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Profusion Cosmetics Siennas Eyeshadow Review + Makeup Look

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I recently received the Profusion Cosmetics Siennas palette in one of m

y PR boxes this past week. I was really drawn to these colors because it’s warm tone and so my colors. This palette is pretty much summer and fall combined. You are able to create summer looks but also able to transition into fall. 

Profusion Cosmetics Siennas

This palette contains 21 eyeshadows with a variety of shimmers and mattes. After swatching the products I did notice how pigmented and silky smooth they were. The shimmers were more of a buttery feel/texture. The palette does contain more mattes than shimmers. Which of course I don’t mind because the colors you get for the shimmers are very versatile with the matte shades. The shades do blend beautifully once applied with a brush and when I say pigmented, I literally mean it. Use a small amount. 

Price: The Profusion Cosmetics Siennas palette is only $10 which is available online or at Target. 

Overall Thought: I love the palette. I definitely see myself using this palette more often especially right now that we are almost at the end of summer. So the warm/red tones will be used a lot for fall. 

Profusion Cosmetics Siennas Makeup Look #1

For this makeup look, I wanted to create a halo eye. I used eyeshadow shades Adventurous, Dynasty, Serendipity, Dapper, Tickled, and Exclusive. It’s been a while since I created a halo eye and I also wanted to use the “Serendipity” shade as the spotlight eye. I’ve never used a mustard colored eyeshadow before. 

Lashes are by Do Do Lashes D119 (Use Code: thejasminemaria to SAVE$$$$)

Profusion Cosmetics Siennas Makeup Look #2

For this eye look, I wanted it to be more dramatic. I used eyeshadow shades Adventurous, Fearless, Groovy, Dizzy, and Conquest. I wanted to play with the shade “Dizzy” which is a duo chrome shade. It looks pink but it has gold toned shade in it as well. 

What are your thoughts on this palette? Have you tried it?

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