on the deep purple Omeo Trench Jacket from Fate ($98) that came in my fall Stitch Fix shipment. Granted, I didn’t exactly need another gorgeous fall jacket in my closet. I’ve been wearing the Market & Spruce cargo jacket that I received when I went to visit Stitch Fix Headquarters in San Francisco last fall non-stop this season. But as I said, I’m a sucker for great outerwear and the Omeo Trench Jacket was perfect in every way.

I kind of don’t even know where to begin gushing about this great trench. Let’s start with the color. I feel like deep purple shades become an “honorary neutral” in the fall. Purple perfectly compliments all of the rich hues of the season and adds a fun pop of color. As you can see, purple and blue also go hand-in-hand. There are just so many colors that look great with purple in the fall.

The Omeo Trench Jacket also happened to be a perfect fit! It even looked stylish and flattering from behind.

The trench looked amazing opened, but it wasn’t until I buttoned it closed and tied the sash that I discovered one of my favorite details about the Omeo Trench Jacket. The sash was actually stitched onto the back of the trench. I have owned a few trench-syle jackets over the years and the sash on those jackets always shifted and sometimes nearly fell off when I wasn’t paying attention. The simple fact that this sash was stitched into place is pure genius. It will always stay exactly where I need it to be – which is especially for my days on the go with Dessa in hand.

The trench was a perfect fit. It looked especially great paired with my best skinny jeans (which are super comfy, a great fit, and have an amazing price on Nordstrom Rack right now – click here to check them out) and a pair of brown leather riding boots (similar here).

Just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear, I decided to keep the Omeo Trench Jacket. I don’t usually have enough room in my budget to keep two Stitch Fix items lately, but I had accumulated a little credit in my account from sharing my old referral link and it was enough to cover the cost of the jacket. What a special treat this month!



Windsor Straight Leg Corduroy

My stylist, Kate, also included a great pair of pants for the season in my fix this month. I wasn’t exactly sure what to think when I saw the blue Windsor Straight Leg Corduroy from Edyson ($78). I haven’t worn corduroy pants in fifteen years and the only thing I recall about wearing cords was the sound they made when I walked. I did a little unboxing video on Facebook Live when my fix arrived and verbalized my concerns with the corduroy pants. Several people chimed in that they loved wearing corduroys so I decided to give them a fair chance when I tried them on.

To be perfectly honest, they really weren’t that bad! I could feel the extra warmth they provided and this particular pair offered a nice, polished look. They were comfortable, but the slim fit style looked surprisingly professional paired with a pair of navy flats. I ultimately decided to return the pants, but I would have considered keeping them if there was more room in my budget this month … especially for the buy all discount!

I purchased the Tory Burch “minnie” style flats a while back with some Nordstrom credit because I wanted to see how they compared to the comfort of my Tieks. Both shoes sell for a similar price point and I love the look of the Minnies, but they hurt my toes and my feet are always begging me to take them off at the end of a long day. If you’re in the market for a high-end pair of flats, I recommend going for the Tieks – like the California Navy color which would look great with this outfit. You can read more about Tieks in this blog post. I answered all of my readers’ questions about the good and bad of these curiously stylish ballet flats.



Kadie Cowl Neck Pullover

The fifth and final item that I tried on from my fix this month was an olive green Kadie Cowl Neck Pullover from Cable & Gauge ($68). Much like the corduroy pants, I really didn’t know what to think about this sweater. At first glance it seemed bulky and heavy and I honestly thought I was going to drown in the sweater. I kept things super-simple and styled the sweater with a pair of black leggings, my black riding boots and a black lace top extender. I finished the look by adding a gold Kendra Scott necklace (similar here).

As it turns out, I kind of loved the sweater. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be and I loved the simplicity of a long sweater and leggings. It was cozy and great for an extra cold fall day.

I loved how my scallop lace top extender from Grace and Lace elevated the look by adding a hint of refinement. I own several top extenders and they always add a dressier touch to my long sweaters and tops. It’s amazing how a subtle detail can really add a big impact to an outfit.

I reluctantly decided to return the Kadie Cowl Neck Pullover. I was surprised by how much I loved the sweater once I tried it on, but the trench had my heart this month (and the colorblock sweater had Dessa’s heart!) UPDATE: Thanks to a really sweet Facebook follower, I just found out that this exact same sweater is available at TJ Maxx for an amazing price. It even comes in several colors! If it was your favorite piece from the fix, I highly recommend checking it out.



What I Kept from My Fall Stitch Fix Box

With so many great items included in my Fall Stitch Fix box, it was tough to decide what to keep. Here is what I ended up keeping (and returning) from my fix this month.

Layola Cowl Neck Knit Pullover from Laila Jayde ($58) – return
Nio Pullover Sweater from 41 Hawthorn ($58) – keep
Omeo Trench Jacket from Fate ($98) – keep
Windsor Straight Leg Corduroy from Edyson ($78) – return
Kadie Cowl Neck Pullover from Cable & Gauge ($68) – return

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Tell Me What You Think

What did you think about my fix this month? Did you agree with Dessa’s decision or would you have kept the gray Laila Jayde pullover? Did you enjoy the Facebook Live video? I always love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment so we can chat a bit!

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