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Paper Ball Garland

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This paper ball garland craft is perfect as a Christmas decoration and it will also look absolutely adorable at any birthday party (any time of the year).

Making this garland can be quite addicting to be honest, I could make these balls all day ha!

Simple paper garlands (and paper chains, got to love that) make the prettiest decorations if you ask me and they are frugal! You can make a garland like we did or even turn these into tree ornaments!

How to Make a Paper Ball Garland

What you need

  • paper in many different colors
  • scissors or cutting tool
  • glue

Cut paper to small strips. The length and width of the strips is totally up to you – the longer it is the bigger the ball will be.

I cut mine across the width of a paper – strips being about half an inch / 1 cm wide.

Gently fold the strips in half so you get a crease in the middle.

Add a dab of glue in the middle and glue on another strip of paper forming  a cross. Add two more strips (if your strips are longer you might need to add a few more).

Now fold them towards the top and glue on top to get a ball shape.


Make as many as you want and string them on yarn.

You can get even more creative and decorate these with little sparky gemstones or use Christmas lights instead of yarn to string them (just make sure they are led lights so they don’t heat up).

You can modify this to match any occasion – use all pink for a princess party (or white and blue if you’re going Frozen), red and black for a ladybug party, yellow and black for a bumble bee party… The sky is the limit!

More fun Christmas crafts

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