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Overcome Depression & Its Taboo: Tips To Prevail

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It’s a savior to overcome depression as it can happen to anyone. For me, it got to a point where I couldn’t even explain how I felt. Frankly, when it came to my own friends and family, I had a hard time admitting that I was depressed.

And it hit me, why is there such a taboo on depression? Why are we so ashamed to talk about mental health especially when life can be so awful?

Programmed To Be Strong

Although I’m pretty sure every parent has engrained the “be strong” chip into their children’s brain, it is a straight-up rule in a Hispanic or African-American household.

No one can cry, you have to work 24/7, you must always fight back, and most importantly, you don’t admit to feeling sad. It’s “ungrateful” of you.

Tips On How To Handle This Taboo On Depression

As a college student, depression is my worst enemy. If you’re like me who has been raised with the “stay strong” mentality, is a struggling college student, or can relate to me in any other way and just need a good break, then here are some tips to overcome depression:

1) Stay Off of Social Media To Overcome Depression

Social media can literally be the devil. Not only is it easy for others to feel bad about the lifestyle they have, but many times your exposed and connected with other friends and family who may not know your situation.

Whether they are insensitive or irrelevant, stay off of social media. Logging off has many benefits and it sure helped me concentrate on my other interests.

2) Don’t Tell Everyone

There are times when I just cry and rant to people who aren’t even close to me. I usually do this to receive some type of comfort and I always feel worse when I don’t receive any.

The worst feeling is when you find people who are downright insensitive about depression. Again, this adds to the taboo of why depression is something to feel ashamed about.

We are seen as weak and told to get over it. Save yourself the trouble and choose wisely as to who to express your feelings to.

3) Talking To A Therapist/Supporter

Talking to someone can be very beneficial as sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on. I often find myself needing some type of reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

Many people also opt to talk to therapists. Although I haven’t gone through this route due to NYU’s poor Wellness Center reviews, I am willing to try to talk to a therapist one day but probably outside my college.

It’s hard to have hope when there are a bunch of horror stories about how condescending and rude therapists can be. Yet, there are also some miracle stories that give me hope.

4) Isolating Yourself

Isolating yourself from people can be a blessing. You start to love being alone and having your own company. And although I may complain about it sometimes, I feel free knowing that all I have is myself to worry about. Remember, only you know how you 100% feel.

So take a walk around the neighborhood, binge-watch a television show, or enjoy a read. The book I’m reading now, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story touches on depression in the most entertaining but relatable way. I couldn’t have read it without being alone.

Feel Free To Be Human

It’s okay to have a breakdown. Life is hard and we are human, LITERALLY. There’s a bunch of ignorance about depression that unfortunately we can’t control. However, we can control our actions and what we are exposed too. Keep your head high and have faith that life will get better.

A beautiful quote to overcome depression

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