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My Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

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Recently alot of you have been commenting on my tutorials asking for the recipe that I use for my vanilla sponge cakes. This is probably the recipe I use the most and actually features in most of my videos. I love this recipe as it is great for normal round cakes, but is also great for carving into 3D cakes or using smaller quantities for cupcakes.

Now if you have seen my cupcake recipe tutorial it is very similar but the recipe below will make 2x 6 inch round cakes which when divided up gives you 4 layers each 1 inch in height. You can then alter the recipe slightly if you are making smaller or larger cakes…

So here are the ingredients below:

The ingredients you will need to make this 6 inch cake are:
12oz / 340g – Self Raising Flour
12oz/ 340g – Butter
12oz/ 340g – Caster Sugar
4 eggs
2tbsp – Vanilla Essence / Flavouring

I then bake my cake in 2x 6 inch round cake tins for around 45 minutes on the middle shelf of a normal oven at 180 degrees. I don’t actually use my fan over when baking cakes as it tends to bake the cakes quicker on the outside so you get this hard crusty shell and the mixture is not baked all the way through.

For the buttercream you will need:
18oz/ 500g – Icing Sugar
9oz/ 250g – Butter
1tbsp – Vanilla Essence / Flavouring
2.5tbsp – Milk

You then get this nice fluffy sponge cake which is full of flavour, and I think totally yummy!!. Plus if you fancy something other than vanilla cake you can substitute this for another flavour of your choice. Some of my favourites are adding orange flavouring and combining this with a chocolate buttercream, or a lemon cake with lemon buttercream.

I really hope you like this recipe and finding helpful in your own baking. Below is a full video tutorial showing how I prepare my tins so the cake doesn’t stick and how I prepare the cakes for covering with buttercream:

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