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Our Lives Are Made Better with Pets #BetterWithPets

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Our Lives and the Lives of Those in Our Community Are Made Better with Pets

At the beginning of November I was invited to NYC for the Better with Pets Summit for the third year in a row. Each year Purina asks how our lives are better with Pets. For me I know that without a doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the career that I do without Davinia and Indiana. Every single day they inspire me to think creatively, learn, and grow in order to provide the best life I possibly can for us. They provide emotional support on the hard days, adventure companions, and a physical reminder of why I do what I do. Each big decision I make I weigh to determine how it will change our lives and if it will make our lives and their emotional and physical well-being better. Even the seemingly simple act of getting on a plane to attend the Better With Pets Event is done knowing that they are happy and well taken care of at grandma and grandpa’s house while I am gone. Having lived in Queens when the girls were younger I know that Davinia has no love for the Big Apple she prefers the mountains. Indiana on the other hand would have love to come with me and I did consider bringing her but the girls have not been separated in so long that I wasn’t sure what they would think about it. That and the fact that I was flying up for the Better With Pets Summit but spending the rest of the week at my NYC office I figured Indiana would be happier at home. Though she thinks her friends at the office are pretty cool too. I did bring their Flat selves with me to the event. Here they are hanging out in the Cat Grass!

This is one of my favorite events of the year because of all of the amazing speakers they always bring out to speak and share just what it means when we say our lives are Better with Pets. This year’s topic was about shining a spotlight on the emotional wellness of pets and the people who love them. How do pets help us be well? How do we help them in return?

How Has Your Life This Year Been Made Better With Pets?

It’s not just about buying a few bags of dog food over the course of your dog’s life or the yearly vet visits. It is about so much more. It is about a commitment to your pet for its lifetime. A pet that is going to enhance your life cognitively, physically and emotionally. According to Dr. Arleigh Reynolds Humans and dogs are the healthiest both physically and emotionally when we share our lives through work, play and love.

Did you know that kids that take responsibility for their pets develop a sense of empowerment and purpose? Being a positive role model around pets teaches your kids to be role models around pets. A child that is a role model for how to act and behave around pets can change an entire communities thoughts and actions towards the pets in their care. All it takes is one to make the lives of pets better. In return dogs can help build, grow, and support emotional well being of an entire community.

While pets can teach children about responsibility and and empower them in homes they can also help calm and empower them to speak out after traumatic experiences. From getting a child to speak after a natural disaster to helping calm them after a tragedy pets are even being used in courtrooms to help children tell their stories of being abused in order to bring their attackers to justice. Pets calm children and help adults get them to open up where before they would stay silent.

How has your life been made Better with Pets?

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