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Spring Master Bedroom Refresh

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Spring cleaning is just around the corner and I love to use this season to change around my master bedroom a bit. You’d be surprised how easy it is to accomplish a quick and affordable bedroom refresh with just a few new decor pieces and easy design hacks. Let’s dive in to some practical ways to tackle the master bedroom this season below and hopefully you can find a few new statement decor pieces to add to your cart!

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Master Bedroom Refresh

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Change Out Your Bedding

A quick and easy way to make your room look brand new is to change out your comforter seasonally! Invest in a handful of blankets, duvet covers, bedding sets, etc. and make a habit of changing them out every once in a while. This is a great way to bring in new textures and colors, specifically pulling out highlights of the current season. For Spring/Summer, focus on light and earthy bedding tones with hints of dusty rose or beige. For Fall/Winter, bring in darker moodier tones like rust and evergreen!

Pro Tip: If you have multiple rooms, just rotate the comforters out every couple of months! This helps avoid having excess while still giving you an easy way to refresh your bedroom.

Bring in New Lighting

Adding new light fixtures and floor lamps to your bedroom refresh list really adds a whole new texture to the room. Lighting is a great place to “splurge” without breaking the bank. A statement floor lamp or chandelier hanging above the bed makes all the difference and you can get creative with the accent colors of the fixtures you choose to pull in very specific highlights.

Use this affordable roundup of statement lighting below to find the perfect piece for your room!

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Add Plants to Empty Corners

When planning a bedroom refresh, plants should definitely be high on your list of what to look out for! Faux or real, plants really do the trick of brightening up your space and bringing in extra warmth perfect for Spring! I personally splurge on a few staple faux plants to act as focal points in the corners of my rooms, and then sprinkle small dollar bin ones throughout the room on end tables, dressers, etc.

Below are a few of my favorite affordable picks for both statement plants and smaller highlight spaces!

Shop Faux Plants:

Experiment With New Textures & Colors

I think it’s safe to say we live in a world where neutral is the new black. And don’t get me wrong – I love neutral decor styles! BUT, don’t let this popular trend steer you away from experimenting with color. Adding pops of color in throw pillows and blankets or accent decor pieces is a great way to find the tones you want to draw out of a space. Once you’ve found a color that makes you happy, roll with it and find unique ways to bring that out in other parts of the room.

Experimenting with different textures is easily done with pieces like accent chairs and benches where you can mix it up with leathers, linens, or even velvet! Don’t be afraid to play around with this too and find the vibe that fits your style.

Get Creative!

Remember that you don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to decorating your space. Buy those pillows on sale even if they don’t “match,” incorporate that pop of color you’ve been dying to see in your room, dream up new vision boards that break boundaries with current design trends and find all the unique ways to bring your personality out of your master bedroom!

Let me know what your affordable ideas are for refreshing any bedroom space over on the ‘gram at the post linked below! Happy decorating!


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