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Summer Dreams Planning Pack Printable

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Find yourself dreaming about all the things you want to do this Summer?  Ya, me too!  Start by printing this 15 page Free Printable Summer Dreams Planning Pack – your first step to making it all happen!

I created this printable purely for selfish reasons. I wanted it.

I’m a total planner, as in – can’t move on or accomplish anything unless I’ve planned it out on paper first. I like to think of it as a strength and not a handicap 😉

And since Summer is rapidly approaching and I want to make the most of it – a mama has to do what a mama has to do.

Plan. (and I’ve got big plans while we live tiny in our RV this Summer)

Now if you are also a planner, and the thoughts of having 15 pages of prompted Summer Dreams to think about and plan is appealing to you, then I guess this printable pack will work for you too!

How cool would that be if we all had our Summer planned out and we were ready for every Summer project, activity, celebration, trip, garden, food, book to read . . . etc, etc.

I’m thrilled for the possibilities of a planned Summer fulfilling all my dreams – and also gearing myself up for the emotional roller coaster that happens when things don’t go as planned (as they so often do).

In which case, I’ll work on becoming a gracefully adaptable person 😉

While I may be a planner to the core, I am also a dreamer. No matter if everything on my 15 pages of lists happens or not, dreaming about it is half the fun!


So my dear planner and dreamer, grab your free 15 page Summer Dreams Planning Pack, by filling out the form below and getting instant access to the TIDBITS SUBSCRIBER LIBRARY. You will get an email in your inbox with the link and passcode you will need.

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Let’s talk about the pages included in this printable pack. Print them all, print a few favorites, or print multiple pages if you’ve got lots of plans! The dreaming and planning is all up to you!


  • SUMMER SCHEDULE: Use this page to get a rough idea of what your days will look like in the Summer. I do love days where there is no schedule at all, but I’ve found having some routine for most days will help the kids (and myself) have a little structure. I’m going to plan out times to exercise, times to play with my kids, times for quite and alone time, time for work, times for bed, etc.
  • SUMMER ACTIVITIES: This is a great place to write down all the fun things you hope to do. Trips to the pool, crafts you want to make, fun evenings you want to have – kind of a Summer Bucket list if you will. Just brain dump lots of ideas and traditions and see how many you can check off.
  • SUMMER PROJECTS: Finally have some time to finish that scrapbook or deep clean that space? Write it down! We have lots of DIY and home improvement things planned for the warmer months. It can’t all be about fun and sun, right?
  • SUMMER TRAVEL: Big or small, give yourself something fun and out of the ordinary to look forward to. Trip to grandma’s or Hawaii – it’s all good!
  • SUMMER READING: Time to catch up on those books or magazines you’ve been dying to read! Summer is the best time, and our favorite place to do it is on the hammock under a shade tree.
  • SUMMER SELF CARE: Fun and exciting can also be completely exhausting. I’m making it a priority to take care of my own needs like quiet time, girls nights out, fitness and a bit of pampering. It’s about the only way I know to survive the kids home for months without dreading it.
  • SUMMER CELEBRATIONS: Family reunions, patriotic Holiday’s, birthdays, etc. Be sure to get them on your radar!
  • SUMMER SHOPPING: You probably need a few things as a new season rolls around. Craft supplies, lighter clothes, swim gear – get ahead of all your needs and wants.
  • SUMMER ENTERTAINMENT: This is where I am writing down ideas for what to do when we get really bored. A trip to the library, quiet time activities, play in the sprinklers, etc. Everyone needs something to turn to when you don’t know what to do.
  • SUMMER SCHOOL: I know not everyone loves the idea of summer school – but it is something me and the kiddos really love. I have some topics I like to dive into together that I feel the public school doesn’t do a super great job covering, or I feel like it is a parents job. We take about an hour a day to explore the curriculum I’ve discovered at The Good and the Beautiful. I adore learning and teaching my kids, but know I am not cut out to be a homeschool mama. We take advantage of the time I have them in the summer. My favorite topics have been the nature notebooks, maturation, history, safety, the human body, space science, and arts and crafts. This curriculum makes it so easy and effortless on my part to learn and grow together. I also will use this planning page to plan things that I want to learn, like more about video content, SEO strategies, and other stuff I enjoy learning about.
  • SUMMER GARDEN: This page is for the gardeners out there! Write down all the plants and seeds you wish to sow, and dream about the joy of seeing them produce all Summer long.
  • SUMMER PRESERVATION: My husband loves to preserve food, so we will do this page together as we think about the jars of canned peaches, applesauce, salsa and freezer jam we will create while produce is in season.
  • SUMMER FOOD: It’s the yummiest season of the year, in my opinion. I just want to take a minute to dream about my favorites so I don’t miss out on them. Fresh pasta salads, homemade fruit popsicles, turkey burgers on the grill, etc. This list will make you so happy to dream about!
  • SUMMER COOKOUTS: We love to gather friends and family for casual get togethers. I’m hoping to get in at least one a month, from tinfoil dinner cookouts up in the canyon, to grilling up hot dogs and burgers with a group of friends. These are the best things to look forward to in the Summer!

Did I miss anything you like to plan for the Summer? Doesn’t it sound so fun to think about all these wonderful Summer dreams?! I hope you can enjoy this Summer Dreams planning pack, and feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you are looking forward to most this Summer! I might want to add it to my lists!

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